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Monday, July 20, 2015


When I first saw the teaser of the incoming limited edition collection from Happy Skin from their Instagram account, I knew I wanted it. It is a collaboration between Preview Magazine and Happy Skin and was initially released in Zalora last June 1, 2015. This collaboration is for Preview Magazine's 20th anniversary and their goal is to create the trendiest lip texture in a styled collection. That is why for the first time for Happy Skin, they released a moisturizing matte lipsticks! 

I love using Happy Skin Lipsticks because it moisturizes my lips but most of the time I prefer to use matte lipsticks and to learn that Happy Skin will be releasing their own line of matte lipsticks...speechless! I knew I had to get both of the shades released especially that it is a limited edition collection. 

I get good reviews from my fellow blogger friends and from Kristel's (Beauty By Tellie) very convincing recommendation that it is really worth it, I became more determined to buy it soon. However, my sister miraculously somehow sensed that I wanted to have this lipsticks and surprised me with both new lipsticks! It was a good thing I haven't purchased one yet. 

The box alone is so fab and even though I will not be storing my lipsticks on this anymore, I can still use it for other items like my accessories since the box is sturdy. The box came in two kinds, the Hot Stuff and the Cool Stuff but both have the same contents. It is just a matter of taste on which color of the box you prefer. The lipsticks are neatly and carefully placed inside the box.

The shades available are Hot Stuff and Too Cool. The back of the box contains the list of the ingredients and the product description. You can check it out on the photo below:

How To Use and Ingredients: 

I am not sure if the ingredients from the Too Cool box is different from the Hot Stuff. I forgot to check it out when I went to the mall last week. If you plan to buy one, you can purchase directly from Happy Skin's website to get a free digital copy of a Preview Magazine. 

Each lipstick weighs 3.5g. The matte lipsticks contains Cupuacu Butter known for its rich content and ability to heal dry and damaged skin and it is also known to absorb damaging UVA/UVB rays that offers natural sun protection. According from Happy Skin, it attracts 240% more water allowing it to effectively hydrate and plump. 

For my reviews, let me give the advantages and disadvantages as well as the swatches separately. 



Oh my, I love collecting nude lipsticks even though they all look the same, it still looks different when worn. If you frequently read my blog, I posted a lot of reviews for nude lipsticks. The thing with nude lipstick is that it looks natural and looks good for everyday use. 

The Too Cool shade has a peach like undertone. It looks like a concealer. I tried wearing it without makeup and I look really pale. It works best when you have makeup on specially the blush. You can also combine it with other lipsticks. It is not my favorite nude lipstick but the shade is still so nice!

> It worked for long hours for me. It stayed on for my 8 hours shift even though I ate and drank plenty.
> Easy and smooth to glide on lips
> No smudging or feathering outside the lip area with or without lip liner
> It only transfers a little stain (it is really not that noticeable) on clothing or utensils used like glass or spoon/fork
> Highly pigmented, one swipe is enough
> My lips did maintained its moisture, even though the lipstick is matte it did not add to the dryness of my lips.
> The shade can be worn every day.
> The lipstick can be blended well with other lipsticks to create variety of playful shades.
> It leaves stain on my lips.

> I have dry and flaky lips and it settled on the dry parts. This is no problem though, you can just moisturize your lips. I did not moisturized mine for this swatch.
> Needs makeup or at least a hint of blush to make this lipstick shade more flattering. 



Who agrees with me that this lipstick, Hot Stuff is to die for?! I use dark shade lipstick even at work and in broad daylight as long as I am in the mood to wear one. This shade is a favorite of mine lately and I wear it almost everyday at work. (Even though my patients are children. They are not scared of me even with the use of my darkest lipstick so I continue on using them hehe.)

The Hot Stuff has a wine red undertone. The lipstick is very opaque and it is my favorite shade of Happy Skin so far. When I wear it, I am reminded of how the MAC Rebel looks on me. The shade is different but almost similar. I think everyone can rock this lipstick. I just recommend that using a lip pencil is needed for easier application of this lipstick, you can also use a lip brush.

> Even though it transfers a lot on other things that came into contact with my lips, the color stays complete on my lips as it also leaves a little stain on lips. No need for re-application.
> Very moisturizing even though it is matte, reminded me of Revlon's Colorburst Matte Lipsticks
> I look like I have a whiter skin tone whenever I use this shade
> I have dry and flaky lips but it cannot be seen on this lipstick
> Highly pigmented
> Lasts for 3 to 4 hours

> It feathered outside my lip line even with the use of a lip liner.
> Transfers a lot of the lipstick to fabric and utensils used like glass or spoon/fork even after letting it settle on my lips.
> Lip brush and lip pencil may be needed for easier application of the lipstick


Buy again? 100% yes, I wish it is not a limited edition from Happy Skin. I think I wanted to hoard the Hot Stuff.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 599php each or 1099php for the box collection (2 lipsticks)

Where to buy? Happy Skin Website, Plains and Prints, Beauty Bar


  1. Sad to hear Too Cool pats concealery on you :( A little extra work to make it better, but it has great potential naman.

  2. Hi Tellie! Its okay, I can combine it with others. I still wear it alone as long as I have a full makeup. I still love it though. :)


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