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Monday, October 8, 2018 Philippines


Have you heard about Circuit Training? Ever since I started to try going to the gym back in 2013 (Gold's Gym), I became aware of Circuit Training while I was looking for the perfect place for me. Sadly at that time, membership rates are quite high for circuit training and the place that I found is far from my home and workplace. I know that if I will enroll for a circuit training, I will not be able to maximize my membership and be as active if it will take an effort for me to go. 

Circuit Training is a 30 minute workout exercises that targets every major muscle group. It can burn up to 2000 Kilojoules through a combination of strength training, cardio exercises and lastly, stretching. This is an effective exercises for people who are on the go. Sweat it out in just 30 minutes! 

My body is not fit and I started feeling that I easily get tired and my blood pressure is going high because I am overweight and I do not eat healthy food. That is why I wanted a change earlier this 2018, in reality I do not desire to reach a sexy body, I just wanted to be fit and healthy, to increase my endurance and to correct my BMI. To my delight my boyfriend surprised me by enrolling us at Fitness First Trinoma. I love its facilities but sometimes I cannot practice a fast paced exercise because there are a lot of people working out and I had to wait for my turn to use some equipment. The tendency is I will spend more time waiting than working out. Usually it takes me one to two hours spent at the gym before I am done. It makes me feel like my time is being wasted, I could blog or read instead of waiting for my turn. LOL. 

Thankfully, I recently discovered a Circuit Training Gym here in Quezon City that is near my place - Curves! It is not hard to find as it is located at the back of Robinsons Magnolia Residences (not the front lobby of the condo please!) - it is across from the Robinsons Magnolia Mall. I can drop by before or after strolling around the mall! Perfect, right? Window shopping and workout in a day! Yay!

Curves Magnolia is the second branch here in the Philippines, the first one is located at BGC. The good thing about Curves is it is exclusive for females. I admit that working out in a gym that is open for both females and males sometimes makes me feel self-conscious of what I wear and do. Specially when I am doing my core exercises that includes a lot of squats and mat exercises. 

Curves is the only all females fitness center here in the Philippines, to parents who are conscious to where they can ensure that their daughters are safe to have their workouts, you can try and visit Curves. It will make you feel secure since it is an all female fitness center and the trainers are females as well. 

You know what, you can also use your membership to visit its other branches outside the Philippines! There are more than 7000 branches in 85 countries. I am sure that the staff at Circuit could help you find the nearest Circuit location on the country you will be visiting. Imagine, while going on a vacation, you can still maintain your 30 minutes work out a day. (Though recommended Circuit Training is only three times a week.)

The next best thing about Curves is that they have trained staff to help you use the machines correctly as well as checking out your postures. They will oversee your workout for 30 minutes. 

So how does a Circuit Training at Curves work? Upon arrival, you will hear an upbeat music playing in the background. It also gives an instruction throughout the circuit. The music and instructions will include checking for your pulse rate and moving to a different station. 

As you can see, the style of Circuit Training is you will use a machine for 30 seconds then go do some cardio exercises on the mat for 30 seconds. This is alternately done until you finished one round or circuit. To make it short and clear, it is an alternate use of equipment-mat-equipment until you finish one round that takes at least 30 minutes. Since the 30 minutes exercises are intense, it is recommended to go for one circuit only. You will be able to finish a great work out in just 30 minutes, this exercise is perfect for people who are always on the go! 

Each machine targets different large muscle group. It is a whole body workout done in 30 minutes. The weights of the equipment cannot be adjusted, so it may be difficult to be lifted for some while for others like me who are used to heavy lifting could do it more comfortably. Make sure to be assisted by the staff and do not be shy to ask for help if it is your first time. 


This is my first time to encounter a huge stretching machine! I mean, it is huge because it will take a lot of space (and I want that for my own home - one day!) but you will be able to stretch out your whole body with this machine. I enjoyed using it after finishing my circuit. 

The whole facility is bright and clean. Air condition is great, the lockers inside the dressing room can be opened through codes that you will set. No need to bring your own padlock. There is a couch inside that you can rest before showering. The shower area is two and the comfort room is separated. 

I was amazed because the water being served at the gym is also healthier. You can choose between Water with Lemon or Water with Cucumber! I love it because it is refreshing to drink in between and after workout. No need to bring tumblers too because they offer disposable cups. Curves also has a fridge full of Fit and Right Drinks, I am not sure if they sell it or give it away to their clients. I forgot to ask. 

To know more about Curves, you can visit their website at You can also like their Facebook page at They also have an Instagram page, you can follow them at @curves.magnolia. 

Are you interested to try it now? Monthly membership costs 2490php and there is a joining fee of around 6000php+. It is because I love all of you and I wanted you to try it, I will be giving away one month of unlimited membership gift certificate and two pieces of one day pass (so you could bring your family or friends along with you). Open to all females residing in Philippines. Please note, this gift certificate is only applicable to Curves Magnolia branch. What are you waiting for? Join my Rafflecopter giveaway now! :)

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