Beauty Confidential: BDJ X Project Vanity's Beauty Bootcamp

Monday, February 12, 2018 Philippines


I remember that I first started attending beauty events by signing up with BDJ's beauty bootcamps. Back then, they do it at least twice a year and I always sign up for it even if it is located as far as Mall of Asia. Imagine my excitement when I got invited to attend BDJ and Project Vanity's collaboration for a beauty bootcamp is definitely over the roof! It surely brought up a lot of good memories! 

Liz Lanuzo: Founder and Editor-In-Chief of

There are a lot of beauty bloggers that I looked up to when I started mine and one of my favorites include Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity. She used to be the sole writer of the page but it developed into something more beautiful and open as it is now a page composed of several beauty gurus sharing their own reviews and experiences. 

So when BDJ and Project Vanity combined for a Beauty Bootcamp, I know that I should definitely not miss this! Count me in, Girls! 

In this Beauty Bootcamp, just like the previous ones, it contains a lot of workshops, brand exhibits wherein there is a lot of sales and promos offered by brands! If you are lucky in joining their games, you can win some freebies too! I usually splurge when there is a beauty bootcamps because I can score amazing deals like 30 to 40% off in usual SRPs! This time though, I was able to resist shopping and just bought one highlighter from Ever Bilena. Yay! 

Anyway, watch the short video of me exploring the booths and unboxing my BDJ X Project Vanity Loot Bag:

The event was held at Glorietta Activity Center last February 11 and the program first started with Carefree and Lay Bare sharing their intimate beauty secrets. For me, this beauty bootcamp with Project Vanity is one of the most anticipated gathering this year!

The brands from the beauty exhibits includes: Celeteque, Revlon, COSRx, Pink Sugar, SebaMed, Bioderma, Colourette, BYS, Zenutrients, Ever Bilena, Ellana Minerals, In Her Element, Makeup World, Max Factor, Chihuahua, The Body Shop, Nuxe, K-Palette, Listerine, Canmake, Cover Girl, and Colour Collection. Phew...that is a lot, right? It will definitely satisfy the vanity in you! :)

For the workshops, the topics have an amazing line-up and as much as I wanted to attend all of it, I sadly had to leave early because I still have work. :(

Basically, the event is for us Filipinas to understand the importance of taking care of ourselves and be confident about it. This is the secret in feeling empowered and I believe that too! 

I hope there would be more future BDJ Beauty Bootcamps in collaboration with Project Vanity again and also to other beauty bloggers or vloggers out there! This is a great time that we all could bond and enjoy the moment!

Which one from my BDJ X Project Vanity Kit would you like me to feature first here on my blog? 

Bare It All: Intimate Beauty Secrets Revealed By Empowered Women

Sunday, February 11, 2018 Philippines


Last February 11, I was invited to attend Project Vanity and BDJ's collaboration for a Beauty Confidential event wherein women can enjoy loads of services, fun activities and great beauty sales! 

Watch a short video about the event here: 

During this wonderful time, I learned (and just wanted to share) that Carefree and Lay Bare team up to tackle women's intimate beauty secrets to embolden Filipinas to feel more confident and beautifully fresh everyday! 

Day by day, left and right - we see women talk and share experiences about the best tips on makeup, skincare, and healthy lifestyle habits to keep themselves in tip-top shape. But behind closed door, we find Filipinas spending many hours taking hidden rituals - the intimate beauty secrets - that are undeniably integral to the foundations of their private beauty routines. It just proves that for women, feeling beautiful starts with feeling clean and fresh - especially down there. Rarely a topic of conversation, girls have been shying away from sharing, and sadly, even merely asking how and why they should take care for their most sensitive part of the body, without enough opportunities for girls to discover and exchange their grooming secrets, women always feel that intimate hygiene is a restricted subject - but it doesn't have to be. 

Two of the most trusted brands by Filipinas today, Carefree and Lay Bare team up for the first time as they are the champions for the intimate grooming. This is to provide a platform that boldly allows women to get real together about their feminine hygiene needs, discover secret care tips for their private area, and ultimately, be proud of the intimate beauty secrets they keep that upgrade their beauty quotient and boost their overall confidence. 

The Brand Manager of Carefree, Ms. Claire Ericta said: "We talked to women and found out that simply looking good is not enough to make them feel empowered and ready to take on anything. At the core of our findings is how feeling fresh and clean down there is extremely important for all women to help her feel poised to conquer her endeavors. Just like the right outfit or makeup that makes you look good, the right feminine hygiene makes you feel even better." She also added, "In addition to washing, adopting the daily habit of using Carefree panty liners can help them feel clean and fresh down there throughout the day, everyday. You know that feeling when you have this secret source of confidence and self-assurance? It goes a long way and make women feel invincible to achieve their day-to-day hustle."

Left to Right: Ms. Gretchen Ho, Ms. Claire Ericta and Ms. Christine David

Ms. Christine David, Lay Bare's Senior Manager for Learning and Development and Service Delivery Champion, also echoes how intimate grooming these is not just another vanity act but an integral part of hygiene rituals. "A proper intimate hygiene ritual for women does not just guarantee physical cleanliness," shared David. "Lay Bare has been known for our Brazilian waxing services that help women not just to feel fresh, but provide the utmost hygienic benefits too. Feeling clean and fresh down there also gives you that extra boost of confidence when you feel and lock your best as you set out to the world."

During the one-day only Carefree X Lay Bare event, Carefree's Intimate Beauty Ambassador, Ms. Gretchen Ho, also took the stage to proudly reveal how her own intimate beauty secrets encourage her confidence while she navigates her transformative twenties as a volleyball star, celebrity host, and most importantly, as a woman. 

The Carefree X Lay Bare Intimate Beauty Studio was designed provide a fun, quirky but educational space for women to know more about intimate beauty grooming, and share their own intimate beauty secrets with others too. For Carefree and Lay Bare, it all begins by pooling together brave and modern women to start the conversation about the personal, and sometimes, secret "rituals" and hygiene needs women deserve to realize and embrace - and today, they are finally taking it on.

Carefree and Lay Bare Team

Do not miss your chance to elevate your intimate beauty rituals this February 2018 by visiting participating Lay Bare Waxing Salon branches to avail of free Carefree panty liners. Visit the official Facebook page of Carefree Philippines at for more information. 

The tips that I learned throughout the beauty secrets shared by Ms. Gretchen, Ms. Christine and Ms. Claire are: 
1. Sleep is important in keeping ourselves fresh!
2. Wear Carefree panty liners to keep fresh and it will also prolong the life of your lingeries. 
3. The soothing moisturizers by Lay Bare used after waxing that can also be used in skin (for face also) since it is gentle and ready for all skin types. 

Thank you Carefree and Lay Bare, for me, I only use Carefree for my panty liners, make sure to drop by to participating Lay Bare branches to get your free Carefree panty liners! For threading services, I always go to Lay Bare SM North Branch! Hope to catch you there sometimes!

L'Oreal: Detoxify Pure Clay Mask

Saturday, February 3, 2018 Philippines


The latest variant from L'Oreal's pure clay masks released in the Philippines is the Detoxify Pure Clay Mask. This clay was made with Montmorillonite Clay and Japanese Active Charcoal. Just the Japanese Active Charcoal alone as an ingredients makes it really interesting because this is the key to almost all of the effective skin care products in Japan. Even Daiso and 88 Japanese Store sells facial foams and soap with Japanese Active Charcoal as the main ingredient. 

That is why I am so happy to receive a jar from L'Oreal because I will be able to try it personally and share my experience here on my blog! Let us now look at it more closely Beauties!

As a detoxifying clay mask, its goal is to draw out the impurities in our skin. These impurities includes dirt that usually gets clogged in our pores that cannot be removed with regular cleaning. 

Brand: L'Oreal

Type: Pure Clay Mask

Variant: Detoxify

Weight: 50g

Product Description: 



Just like the Illuminating Pure Clay Mask that I first tried, it was placed in a breakable jar that looks nice when displayed on my vanity area. I love it when brands does great packaging. 

The jar has a protective cap inside that can avoid spillage as well as to protect the product inside. 

After one use, I saw an immediate effect from the clay. It was able to even out my skin tone, brighten my skin specially on my nose and forehead area. 

My skin feels smooth and soft after I rinsed out the clay. Plus, my skin is hydrated like I applied a light moisturizer over it. In fact, my skin felt a little greasy the next day after use specially on the T-zone area but I appreciate it because my skin is usually dry. 

Since the clay is more of liquid type compared to the Illuminating Pure Clay Mask, I was able to apply it easier. 

Affordable for only 499php per jar. It lasts long even with two to three times of use per week. Definitely worth it! 


No spatula included on the jar. But you can use a spoon or your own spatula at home. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 499php

Where to buy? Lazada, L'Oreal Counters, Zalora

I have tons of L'Oreal skin care products still pending for reviews so please have patience and stay posted! Thank you Beauties for visiting my site and have fun! 

Gigi Hadid X Maybelline Collection Now Takes Over Asia!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 Philippines


Last year, around October 2017, I am so happy to experience the most coveted collection from Maybelline's collaboration with Gigi Hadid and felt even more proud that Philippines is the first to experience it in Asia when it was officially launched last December. Since then, it has disrupted the global and local makeup industry with millions of girls obsessed over every product in the collection. 

(You can watch my unboxing video and coverage of the launch here:

Of course, it will also be released in other countries in Asia and our very own Gabbi Garcia and Alexa Ilacad came to Tokyo for the collection's press launch in Asia! I also envy them because they were able to meet the Maybelline IT Girl Gigi Hadid uplcose!

The three-part makeup line captured Gigi’s deeply personal and exciting life, drawing inspiration from the experiences and places dear to the Maybelline spokesmodel’s heart. The West Coast Collection revealed golden hues and shades of raving reds representing Gigi’s sunny California hometown, while the East Collection unveiled crave-worthy nude lippies and eye makeup to bring out fiercely-winged cat eyes for day-to-night looks inspired by Gigi’s second home, New York City. And then there was the Jetsetter Palette which was in a league of its own with its all-in-one palette which Gigi herself shares to have all the makeup essentials every girl would need as they travel from coast to coast.

Within barely a month of hitting our local shores, the collection has been sold out as the collaboration had Filipinas stirred up, swarming select Maybelline counters nationwide offering the limited-edition makeup collection—and it shows no signs of slowing down. 

From NYC to the Philippines, Gigi x Maybelline makeup line is set to move and shake the beauty scene at one of the most dynamic cities in Asia: Tokyo, Japan. In an absolute once in a lifetime opportunity, two of our very own girls got to meet none other than the Maybelline girl behind the collection! 

Alexa: I was so excited when I got my very own Gigi collection from Maybelline last year—I swatched EVERYTHING immediately! I got hooked. And now to actually meet the Maybelline girl behind this amazing collection in Tokyo? My 2018’s already made!

Alexa and Gabbi getting up close and personal with the mastermind behind Maybelline’s latest limited edition collection—Gigi Hadid!

To top that off, our girls also had the chance to learn first-hand tips and experience lots of playing around with the products in an exclusive master class led by Gigi and her makeup guru slash Maybelline New York’s Global Makeup Artist, Erin Parsons.

Day Two at Tokyo had Gabbi and Alexa shoot for an exclusive video at the Maybelline Content Studio

Kon'nichiwa, Tokyo! Gabbi and Alexa are all smiles at Gigi Hadid's Tokyo launch in collaboration with Maybelline

Gabbi: I’m still not over it! Getting to know Gigi plus the whole team behind the makeup collection and learning from the best in the industry really made this trip one of the most unforgettable opportunities I’ve had.

I was able to review the lipstick Austyn, check it out here at

From top to bottom: Gigi’x East Coast Glam Lip Kits in Lani, Khair, and Austyn

From top to bottom: Gigi’x East Coast Glam Lip Kits in McKall, Taura, and Erin

Visit Maybelline counters in SM Department stores and Watson’s branches nearest you and cop the lip kits from the East Coast collection in gorgeous nudes for everyday wear BEFORE THEY GET SOLD OUT AND BE GONE FOREVER—McKall, Taura, and Erin—and the bright red bolds from the West Collection—Lani, Khair, and Austyn.

Don’t miss out the special promo right now! The lipsticks are now an absolute steal at Php 299 (from its original price of Php 349), and get the Gigi Lip Kits (bullet lipstick and lip liner) for only Php 499!

Discover more about the collection by following the hashtags #GigixMaybelline and #GigixMaybellineinPH and by tuning in to Maybelline’s social media accounts: YouTube channel|Facebook |Instagram and their Maybelline PH website.

Make Up Forever: Palette in Trio (S116, B208, H100)

Thursday, January 25, 2018 Philippines


Last year, I had a makeover done at Make Up Forever for Rochelle's birthday bash and at that time, they offer a promo for their palettes. Usually you have to buy the palette separately and at that time, it will was free if you get at least two (If I remember it correctly) inserts. Since I loved how I look after the makeover, I wanted to get what the makeup artist used on my face. 

Watch the video of my makeover here: 

This is how the palette looks like: 

The inserts inside my palette are chosen by the makeup artist and it is specifically for my skin tone. 

Each insert is magnetic and can be attached to the palette holder easily. For the contouring powder, the makeup artist picked the shade S116 for me. 

Shade: S116

Weight: 5g

Product Description:


The powder shade S116 is perfect for my skin tone. It looks natural and it is highly pigmented but easy to control. I can build up the intensity easily if I wanted a sharper look. 

For the blush, the makeup artist used the shade B208 on me. It is not as pigmented as the contour powder but it is totally fine. I liked it better when I will be the one in control in building up the colors of my cheeks. 

Shade: B208

Weight: 5g


I know that the makeup artist correctly picked a shade for me because I have a warm skin tone and she chose a shade that is a warm pink. The blush is easy to build up for layering for the intensity that I wanted. 

For the highlighter though, she just made me choose whether I wanted something matte or shimmery. I already have a lot of shimmering highlighters at home so I picked the matte one. 

Shade: H100

Weight: 5g


According to my blogger friend, Phoebe and the makeup artist, this shade H100 is one of Make Up Forever's bestselling matte highlighters that it was a good thing it is in stock when I bought it. 

This is one of my best highlighters, I use it during working days because it looks natural. My skin looked radiant but not shimmery. 

All in all, I am at awe with all the powders. Why?

1. They last long. 
2. The powders are not chalky. 
3. Highly pigmented so the palette will take a while before I hit the pan. 
4. The colors are perfect for my skin tone!
5. The palette can be customized according to your preference and matches. 
6. Travel friendly. 

Well, the only down side is it is a little expensive BUT remember, it is also a palette, so you can buy one insert at a time. Also, they are worth the splurge. :)



Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 1200php per insert. The palette holder costs around 200php or more, I cannot remember the exact price. 

Where to buy? Make Up Forever stores, I got mine from Trinoma branch. 

Thank you for visiting my page and for reading my reviews. Have fun Beauties and take care!

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