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Monday, June 4, 2018 Philippines


Hello Beauties! How are you? Were you able to try this Lucas Papaw Ointment because the rave for this Lucas Papaw Ointment are remarkable but I never attempted to buy one. I only have this item because my niece (who is a flight attendant) gave me one of this Lucas Papaw straight from Australia. Now that I have it in my stash, I knew I should try it and post my review about here in my blog. 

Brand: Lucas Papaw Ointment

Weight: 25g (Also available in smaller tube.)

Product Description: 



It is not an ordinary ointment or lip balm because it can be used in many ways. I was able to use it on my lips as balm, soothe my allergy rashes, and moisturize my elbows. In short, you can use it as topical ointments for your skin if it needs some relief! 

As a lip balm, it was able to moisturize my lips and help my usual dry and cracking lips improve but it took at least two consecutive days to work on me. (Specially since I usually use matte and liquid lipsticks that are really drying.) Application of lipstick is better after my lips healed. 

When used as a soothing ointment to my rashes, it worked and helped a lot. It decreased the itchy sensation though it did not help in diminishing the size and redness of my rashes. 

I also tried it on my elbows (The part of my body which is usually dry.) and it was able to moisturize it well. 

The scent is light and almost unscented which I believe most people will love. (Specially since most balms smells waxy! Ugh!)

The ointment is thick and sticky (Which reminded me of Mupirocin ointments at work LOL!) but it is easy to spread on my skin. 


It takes long before it was fully absorbed. I suggest to not use it before application of any lipstick. It will not stick, promise! LOL. So, no Lucas Papaw Ointment before lipstick. Unless you will also blot it away. In my opinion though, just use your other lip balms instead. For your night time routine before sleeping, use this Lucas Papaw Ointment. 

Resellers are selling it for almost twice the price here in the Philippines. If you have any friends or relatives going to Australia, ask them to hoard for you. :)


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 250php+ in Australia (Philippines resellers or Watsons sells it for 400php+)

Where to buy? Watsons, if you have trusted (there are people who sells fake Lucas Papaw Ointment, be careful) online sellers - you can also buy from them. 

Thank you Beauties for visiting my site and reading my reviews! Have a great time! 

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