Found A New Perfume From Fragrance Box!

Sunday, October 14, 2018 Philippines


A new brand in town, Fragrance Box here in the Philippines not only offers essential oils, they also have perfumes that are also concentrated. I got the scent Ginger and Nutmeg from them and it is my first time to use something spicy and yet refreshing. My usual choice for perfumes are floral or powder-like scents so trying something spicy is new to me. 

This bottle contains 50ml of perfume. It lasted strongly for four hours to me before I needed to re-spray. 

Beauties, for a perfume that smells good and lasts at least four hours for only 349php per bottle, this is quite a catch! They also have Orange Bloom, Honeysuckle and Jasmine, Infinite, Marigold, Coral, White Jasmin and Mint, Earl Grey and Cucumber, Blue Night, Feeling Blue, Spring Flowers, Leader, Sport, Rose Essentials, Aqua Sea Rose, Chill, Love Curse, Lovely Pink, All About Pink, Subzero, Think, Cool Breeze, and Crystal. Besides this 50ml bottle of perfumes, they also offer colognes in 60ml for only 180php and premium perfumes for 85ml for only 449php.

What scent should I get next? What is your pick? I will share to you a little secret, do you know that it has always been my dream to create my own signature scent of perfume and my own makeup line? It is one of the business that I wanted to venture out but never had the talent for it. My background when it comes to business is zero! So I am happy to settle in buying perfumes that I know will match my taste! I am eyeing to try something light for my next pick! :)

For now, Fragrance Box products are available at Lazada. I wish we could see their products soon in stores nationwide! You can follow them on their Instagram account at @fragranceboxph. 

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