Megan: Peel-Off Gel Mask With Gold Collagen

Friday, June 1, 2018 Philippines


"Hello Beauties! I am back! I apologize for taking a long break from blogging and for only posting one review for the whole month of May (By the way this one post from May was already scheduled from April LOL, so it is not really counted in being productive for the month of May!). This whole month of May has been a little challenging for me as I experienced disappointments, sadness, and even anger. That is why I stayed away from social media for a while, I got side-tracked and I am really not in the mood. During these dark days though, I came to a few realizations that my sister and close friends keep on telling me. Finally, I get it!  
When I say realizations, I came to a point in my life where I do not want to give an extra mile to people who does not deserve it.  I am literally tired of trying to please everyone, being thoughtful, and staying fair when in fact I do not get the same amount of respect. My boyfriend even pointed out during these dark days that I always care about other people so much that is why I also get hurt easily. In our 12 years of relationship, it is the first time that I heard him say that this is one of my personality traits that he loves about me and yet he also hates. He specifically said that giving it to the wrong people will in time take advantage of me. After personally experiencing these life changing moments, I finally understood what he meant, what my close friends and sister means, what iall means. That I should spend my time and energy to those who plainly deserves it. 
Just in time with my dark days, by taking a break from my social life, I started catching up in reading my favorite books. Yay! My boyfriend also surprised me in our new bonding time (also a new hobby for me as he calls it to spend my free time) - he enrolled us in a fitness center and convinced me to go back in working out. I realized that this is what we call - investing in ourselves instead of others. I know these few paragraphs of opening in my blog is not related to the product review and more of flight of ideas king of writing but I know that some of my readers can at least relate. Right? Still, I owe you an explanation on why I was missing for the whole month of May. I will try to make it all up to you!"
Enough with the hard drama and let me now proceed with the product review about Megan Peel-Off Gel Mask with Gold Collagen! I had my experiences in using peel-off masks but this is the first time that I will try the Megan brand and its products. 

Brand: Megan

Type: Peel-Off Gel Mask With Gold Collagen

Weight: 10g

Product Description and How To Use: 

Ingredients and Precautions: 


Affordable, it only costs less than 30php for 1 sachet of the peel-off mask. 

After use, my skin is brighter and smoother. 


The product claims to remove blackheads but I did not find any blackheads removed from the mask. (But I did find some hair and some dead skin on it LOL!)

If you have a low tolerance for pain, I suggest that you should try it in small parts of your skin first with lesser nerves because the peeling time is quite a torture. (At least for me. LOL!)

How about watching a short video of me using the Megan Peel-Off Gel Mask with Gold Collagen? Watch below: 


Buy again? 50%

Overall Rating: 3/5

Price: 20+ php per sachet

Where to buy? Beauty Section Department Stores, Watsons. 

Thank you for visiting my page and reading my review! :)

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