201/365: List of Things I Wish I Know More About

Monday, July 20, 2015

List of Things I Wish I Know More About

1. Driving - it is one of my frustrations.
2. Cooking - I can't get it right.
3. Politics - I know nothing about it.
4. Alcohol Beverages - Because I do not like the taste of most alcohols, I do not know the differences or its varieties. LOL.
5. Martial Arts - I always wish I knew at least one technique and until now it is still a part of my bucket list that remains undone. 


  1. Same with Driving :( I enrolled myself din sa driving school but after the course, I still can't do it by myself unless I'm with my brother or father.

  2. Same here, I enrolled in A1 and still I am not confident to drive my car. :(


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