Esfolio: Pure Skin 2 Step Multi Oil and Peeling Cleanser

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 Philippines


Ever since I fell in love with Esfolio's Eye Patches (reviews available on my blog), I knew that I SHOULD try all of their products as I am sure it will be all worth it! When I do not know which product to try on next, my friend and Beauty Blogger, Ms. Nikki of, suggested that I try this Pure Skin 2 Step Multi Oil and Peeling Cleanser. 

At first, I was confused on how to use it because the label says peeling but after trying it out, I noticed that the product did not cause any peeling on my skin. Want to know on how it really works? Read further more. :)

Brand: Esfolio

Type: 2 Step Cleanser

Weight: 120ml

Product Description: 


How To Use: 

After checking out the box, I thought that the bottle will have two separate pumps for Step 1 and 2 but I was wrong. It only comes with one pump, so it is really a 2 step cleanser in one bottle!

It really just works as a cleanser that can remove dirt and ALSO functions as a peeling agent to remove old skin and sebum.


The bottle is sturdy and still lightweight, I can bring it with me whenever I travel. 

Upon first use, it reminded me of Banila Co's Clean It Zero. The only difference is that, this is in a more liquid form and placed in a hygienic pump bottle. It works almost the same when it comes to how it cleanses and removes makeup on my face. 

This bottle will last in a long time because without any makeup on, I only use one to two pumps for my whole face while with heavy makeup on, I usually use three to four pumps of the product. 

It is not effective if you will put the product in a cotton then swipe the dirt and makeup off on your face. I prefer doing by massaging my skin with the product in a circular motion until I am convinced that I was able to cover all of my skin. After that, I remove the product with a dry cotton pad. It is not that hard to remove with a cotton pad but it leaves a sticky residue. However, if you are doing this as a start of your makeup routine (10 Steps Korean Skin Care), washing it off with a facial wash in the next step can fully remove the sticky residue. I find it effective in removing dirt and dead skin cells on my face because I can see it on my cotton pad and my face looks fresh and brighter, smoother and softer after washing it. 

Even though the product is gentle, I use it very carefully in removing my eye makeup. Be careful to avoid any eye irritation. 

The product has a mild relaxing scent that reminds me of organic soaps. 

All in all, I love that I can now do Step 1 and 2 in 10 Steps Korean Skin Care with just one product! Less time consuming! Yay! 

Cons: None noted. Though the price of 949php per bottle may be quite costly to others. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 949php

Where to buy? Esfolio website, BeautyMNL, Esfolio kiosks

Yay! Another review done. I love this product and I hope you will try it too! Thank you for visiting my page and stay posted for more reviews! I am feeling energetic in doing a lot this June! :)

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