Importance and Types of Classroom Assessment in 21st Century Learning

Sunday, September 16, 2018 Philippines


The time now has changed so much compared before in all aspects. The fourth industrial revolution changed the dynamics of living: we see the convergence of physical, digital, and biological dimensions emerge, powered by new technologies and platforms that connect us in new ways. An era of limitless possibility and opportunity, the time of 21st century is seen not only as a time of rapid advancement in technology but also a period where continuous improvements for learning and knowledge sharing has become a primary concern. If you can observe, teaching tools, assets, and content offerings and evaluation have undergone change and disruptions to raise the bar of excellence higher to comply with a globally competitive horizon. 

Last year 2015, the Department of Education released a policy which sought to reinforce the importance of comprehensive methods of student assessment, a move which works to complement the then newly implemented K to 12 program. DepEd Order No. 8 mandated educational institutions to make classroom assessment an integral part of the curriculum. Assessment helps keep track of learners' progress, induce self-reflection and personal accountability, as well as enhance profiling systems to help students learn better within a dynamic environment. The assessment of an individual learner's performance is no longer limited to the academic portfolio but has since shifted to include an ongoing process of identification, gathering, organizations, and interpretation of qualitative and quantitative sets of information. These new categories are designed to highlight how and what learners know, and more importantly, what they can do with it in practical, real-world situations. 

With this, the mixing and matching of skills from thorough evaluation processes could be an answer to the growing demand of a more diversified audience, moving towards better customization and personalization of education. This integrated method is centered on the student not only as a learner but more so as a whole child, a dynamic person. 


In this framework, there are two levels of classroom assessment. 

First is formative assessment which is an in-process evaluation of students' performance during a lesson, unit or course. This type of assessment helps educators identify the strengths and weaknesses of learners, which in turn is vital in improving lessons, modules, instructional techniques and academic support provided to improve a students' learning experience. 

Second level is called summative assessment. Usually provided after a unit or period of learning is completed, this next step helps describe the degree or standard reached by an individual learner after a certain period in the educational calendar. The results are recorded and used to report on the learner's achievement, based on the rubrics followed by the institution's program. These forms of evaluation aim to heighten the potential of every learner, guiding them to face the challenges of the real world by providing concrete measures or valuation for each learner's unique learning capacities and cognitive processes. 

REX Book Store’s Assessment Tools for the 21st Century 

In line with this renewed thrust in holistic education and its campaign for helping raise a Whole Child, REX Book Store has come up with various Assessment tools carefully researched and designed to enable, elevate, and engage learners and educators in expanding learners’ potential in the 21st century. 

Some of these new Assessment tools include ACES+, an internationally bench marked, outcome-based, Partnership for 21st Century Learning Skills aligned standard-based assessment program which helps measure the holistic development of a learner. Guided by the Whole Child Approach, this program covers the evaluation of a learner's cognitive and non-cognitive ability, knowledge dimension, levels of understanding, as well as providing guidance for critical and practical 21st-century skills. The program aims to help improve a learner's self-efficiency, interests, and general attitude towards problem-solving and curiosity. 

With an evaluation and support system designed in this direction, REX Book Store hopes to help stakeholders of the learning process to take their potentials to the next level. Through standard features such as reporting and review for students, reporting for parents; reporting, guidance, as well as additional instructional support for teachers, with a comprehensive report and mentoring guide for educational administrators, a more distinct and targeted way of teaching could hopefully be implemented to form the whole child. 

Educators are called to raise the bar in teaching by making sure learners are given a holistic form of learning that would allow them to function at their best as they interact with individuals and communities. Assessment exercises and tools then play a significant role in education today. Through a holistic approach to classroom assessment, schools and institutions would be able to evaluate and facilitate higher-order thinking skills and learning processes that would help groom the present generation of young learners for what the future challenges us to solve today. 

Visit to know more about REX Book Store symphony of learning solutions and assessment offerings. 

Spike Dietary Supplement: Daily Dose For Your Mental Energy

Friday, September 14, 2018 Philippines


As much as I wanted to keep it to myself, it is hard to hide a secret when people can see me studying as much as I can during my free time and when they observe me trying to apply for a long vacation. The pressure of people knowing that I am going to take a huge step in my life is frightening - specially if I fail. The secret is out though. By the end of the year, I am taking a foreign nursing  board exam that will hopefully start a new chapter in my life. But just thinking about it is giving me a nervous breakdown.  

In my age though, studying is hard because my mind is preoccupied with a lot of things, it comprises about my work and "adulting" duties at home, so imagine my struggle as of the moment. Feeling like everything is against me when it comes to time, I just wish everything can be slowed down, stopped, amd let me take a breath!

Literally, I am freaking out. My mind is in a constant clutter! I desperately need to have a better memory retention, to improve my focus for my upcoming examination, and to achieve clarity by prioritizing the thoughts inside my cluttered mind. 

Besides studying and taking a rest, all I need is a boost! (I know that stopping the time is impossible! LOL So I just wish for something that can push me towards my goal.). There are supplements in the market that can help boost the memory as I remembered taking them back in year 2008. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the brand that I used before but I am so happy to discover that a new one is readily available at Mercury Drug Store!!! Is is faith? I wish that it truly is! 

The one boost that I am looking for is finally in my hands, the Spike Dietary Supplement! There are claims that this new dietary supplement has a positive instant effect. Now I am more curious to take it daily! Remember though, taking a supplement does not have approved therapeutic claims just BUT if taking it will improve the chance of being successful in terms of memory, focus, and clarity - of course I will definitely try it!

The good thing about supplements is that, it does not have any side effects that are harmful to our body. It was just like taking your daily dose of vitamins. 

Let us find out more about this Spike Dietary Supplement by continuing to read more below.

Vida Nutriscience, a known manufacturer creating carefully made safe supplements. They manufactured Snow Caps, My Slim, and Snow Crystal White, and the newest - Spike Dietary Supplement.

Spike Dietary Supplement is made with Neuravena 400mg (Avena sativa) and it is the major ingredient. Avena sativa is an extract from an oat plant and has been used for centuries as an ingredient to food and medicines. Did you know that oats (back in the days) are known to decrease anxiety and stress. That is why it is frequently being used as an ingredient for medicines and food for cognitive improvement. According to studies, Neuravena is known to increase concentration and alertness, improves memory retention and performance. 

The other ingredients include: 

1. Magnesium Lactate (100mg) is a mineral that supports the function of the nervous system. It is commonly included as ingredient to medicines used to treat insomnia and depression but in higher dosage.
2. Vitamin B3 (Niacin) (16mg) helps boost brain function. 
3. BioPerine (Piper nigrum) (10mg) helps to increase absorption of ingredients included in the supplement. 
4. AlphaSize (Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline) (10mg) is usually used in sports nutrition related supplements because it helps in muscular optimization and delays mental fatigue. Known to help in keeping memory sharp. 
5. Vitamin B6 (2mg) helps the body produce serotonin and norepinephrine - the hormones that regulates mood and helps in coping to stress.
6. Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) (0.40mg) is a vital vitamin being prescribed to pregnant women due to its help in development of the brain and spine of the fetus. When used as a regular vitamins, folic acid helps in improving memory.
7. Vitamin B12 (6mcg) is known to help control the metabolism of serotonin thus it may help improve the mood. People with deficiency of Vitamin B12 often have symptoms of forgetfulness. Added ingredient of this in your supplement may help in improving your brain's wellness by preventing the loss of neurons. 
8. Calcium Propionate (as preservatives)
9. Cab-O-Sil (as glidant)

Phew that is a lot of ingredients that I searched and briefly studied. I hope the gist of its benefits will be helpful to you. Generally, all the ingredients are in favor for the brain. It improves the overall performance of our brain by increasing the memory function and retention, improving the focus even under stress. This supplement exactly suits my needs right now! All ticked!

As shown on the box of Spike Dietary Supplement, it was designed to be taken by adults only. One capsule is recommended to be used daily. 

I already took the supplements for almost two weeks now before I shared this review and let me share to you my experience and some tips as well. 

Taking the supplements regularly, I noticed that my mental activity and body is more alert but it does not have the effect of the usual caffeine that leaves my stomach feeling acidic and full. 

Many people claim that they take it after meals but in my experience, I take it before meals while my stomach is empty. Just based on my experience, I had acid reflux whenever I take it with meals instead on an empty one. Please remember though, this is MY personal experience and it can differ from yours. Most importantly, there is no advice from the box on when it should be taken best. So if you plan to try this, observe on when it best works for your body. 

It may sound funny considering that this is a brain booster supplement, but I noticed that I am feeling sleepy a few minutes after taking this supplement during the first few days of intake. With the lethargic feel, I let my body go with the flow, I tried to relax then sleep. The next day, I felt more alert, energetic and I was able to focus more on the things that I wanted to accomplish one at a time. (I even wanted to clean up my room. LOL.) This is new to me because before I added this supplement in my routine, I still feel sleepy whenever I wake up. 

It made me wonder why I felt sleepy instantly after I took this supplement during the first few days. The reason may also be because my body lacks the sleep and rest that it needs after going to work at least 8 hours to 16 hours plus the added routine of having a workout at the gym at least four times a week. Maybe the supplement helped me find the unspoken rest that my brain and body needs, specially since it contains ingredients known to help fight insomnia and fatigue. After more than a week of taking it continuously though, the sleepiness effect disappeared. 

My overall experience has been good and I can tell that I feel more relaxed now even under the stress. I was able to focus and accomplish things at hand better than I usually does. For example, I can study more by having an increased number of questions I can accommodate daily when I study as well as I was able to comprehend the rationalization better. Plus, I can recall what I studied faster than usual. With this experience, I am looking forward to more positive results with continued intake. There is no harm in taking the Spike Dietary Supplement as long as it does not have an adverse reaction. As for me, I did not experience any. Yay!!!

As an advice, please seek a permit first from your doctors first if you are currently experiencing any illness or any allergies, lactating or pregnant as it may have an ingredient that is contraindicated for you; and if you plan to have a teenager take this supplement also ask your pediatrician, as this supplement is designed for adults only. Just a gentle reminder, the results may vary from mine to yours. 

The supplement, Spike Dietary Supplement, is available at Mercury Drug Store. It costs 990php per box of 30 capsules or 33php per capsule. To know more about Spike Dietary Supplement, you can follow them on their Facebook and Instagram pages at @spikebrainbooster. 

Transform To Be Better WIth Cosmo Skin

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 Philippines


BFC Laboratories and Watsons started a months-long nationwide campaign for beauty and fitness. Wherein health enthusiasts, members of the press, social media influencers and those simply wishing to switch to a more beautiful and fit lifestyle; attended the kick-off event for "Transformations - Beauty + Fitness," the latest health and beauty campaign spearheaded by BFC Laboratories and Watsons Stores that seeks to help everyone achieve health and pulchritude through a sensible program of regular exercise, diet and most importantly, supplementation. 

This is the second year that BFC Laboratories has partnered with Watsons for the "Transformation - Beauty + Fitness".

To support this campaign, present to the event were BFC stalwarts including social media influencer, host, model, and BFC Lab Athlete, Ryan Kolton; Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2012, host and actress, Ariella Arida; actor and sports enthusiast, Gerald Anderson, who presented their experiences on how they incorporated health, fitness and beauty into their own busy lives and professional careers. 

Mr. Ryan Kolton talked about how regular exercise workouts can further be improved by supplementing one's diet with pre, intra and post-workout supplements. He singled out, the different Euphoriamaxx variants of BFC Laboratories (L-Arginine, Creatine, BCAA and Glutamine) as essential in providing extra energy, in developing muscles and in promoting muscle recovery. He likewise stressed the importance of weight management in transforming one's physique through naturally-sourced fat-busters (L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract) in Cosmo Body Dietary Supplement; and the elimination of toxins through the ingestion of additional fiber through Psyllium Fiber in Fibermaxx. 

The event's theme of stressing supplements with organically-sourced and "green" ingredients continued with the delightful talk of Ariella Arida. The beauty queen introduced the event's guest to a grocery list of food stuff that help in lightening the skin. She acknowledged that like most people present in the event - was hardpressed at times to source natural alternatives that will give her skin the glow of health that people admire; Ariella stressed the convenience of taking naturally-sourced Grape Seed Extract or GSE to help her correct dark spots and lighten her skin through Cosmo Skin GSE Dark Spots Corrector. 

Mr. Gerald Anderson likewise stressed the importance of supplementing with Vitamin C, through Cosmo Cee. He noted that Vitamin C has always been instrumental in fostering stronger immunity, adding that the addition of bioflavonoids in Cosmo gives him and added edge when it comes to the numerous sports activities he is into, as it lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels. 

Photo image taken by Michelle of

This even also served as the launch of BFC Laboratories' newest diet supplement, BFC Lab Acai Berry. Made from the Acai Berry which is sourced from the Amazonian region of Brazil; BFC Lab Acai Berry promotes heart health, aids weight loss, promotes skin health, and helps in digestion. Besides that, it is an immune system booster, has anti-aging effects, boosts energy and improves mental function. BFC Lab Acai Berry dietary supplement is now exclusively available at Watsons stores nationwide. 

The "Transformations Beauty + Fitness" event is a months-long celebration of health and beauty that will have numerous activations in various Watsons and SM Malls throughout the country. It will culminate in the Big Event this October at SM Megamall, with even more health and beauty activities, celebrity guests and promotions in time for the holidays. For a complete list of Transformations activations and more information about the Culminating Event, log on to or follow BFC Laboratories on Facebook and Instagram at @bfclab and @cosmoskin.

Silky Girl: Shimmer Duo Blushers Review + Swatches

Monday, September 10, 2018 Philippines


It has been a while since I last posted something about blushes. Thanks to Silky Girl, I was able to try a new set of blushes called Silky Girl Shimmer Duo Blushers. There are four shades available namely: Cheeky Peach, Sunny Glow, Blushing Pink, and Rose Petal. 

Each set of blush comes with a small brush making it compact and complete. This is a thoughtful move from Silky Girl because I do not need to bring a bigger blush brush with me if I will travel. 

The blush weighs 4 grams each. The packaging's cover is clear so you can easily see the hues of the powders of each blush. 

I will review it per shade, okay Beauties?


The Cheeky Peach is highly pigmented and can definitely suit any types of skin tones. It is not a bright pink nor a dark one. Just the right blend! 

Even though the half part is matte, the shimmery powder affects the matte one. So when applied, it is a shimmering blush. The blush also lasts long on my skin for up to 6 hours without the need to re-touch but that is not being exposed to any vigorous activities. 

This shade greatly reminded me of NARS Super Orgasm with its right amount of shimmer. Though this Cheeky Peach is lighter in shade. From all of the shades that I have, this is my favorite.


Sunny Glow is darker than Cheeky Peach and if I wanted to have a slight sun kissed look, this blush is a better choice among the Silky Girl Shimmer Duo Blushers. 

Though the color seems darker than the Cheeky Peach, I needed to apply more layers of this blush before I was able to reach my favored pigmentation. 

Just like the others, the shimmering powder over powers the matte ones. Lasts for about 4 hours, lesser than Cheeky Peach. 


The blushing pink when I tried it on my hand looks paler compared to Rose Petal but when I applied it on my cheeks, this is way more pigmented than Rose Petal. Still, it is sheer in nature and I needed to apply several layers. 

If you wanted a bright pink kind of blush, you might want to choose this Blushing Pink by Silky Girl. Also, compared to all the other shades, this one is the least shimmery. The shimmer just looks like a lighter powder highlighter. 

The blush lasts for about 3 to 4 hours. 


Rose Petal looks darker than Blushing Pink when you look at it and do a swatch but when I applied it on my cheeks, this is paler and lighter than Blushing Pink. I find it so sheer that I feel like I did not applied anything. I used a several layers to achieve the pigment that I wanted. 

The sheerness has its perks though, if you wanted to have a more natural looking blush, this will work! You just look a little flushed that looks natural. 

This is more shimmery than Blushing Pink. The blush lasts for about 3 to 4 hours.


All of the blushes are chalky and easily creates a mess that is why the shimmering powder transfers to the matte one. But it can easily be cleaned with a tissue. Other than that, I find these blushes worth it, specially with the affordable price for only 329php each! 

I love that all of the blushes are soft in texture and the shimmer - I can skip using a high lighter! Yay! 


Buy again? 100% (Though I might skip the Blushing Pink and Rose Petal, I prefer the Cheeky Peach and Sunny Glow.)

Overall Rating: 3.5/5 

Price: 329php

Where to buy? Robinsons Supermarket and Unimart, Cash and Carry, Ever Gotesco Commonwealth, Landmark Trinoma and Makati (For more details, you can visit their website here.)

There you go, I hope you find this swatches and review helpful when choosing your shade of Silky Girl's Shimmer Duo Blushers! 

Benefit: Brow Contour Pro In Brown Medium

Saturday, September 8, 2018 Philippines


I never tried to hide that I was obsessed with ball pens! Even my immediate supervisor at work knows it because she commented about it at one point. LOL. So it is no wonder that when my friend and blogger, Phoebe of, tagged me that Benefit will release this Brow Contour Pro Pen, I knew I just have to buy it right away! Then I got a tip from someone working from Benefit who is also my friend at Facebook that it will be released this September! 

So, September came, here it is! Ta-da! The newest Brow Contour Pro by Benefit! Oh my gosh, the brow pen feels exactly like the regular ball pen! (Feel na feel ko ang pag pindot sa pen, promise! Hahaha!)

Anyway, as expected from Benefit, it is quite expensive. Shall we find out if it is worth it?

Brand: Benefit

Type: Brow Contour Pro

Shade: Brown Medium

Product Description and How To Use: 


The pen is like the usual four-colored ball pens but instead of inks, the pen cases the brow products. It comes in four slots, with two shades for the eyebrows and one shade for defining, another one for highlighting. 

The tip (or supposed to be nib of the pen) is like a stainless steel that is quite flexible. From there, the product will come out upon twisting the pen.


One of a kind product, amazing invention by Benefit! Specially when you love pens as much as I do.

The pencils are highly pigmented! I have to use a light pressure to apply it lightly into my eyebrows. 

You get four types of products in just one pen! Two shades of eyebrow pencil, one definer and one highlighter. 

The pencils are soft and easy to apply. All the formulas are easy to blend. 

Eyebrows on fleek achieved specially when the definer and highlighter were used. My eyebrows looked clean and with dimensions. Even with the enhanced dimensional look, my eyebrows still looks natural compared to the other eyebrow products that I was able to use. 

I noticed that it is long lasting, I also washed my face with plain water and it was not removed even though the cushion that I used and blush during that time were removed. 


Expensive. The Definer and Highlighter I think will be the first two that I will empty because more application and layers were used with these two compared to the eyebrow shades pencils. 

Not refillable. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 2100php

Where to buy? Benefit Stores, Sephora PH, BeautyMNL

I find it really expensive but for me, since I love it as a pen type, the price is worth it. I just wish that it is refillable. I hate to throw something as nice as this after emptying it. So, would you like to try this one too Beauties?!

Maybelline: Super Stay Matte Ink In Lover

Thursday, September 6, 2018 Philippines


Hello Beauties! I am back with another review for Maybelline's Super Stay Matte Ink which I really like. For this post, I will be sharing my thoughts for the shade, Lover. (My 4th Super Stay Matte Ink purchase!) I chose this shade because I am in love! LOL...kidding, the shade is really nice that is why I chose it. 

Shall we proceed with the review? 

Brand: Maybelline

Type: Super Stay Matte Ink

Shade: Lover

Weight: 5ml

Product Description: (From Maybelline's Website) SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick gives you a flawless matte finish in a range of super saturated shades.



For a liquid lipstick, it has a nice fruity scent that is quite strong. 

From all of my Super Stay Matte Ink shades on hand, this Lover is the most long-lasting. It survived my 16 hours of shift at work with heavy eating without the need to re-apply at all. I just removed it when I arrived back at home with the Super Stay Matte Ink Eraser. 


Of course, just like the other Super Stay Matte Ink, it has a precise applicator! 


It felt drying to my lips specially after I removed it. I will not try to use if everyday to let my lips have a rest. 

The lipstick settled a little on some of the dry patches of my lips and there was a build up on some small lip lines. But, it is not that noticeable. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 299php

Where to buy? Maybelline Counters, Lazada, BeautyMNL

As promised, another lipstick review done! Thank you for visiting my blog and for reading my reviews. Let us stay in touch through my social media accounts, take care everyone! 

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