Love Yourself Through Proper Health Care With SvelTi

Saturday, September 23, 2017 Philippines


With today's technology and having a 24/7 connection to high-pressure jobs, self-care is often neglected. Entrepreneurs and professionals juggle work and time for family that oftentimes, self-care is forgotten. In those situations, it is the provider or family head's well-being that is unintentionally sacrificed on the altar of time and obligations. This person would be simply too busy to develop a fitness program or even stick to a nutritious diet. As a result, he or she would become overweight and their skin becomes vulnerable to the effects of pollution and stress. 

This unhealthy and demanding routine is the reason why SvelTi's highly trained team of clinical specialists take the necessary time to sit down with each patient, learn their medical history and lifestyle, and prescribe an individual program that can help them reach their health and beauty goals.

Not surprisingly, most of the patients that consult with SvelTi is in order to look fabulous and become more physically fit! According to Dr. Salazar, a first couple of sessions of their prescribed program does show visible results such as: loss of one to two inches from a once bulging waistline, a reduction of five pounds from one's weight without having to run a treadmill, and the elimination of pimples, blackheads, and wrinkles that had been festering on the face for months. 

Dr. Salazar does urge the patient to continue with the program and complement it with a healthy lifestyle such as regular exercise and a nutritious diet. “That’s how they can sustain the first results,” she advises. “Attaining your desired physique, weight, and smoothness of skin is not a one-time thing, and will take commitment on their part. What’s encouraging about our treatments is that the patient is encouraged by the result and does the follow-up sessions. They come here happy and enthused, and not dragging their feet, because they know they will be healthier and look more attractive after the session.”

Dr. Salazar pauses then adds, “Unlike that old health slogan they used to throw at us, I believe that there can be gain even without pain. And it all starts with a firm decision to love yourself and fulfill your own self-care program.”

Those who want to try SvelTi’s unique and effective approach can avail of the various promos that they are offering this special anniversary month of September. To know more about SvelT’i’s treatments, please inquire at (02)332-7546 / 09188-SVELTI (783584) or visit the clinic at 5F South Insula Condominium #61 Timog Avenue, Quezon City from Mondays to Fridays from 9am-6pm and Saturdays from 8am-1pm. You may also visit SvelT’i FB page at and IG account @SVELTI_PH.

Bucket List & Wishlist Before I Turn 32

Thursday, September 21, 2017 Philippines


I am turning 30 years old this November and I realized that I wanted so  much more in life! It just hit me that I am leaving the "calendar age" soon and it feels surreal! I am dreading it actually. With my career as a nurse in the Philippines, it did not help much in crossing out my bucket list. 

Expect that I will not be posting much on my blog for now because I will also be focusing on my review to take an international nursing board exam and crossing out this bucket list and wish list. (Wish me luck!) Before I do this though, I wanted to make this list of things that I want to accomplish before I turn 32 to serve as an inspiration and so that I could monitor if I am able to bridge it. 

I will edit this post for every task done and I hope that I will be able to complete this before I turn 32 years old! 

Help me complete it? :)

Bucket List: 

1. Try anti-gravity yoga at least once!
2. Learn to drive.
3. Enroll in a professional makeup school.
4. Study a new language.
5. Learn self defense skills. 
6. Master one recipe per type of cuisine. 
7. Start a small business handmade by me. 
8. Learn to sew clothes. (It is my dream to make my own clothes designed for plus size.)
9. Major in Nursing.
10. Lose weight and workout regularly and be able to correct my BMI before I hit 32.
11. Travel to Japan!
12. Read at least 150 books.
13. Master shooting a gun. (I already did this before but I wanted to be an expert!)
14. Watch Lion King on 2018!
15. Go to Yexel Museum and sit on the Iron Throne! (With picture of course!)

Wish List: 

1. Ring Light
2. Printer (Please, namumulubi na ko kaka print sa labas for reviewers and paperworks!)
3. Game Of Thrones Books (I love reading books and this is one of my favorites and always has been in my wish list even though I already have the ebook copies.)
4. Sewing Machine
5. Camera for vlogging. 
6. Soft Box
7. New phone with great camera
8. Mixer (For baking)
9. Game Of Thrones Original DVDs (LOL...)
10. Instax!

Latest Scoop: What Happened At Maybelline New York Fashion Week 2017

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 Philippines


New York Fashion Week may be over but beauty and fashion lovers are still on a high! With all the trends that dropped down the runways of New York Fashion Week, beauty and fashion makeup mavens are more creatively inspired than ever! The coming makeup and fashion trends sets a pace for the coming Spring/Summer this 2018. 

This year, the show took a different turn as a "Makeup-first" creative approach was front and center in ever show. From subtle yet fierce makeup looks to the boldest and quirkiest outfits, you can discover everything in NYFW. Let me share what went down at #MaybellineFashionWeek2017!

Maureen rocked it in her very first photoshoot in New York! It's not surprising that Maureen Wroblewitz came out to be on the top at this year's Asia's Next Top Model. Clearly, she has what it takes to become an "It" Girl everyone can get inspiration from!  

Maureen's photoshoot in New York just proves how she made it happen as she exudes the energy of New York in every shot, it is amazing! 

Maureen with Adriana Lima (Left) and Emily Didonato (Right)

IT Girl meets the Maybelline Girls! Not everyone is given the opportunity to meet Adriana Lima and Emily Didonato (I agree, I want to meet them too!) in the flesh in just one trip! During the Maybelline New York Party and press day, our Maybelline IT girl Mau met these Maybelline girls who are definitely every Filipina's style inspiration. Adriana even shared her very own go-to Maybelline products, makeup tips, and even personal experiences in a one-on-one session with Maureen. 

From Jigs’ IG account (@jigsmayuga): Early at today's @jasonwu Spring/Summer 2018 show with makeup artists @jazmincalcarami from Argentina and @ryanogilvy from Indonesia for @maybelline. With this lighting backstage, of course a photo op is essential. @welovemaybelline #MaybellineFashionWeek2017 #MakeItHappen

Makeup looks created by Jigs Mayuga graced the runways of Jason Wu, Kith and Self-Portrait - just to name a few! Celebrity makeup artist, Jigs Mayuga, was part of the backstage action as he created makeup looks led by Maybelline global artists such as Erin Parsons, Yadim, and Grace Lee, with his works making it to the runways of Jason Wu, Kith, Self-Portrait, Philip Plein, and Public School. 

The makeup looks done by Jigs Mayuga all focuses on all about makeup first! This year's show maneuvered into a makeup-first approach. The shows displayed a number of stunning makeup looks everyone can cop and flaunt! Maybelline "It" Girl Maureen also donned the latest makeup looks in her photoshoot. 

On Maureen's look, Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Liquid Foundation, Hyperimpact Linr and Lash Sensational Mascara were used. The Lipstick is from Maybelline's new Inti-Mattes in Raw Cocoa. It's easy to be runway-ready on the daily with these makeup trends spotted at New York Fashion Week!

A good makeup all starts with a good base. Ace your makeup look by starting with a matte, shine-free base for the face with Maybelline's Fit Me Matte Poreless Liquid Foundation! With 10 shades available on the shelves, there's bound to be a shade that matches every Filipina's skin tone. (Read about my detailed review and swatches at

You know what they say, "Kilay is life!" and achieve natural-looking brows that last for days literally with Maybelline's Fashion Brow Tattoo Gel Tint. Just let it set for 20 minutes to two hours, peel it off and slay! (Reviews soon on my blog.)

New York Fashion Week was all about looking natural. It is the kind of makeup that I wanted to have everyday! I can easily achieve this look from the variety of choices with Maybelline's Color Sensational Inti-Matte Nudes, for a natural, smooth but lightweight feel of lipstick on lips. 

For everything #MaybellineFashionWeek2017 and for exclusive makeup scoops, head on to Maybelline’s social media accounts: YouTubeFacebook Instagram, Excited to try these makeup looks? Get your Maybelline products by visiting

What Happened At Sample Room's Vlogging Workshop

Saturday, September 16, 2017 Philippines


Try before you buy is the phrase that first comes into my minds when I hear the word Sample Room. Ever since I started regularly posting of reviews on my blog, Sample Room Philippines has been a big part of my what I am now. Without Sample Room, most of the items that I reviewed on my blog would be from my own pocket. 

Last September 16, I was invited to attend their first Vlogging Workshop for being their Roommate of the Month for the month of November 2016. Yay! I love the chosen topic and I think it is the first time that a workshop was done and implemented by a combination of famous Vloggers in the Philippines. This is an upgrade for what I can do because nowadays, people rely more on videos than blogs. It is a sad reality and I know that I have to keep up with it so I am trying my hands with vlogging. I am sure that this workshop will help me a lot. 

I am thankful for Sample Room and their sponsors for making this workshop happen. Big thanks to Belo, Ponds, Dentiste Kiss, Happy Skin and Fujifilm. 

Having our favorite vloggers, Gen-zel Habab, Rhea Bue and Say Tioco as the ones who will do the workshops is much better experience for us. They started from something small like me and look at how well they are now, right? It is just simply inspiring that makes their stories more relatable! 

Besides the workshop, there are booths prepared by Pond's and Fujifilm. All the cameras were displayed at the event and I realized that Fujifilm is one of the best choice in choosing a vlogging camera! (I hope I could have one soon so that I can do more vlogging videos!)

For Pond's booth, they brought a machine to check your skin's condition and it is totally free!

After the workshops and demonstration, a question and answer portion was held by Ms. Ingrid Nieto. This is my favorite part because all the questions that Ms. Ingrid asked also came into my mind and I am glad to get the answers. 

If there is one thing that made an impact with what the Vloggers shared during Sample Room's Vlogging Workshop, it is that as long as at least one person still believes on what you do and what you can do, nothing should stop you. Wow, that was really inspiring words because there are times that I want to give up blogging and vlogging but when I heard about their life advises, it made a huge difference on how I think and feel right now. 

Sample Room will not be here if not for its founder, Ms. Sophie Uy. Thank you so much Ms. Sophie for everything that you generously shared and opened the path for free items for us bloggers and beauty enthusiasts. 

As shared on the event, something new is coming soon and I am excited with Sample Room's newest platform! Watch out!

Watch my video for the highlights of the event on my YouTube at: 

Of course, my blog post will not be complete without photos from my co-bloggers/friends!

With my love, Phoebe of

I am in love with the Ring Light, it is my first time to try it personally and have my photo taken and I just love it! It is now on top of my list for must-haves! 

I am so happy that I was able to attend this workshop plus look at the souvenir loot bag! There were a lot of items inside! It even includes one of the things that I always wanted to buy but never bought, the Gorilla Pod!

For my next blog post, I will be featuring the Soban Restaurant that me, Phoebe, Andie, Kim and Earth went to eat after the workshop. Thank you for reading and please sign-up to Sample Room to try items before buying them! 

Under The Sea Cafe: My Experience + Rochelle's Birthday Celebration

Friday, September 15, 2017 Philippines


At least even for a day, I became a mermaid! Hooray! I am grateful that as the day goes by, new cafes and restaurants with unique experience and great food to offer becomes readily available. I have a long list of must-try places that I was unable to visit yet. 

Included from the list is the Under The Sea Cafe located on the third floor at 80 Maginhawa Street. Under The Sea is a cafe designed exactly like under the sea. The interiors were carefully and artistically painted with water, corals and sea creatures. It even had a boat anchored at the ceiling that I find quite charming!

When I first stepped inside the cafe, I felt like I was transported inside an aquarium. A huge one! Everywhere I look is simply amazing! There is even a spot perfect for photography opportunity near the entrance. A human-size seashell that you can sit on while wearing their FREE mermaid outfits is the perfect scene to do inside this cafe. For a minimum order of 150php, you are free to use their costumes. Don't worry, they are expandable and available in different colors so you can take a pick of your choice! Of course, Rochelle (, Michelle ( and me took advantage of this studio-like set-up. 

Tables were decorated with sea creatures stuffed toys table toppers. The kid inside you will surely awaken in astonishment to the place. 

The food offered is affordable and the serving size is great. Their menu is complete from appetizers, entrees, pasta, dessert, and drinks. Check out the menu below:

I want to try all of the food but of course I cannot eat them all in one visit. LOL. Anyway, we ordered pasta and appetizer. By the way, their food is delicious! We were satisfyingly stuffed that we were not able to order desserts. 

Cheesy Tuna Alfredo 150php

Caljun Fish and Fries 170php

PiƱa Colada Milkshake 120php and Vanilla Mermaid Milkshake 130php

The main reason why we tried the Under The Sea Cafe is to celebrate Rochelle's birthday and mermaid is one of her favorite characters. This is the perfect place for her to enjoy her day! Thank you so much for being a good friend Rochelle, have a great and blessed days ahead!

We took this opportunity to also announce the winners for Rochelle's Meet and Greet on September 24, 2017! Were you able to watch our Facebook Live? I hope you did so you could check if you won, just in case not, check out Rochelle's Facebook page for the Facebook Live video that she also posted after being live. 

I did a short vlog for the day, watch it on my YouTube account here: 

Thank you for reading my blog and for watching the video. Don't forget to subscribe! Have a great time everyone!

NYFW Makeup Trends for Spring and Summer 2018

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 Philippines


We are already at the last quarter for the year 2017 and a new year means new fashion trends. To bring with us the latest catwalk to sidewalk makeup trends, Maybelline continues its partnership with New York Fashion Week! 

As the official makeup sponsor for New York Fashion Week (NYFW) since the year 2009, Maybelline continues to inspire Filipinas by making catwalk to sidewalk makeup looks happen. The NYFW Spring/Summer 2018 show will take a different turn with a "makeup-first" approach gracing the runways. Sounds interesting, right? Usually runways are powered by the clothes that models wear. This 2018, it will take a whole new creative approach. 

There are a lot of things to be excited about from the latest runway-inspired makeup trends for Filipinas brought by Maybelline New York. Ms. Cary Co, the Marketing Director for Maybelline Philippines shared, "We are excited as Maybelline Philippines participates in this global partnership bringing the hottest makeup trends from New York accessible to every Filipina. This yet signals our commitment to empower and inspire Filipina beauty and fashion mavens to make it happen.".

Beginning September 7, 2017, the Maybelline Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018 will exhibit the amazing works of famous designers such as Jason Wu, Rochambeau, and Bibhu Mahapatra, among others. With inspiring personalities showcasing their work, many women (and men) will be all eyes and ears to the makeup and fashion trends NYFW has in store for them. 

This is really exciting! Get the latest makeup trends and hottest updates LIVE and straight from the runway just by tuning into Maybelline's YouTube channel at, Facebook at, and Instagram @welovemaybelline. 

We, Filipinas, can look forward to an exciting and fun-filled NYFW experience as Maybelline Philippines sends its very own NYFW correspondents: Maybelline "IT" Girl and AsNTM Season 5 Winner, Ms. Maureen Wroblewitz (Yay!), celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga, and beauty and fashion vlogger Kryz Uy as they take us through the shows and give us backstage access to the biggest makeup and fashion event this season. Watch their video here:

Make sure to follow #MaybellineFashionWeek2017 for real-time updates straight and fresh from New York! Stay tuned, get ready for more, and #makeithappen!

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