Cathy Doll: Nude Me Eyeshadow Palettes + Swatches

Friday, June 16, 2017 Philippines


Palettes are always fun to collect in any type, whether it is eyeshadow, lip, blush or highlighting palette. Do you agree? I can feel that it is a yes. So, can you imagine my excitement when I received this three Nude Me Eyeshadow Palettes by Cathy Doll! 

The three palettes came from the Nude Me Collection and the types are 01 Nude, 02 Smoky, and 03 Pink Champagne. The palettes reminded me of Urban Decay's Naked shades and it made me more curious in trying out the products. 

I will tell you a secret...this palette is more affordable compared to other brands (that I use) and the quality is great! Get this palette for only 499php each! 

I will be reviewing each of this palette separately but let me share with you now the comparison of swatches. 

What palette caught your eyes? :)

Cathy Doll Philippines Celebrates 1st Year Anniversary + New Products

Thursday, June 15, 2017 Philippines


Its surreal! I feel like it was just yesterday when I received an invitation for a product launch of a cosmetic and skin care product but the truth is it has been a year already since Cathy Doll launched their products here in our country straight from Thailand. 

I would love to go the event and celebrate with the team of Cathy Doll but unfortunately, I was not able to attend Cathy Doll's first year anniversary celebration because I was sick with Acute Exudative Tonsillopharyngitis and during that time, my fever was so high even with antibiotics that the doctor even started ruling out Dengue Fever because of my high fever and petechial rashes. Thankfully, I do not have Dengue Fever and the rashes were caused by my the consistent high fever for almost a week. 

Thanks to the generosity of Ms. Nikki Tiu, Karmart and LifeStrong Marketing, Inc. (The companies behind Cathy Doll's franchise in Philippines.), they still sent me the new products at home. I was thrilled when I got it and saw the new amazing products that I cannot wait to share with you from their Nude Me Collection

The Nude Me Collection includes the Liquid Lip Matte, Sculpting Highlight and Shading Cushion, Eyeshadow Palettes, and Eyebrow Mascara. 

Of course, expect a detailed review to be posted by me! For now, check out the branches of Cathy Doll stores for your reference: 

To know more about Cathy Doll, you can also like their Facebook page here and in Instagram at @cathydollphils.. 

Pamper Your Dad on Father's Day at SvelT'i

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 Philippines


I wish I could turn back time because I miss my Dad so much. I miss everything about him literally. First, by being a doting father like cooking for me, attending to my school activities, watching my cheer dance performances back in High School, preparing food and rooms for my sleep-overs with friends, coming with me during my College Entrance Exams, driving me to work, and even going to salons and skin care clinics! I knew that he deserves to rest after suffering from Cancer but there will always be a selfish part of me that I wish he is still here with me. 

Being a father is not easy because life is hectic specially when juggling the time between his work and family. Imagine all the sacrifices that they had to make, starting from spending long hours at work, suffering from the traffic everyday and yet upon arriving at home, they still make time for his family. The little time left from their day can be spent resting or doing their own hobbies but they wanted the best for his family and they always put it aside. 

Just like my Dad, unfortunately, his health and wellness became compromised just to fulfill his paternal calling though sickness can also be a part of many other factors, for example is genetics. 

Sometimes, they push their body to its limits just so they could focus on their work. The problem is, stress and exhaustion can develop to a more serious problems. Stress can result to acne breakouts and wrinkle formation. Then add the lifestyle of drinking alcohol, eating cholesterol-and-fat-rich food which are readily available and quick to consume for someone with a busy lifestyle. As a result, they can gain weight, build up high blood pressure and be exposed to medical conditions like cardio-vascular illnesses. 

Fortunately, there are now cutting-edge, non-invasive solutions that can stop hardworking fathers from going down to slippery slopes of bad habits and restore them to the path of health and wellness. More than that, they can also look younger, more attractive as rejuvenation process takes over. 

According to Dr. Lalaine Salazar, Medical Director of SvelT'i Health and Beauty Centre in Timog Avenue at Quezon City, "Modern-day treatments that can be address the father's health issues do not require surgery of any downtime. We understand that time is precious to these gentlemen. These treatments can be done withing 30 to 45 minutes and they can return back to work or go to their next power meeting. And these results-oriented men will also be happy to know that they can see positive changes in their body and face only after one session.".

Our fathers deserve pampering sessions and they need it too. Dads who want to get back in shape during Father's Day are advised to try out one or several of the following treatments: 

1. Facials

Facials administered at SvelT'i are popular for their anti-aging effect. This facial get rid of blackheads, whiteheads, and other facial impurities. They control and prevent the development of pigmentation which tends to mar the skin. As a result, the face acquires a moisturized and well-balanced skin tone after the treatment. 

2. Revlite

Revlite works deeper and is designed to remove melasma, longstanding unwanted pigments, fine lines and wrinkles, and acne marks. This revolutionary Q-Switched ND:YAG laser features PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse {PTP} and targets the impurities by producing a special wavelength of light. The light vibrates and breaks down the pigment into tiny particles. The spots will appear lighter with each treatment and eventually fade. Revlite can remove the unflattering effects that too much stress has triggered on the skin of the family breadwinner. 

3. Accurfirme

Personally, I was able to try Accufirme. I already felt the effect on my abdomen even after one session. It is a procedure that tones the muscles of the body and removes the flabbiness through the use of electrical pulses. One 20-minute session produces the same result that a 225-sit-up exercise does, but without the discomfort or even exerting any effort. The patient can just enjoy the treatment while lying down or even napping in his own private room. 

3. I-Lipo

Finally, I-Lipo culminates the transformation of the beleaguered breadwinner into a younger-looking, more energetic, and more attractive alpha male. I-Lipo uses low-level pulses to remove unwanted and excessive fat deposits from the body, practically liquefying and siphoning them away. Then afterwards, a vacuum massage is applied on the affected body part to drain the remaining layers of cellulite, complemented by the administration of radio-frequencies for further skin tightening.

The facials and Revlite have reduced or done away with the facial impurities and aging symptoms. Accufirm has tightened his muscles, and flattened his stomach. I-Lipo has lessened the flabbiness in his body. One or a combination of these treatments can transform tired old Dad into a gorgeous-looking guy with a fit body that will run with more energy. It’s an amazing change that his wife and kids will gladly welcome, especially on Father’s Day.

To know more about SvelT’i’s treatments, please inquire at (02)332-7546 / 09188-SVaELTI (783584) or visit the clinic at 5F South Insula Condominium #61 Timog Avenue, Quezon City from Mondays to Fridays from 9am-6pm and Saturdays from 8am-1pm. You may also visit SvelT’i FB page at and IG account @SVELTI_PH.

Maybelline's Fit Me Now In Philippines + Meet 10 Make IT Happen Girls

Thursday, June 8, 2017 Philippines


The Fit Me Collection by Maybelline New York were considered must-haves from other countries and users gave amazing feed backs for years now and ever since then, most of us Filipinas had been wishing that it would be brought here in our home land. The only Fit Me product that we have in the Philippines that recently became available is their Fit Me Concealer (which is a famous NARS dupe). 

Last June 7 2017 at Sara Black Photography Studio in Makati, our prayers had been answered when I got an invitation as part of the Maybelline Squad. You know why? It is because the most awaited and highly-anticipated products from Maybelline New York just brought the rest of Maybelline Fit Me Collection franchise here in the Philippines with a BANG!

Watch my short video coverage of the event here: 

Along with the franchise came the Fit Me Liquid Foundation, Fit Me Foundation Stick and Fit Me Pressed Powder. Of course, they still included the Fit Me Concealer during the launch. It is hard to find the perfect fit when it comes to foundations and powders because we all have different skin tones and finding the best match is nearly impossible with the limited range of shades available in the Philippines. Fret no more because Maybelline Fit Me offers a wide range of shades that we all could try and test to find the perfect match! 

"Most of the time, Filipinas are offered only about four foundation shades to choose from, which makes it a real challenge to find their perfect shade. As Fit Me comes in 10 shades to choose from, Filipinas can finally easily find their FIT. What is even more exciting is that the Fit Me line that we're bringing in here offers a Matte + Poreless finish, which is suitable for the Filipina skin.", said by Ms. Bianca Sing, Maybelline's Junior Product Manager of Maybellne. 

To test and check what shades of the Maybelline Fit Me Line I should use, I had a make over done by make-up artist, Ms. Ana.

Behind the scene.

Compared to my previous flat, ashy and pale makeup look, my make over made me look fresh, flawless and poreless with the use of the new Fit Me line products. 

Just to share, I am a MAC NC15 to NC20 user and I have a warm undertone with combination skin type. As assessed by the Ms. Ana, the make-up artist, I should use Fit Me Liquid Foundation in 125, Fit Me Foundation Stick and Fit Me Powder in 130 and the Fit Me Concealer in shade 20. (Check out my before and after photos below.)

During the launch, I took the opportunity to swatch all the shades available and offered by Maybelline so I could share it to you my readers. Let us start with the Fit Me Concealer. 

Say goodbye to dark circles, pimples, and dark spots in an instant with Fit Me Concealer that gives you that natural coverage for zero flaws and blemishes. It is available in four shades.

Next, the Fit Me Pressed Powder is a mattifying powder that fits the skin tone and texture, perfect for touch-ups and offers a poreless looking finish with shine control. Amazingly, the pressed powders are available in 8 shades!

The Fit Me Foundation Stick, the very first foundation stick by Maybelline New York, is an oil absorbing stick that is creamy and can blend into a natural matte looking finish skin. It has an exclusive anti-shine powder core that instantly dissolves excess oil. There are 8 shades you can choose from the Fit Me Foundation Stick. 

Last, my favorite Fit Me Liquid Foundation! This liquid foundation can fit any skin tone and texture, leaving a natural and seamless finish. It is the best seller from the Fit Me Line abroad and definitely a must-have. The shades brought in the Philippines are not complete but it offers 10 shades that is already a wide range of colors that you could choose from. 

With all the four types of products from the Maybelline Fit Me collection, you do not need to settle for anything less than perfect. You can now shout into the world, "Don't judge me. Don't hide me. Don't change me. FIT ME!!!". The products are now available in Lazada and will be available in counters this July 2017!

During the event, I am so honored to have a photo taken by Ms. Sara Black herself. She is a member of the 10 inspiring Filipinas that I am excited to share. 

On this day, Maybelline New York also introduced the new beauty trend, the "make it happen" attitude and the "maker" mindset. As of today, more and more young Filipinas are empowered than ever. They now know how to express themselves specially on what they want and what their opinion is. It also entails their choice in beauty and fashion. Sometimes the only problem is that they lack the confidence. 

Maybelline knew on how to help them move forward and boost their confidence by giving a dose of inspiration. Apart from believing in the transformative power of beauty and using the energy of Maybelline to Make Dreams Happen, Maybelline knows that being a venue to share the stories of young successful women is what every Filipina needs to carve out a name for themselves and make IT happen. So on this day, Maybelline takes it a notch higher as they bring forth its "Make It Happen" movement as it partner with 10 young Filipina "Makers" by giving them a venue to share their inspirational stories. 

The Marketing Director of Maybelline Philippines, Ms. Cary Co, shared that "Maybelline has always believed in the power of beauty to make things happen. We want our message on empowerment and possibilities to be a part of every young Filipina's narrative.".

She also added, "Our partnership with these 10 girls signals our commitments to bring forth what we truly mean by "Make IT happen". We hope that by giving these girls a venue to share their stories, we are able to inspire other girls to make their own stories of success happen.".

Maybelline's 10 Inspiring Filipinas

The members of the 10 young Filipina Makers share their own make it happen stories: 

1. Photographer Sara Black on her "Make Imagination Happen" Story

I personally met Ms. Sara Black during the photo shoot and she is someone that I can idolize. She draws inspiration from within and as a professional photographer she shared that she makes imagination happen through visualizing the image in her mind and translating it into reality through a photograph. "What drives me is the need to stay current and putting my best work forward. Never be complacent." shared by Ms. Sara Black. 

2. Celebrity Stylist Kimi Yap on her "Make Confidence Happen" Story
3. Fashion Designer Rosenthal Tee on her "Make Fashion Happen" Story
4. Model Maureen Wroblewitz on her "Make Bold Happen" Story
5. Calligrapher Alexis Ventura on her "Make Creativity Happen" Story

As an artist and entrepreneur, Ms. Alexis Ventura transformed her hobby into a business, but not without the challenges that this brings. She shares that "though turning a hobby into a business is a blessing, finding the right opportunities to develop myself and my team was not easy. Working to reach big dreams with limited resources allows us to be even more creative with our solutions.".

6. Athlete Denisse Lazaro on her "Make Strength Happen" Story
7. Education Advocate Arizza Nocum on her "Make Change Happen" Story
8. Blogger Lissa Kahayon on her "Make Ambitious Happen" Story

Ms. Lissa Kahayon shared, "Being a fashion designer and blogger gives me an opportunity to express myself and share bits of my life to my readers. Being recognized and appreciated for what I do also drives me to succeed and to strive to be better in what I do, I've allowed myself to take risks, accept challenges, and dream big.".

9. Fitness Guru Ida Paras on her "Make Determination Happen" Story
10. Filmmaker Janina Manipol on her "Make Dedication Happen" Story

Glad to have one of their exclusive shirts during the event! I am delighted and honored to be part of the Maybelline Squad Philippines!!!

For now, these are a glimpse of the many Make IT Happen stories that Maybelline is set to share to young Filipinas through its "Maker" campaign. To know more about the Maybelline Maker campaign, visit and watch the latest global anthem here: What are you waiting for? It is time to unleash the Maker in you and #makeithappen! Keep visiting to be updated. 

Snow Crystal White Tomato Benefits

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 Philippines


There are a lot of beauty supplements in the market that is now readily available sadly, only a few can be trusted with the ingredients, effectivity and quality. Products such as whitenings, anti-aging and dietary supplements are now within our reach so it is important that what we buy are truly worth our hard-earned money. Something new is coming and it gives a natural sunscreen protection!

In this light, a new promising product called Snow Crystal White Tomato was created. According to Vida Nutriscience, it is a combination of PhytoflORAL (800mg), L-Glutathione (500mg) and Bioperine.

Snow Crystal White Tomato contains the most potent ingredients for a healthier and whiter skin. The 800mg of Colorless Carotenoids or PhytoflORAL, effectively whitens skin and reduces the signs of aging. These Carotenioids or PhytoflORAL that was derived from a unique breed of organic white tomatoes.

Other than the Colorless Carotenoids (PhytoflORAL), SNOW also contains 500mg of Kohjin L-Glutathione, popularly known to be one of the most powerful antioxidants that help in removing free radicals and repairs skin for a healthier glow from within. It has also been clinically proven that it can whiten and even out skin tone.

Let us break down and check out its amazing active ingredients and their benefits:


1. Colorless Carotenoids or PhytoflORAL - 800mg

Have you heard about Colorless Carotenoids that are derived from White Tomatoes? It is a unique breed of non-genetically modified (non-GMO) tomatoes that are known to have many benefits for the skin. 

Carotenoids are known for making the skin healthier and more radiant. There is one thing that Carotenoids' effect that I recently learned, it also offers an invisible protection by being a natural sunscreen. Since SNOW's Carotenoid is colorless, it has the ability to absorb light within the UV range making it more ideal for UVA/B protection because it is able to block free radicals. Since its not pigmented, it will not cause any tint to the skin such as tanning and sunburn.

Compared with the colored carotenoids that oxidizes and degrades once exposed to ultra-violet because due to its colored pigments, the colorless carotenoids are more stable. It slows down aging and photo aging. Thus, the colorless carotenoids are more effective in protecting the skin from free radicals and environmental aggressors. This way, it also helps the skin's pigmentation to be reduced. It can inhibit melanin synthesis that results towards a brighter, lighter and whiter complexion. 

Last, it can also enhance other ingredients when combined with Glutathione. 

2. Kohjin L-Glutathione - 500mg

I am sure all of you are already familiar with Glutathione since it's one of the most in-demand supplement for making skin whiter. It is the most famous anti-oxidant for a healthier body.

L-Glutathione is the reduced glutathione form that can be readily absorbed and boost the glutathione levels that are already present inside our body. (Yes, we already have Glutathione levels inside our body, its just that as we age, the natural amount decreases.)

However, L-Glutathione is not only for the anti-aging skin benefits and anti-oxidants for the liver, it can also boost the immune system that makes our body more resistant to infection. Inflammation in our skin can be reduced when you have a higher level of Glutathione in your body. Not only does it detoxifies the body, it can also help in detoxifying the brain for a healthier memory which also adds up to the anti-aging benefits. 

3. Bioperine or Powdered Black Pepper Extract - Piper Nigrum L

In order for the supplements to be effective when taken, it has to be absorbed well by the body. For years, the Bioperine was used because of its capability to be a Nutrient Absorption Enhancer that increases the absorption of PhytoflORAL (Colorless Carotenoids) and L-Glutathione which are the two main ingredients of Snow Crystal White Tomato

Derived from black pepper, Piper Nigrum L, and long pepper, Piper Longum L, its extracts are known to increase absorption of nutrients by at least 30%. 

Now, let me summarize the 8 benefits of using Snow Crystal White Tomato:

1. You can get more with just one product. Compared to other popular brands that only have PhytoflORAL, with Snow Crystal White Tomato, you can also get the benefits of Kohjin L-Glutathione and Bioperene. The combination of the three ingredients will give you twice whitening and healthier skin. 

2. You will get an increased natural sunscreen protection from the sun because of PhytoflORAL that is 800mg included in the tablet.

3. You will get a healthier skin and body with its famous anti-oxidant, Kohjin L-Glutathione.

4. Both the Snow Whitening Supplement and other nutrients will be more absorbed by your body with the help of Bioperene included in Snow Crytal White Tomato Supplements. 

5. The popular brand that only has PhytoflORAL is more expensive (around 5,900 to 6,900php for 30 capsules) than the price of Snow Crystal White Tomato that has both PhytoflORAL and Kohjin L-Glutathione that only costs 2,985php for 30 capsules.

6. It is the first combined product that you can buy in the market! 

7. Unlike other supplements that recommend two to three tablets per day making it more expensive, the Snow Crystal White Tomato's recommended usage is only 1 tablet per day. 

8. Starting July 2017, it will be available in all leading drugstores. This way, maintaining its usage will not be a problem. 

9. It is also available in Soap Form! The soap weighs 130g and its SRP is 299php. 

To know more about Snow Crystal White Tomato, you can visit their Facebook page, You can also follow them on their Instagram Page, @snowskinwhite7.

MAC: Myth

Saturday, June 3, 2017 Philippines


Nude Lipsticks are my thing. When I saw this nude lipstick of MAC on sale from one of my trusted Instagram seller, I ordered it right away. I frequently see this from Hollywood celebrities being used and by famous International Bloggers so I knew I at least need to try it. 

Is it really nice or is it a hype? Read more about it below. 

Brand: MAC

Finish: Satin

Edition: Permanent

Weight: 3g

Shade: Myth

Product Description: (From MAC's website) Light neutral nude

Product Description: 



The texture is still creamy for a satin lipstick. It is easy to glide and apply over my lips. 

When applied, it lasts for four to six hours but easily removed through eating. It does not leave any stain after removal. 

The color is light but easy to build up to be more opaque.


I love the look of nude lipsticks and most of the time it looks great on me but this shade is not. I look pale on it even with full makeup on. 

The lipstick settles on dry patches of my lips and builds up on my lip lines.

It is not transfer-free.


Buy again? 50%

Overall Rating: 3/5 (For me, I think it is just the hype and overrated.)

Price: 1100php (I got it on Christmas sale for only 500php from an IG seller)

Where to buy? MAC counters

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the lipstick but my advice is that you try it first from the counters, this lipstick is hard to make it work for the whole look. Think about it well first.

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