Kikay Si Kat Turns 5!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Photo Image Courtesy of Kikay Si Kat

I am thrilled when I got an invitation from Ms. Kaycee to attend her 5 years anniversary of blogging. It is fun to be with her and she is the first person who I met personally from the list of famous bloggers. I am so blessed that she invited me to sit with her from Sample Room's Pond's event. 

There are a lot of bloggers too who attended the event. I am glad to see most of them like Rhia and Frankie. I just wish I had the courage to have a conversation with them...I am so shy! :)

Reading her blog, Kikay Si Kat is a good site to read unbiased reviews.  Ms. Kaycee is a jolly person so it is exciting to follow her on Instagram and read her blog. 

I am so excited to attend her party. I am just sad that my friend, Jing - blogger of was not able to go with me. I am sure she will enjoy it too. 

The event was held at Tokyo Bubble Tea, Eastwood Libis and it is my first time to step at Eastwood's main grounds. I think the last time I went there was back in college and I really can't remember the whole place. 

Upon arriving, we were asked by Ms. Kaycee to fill up some information about ourselves. I enjoyed writing down my details, it feels like I am back in High School when the autograph or slam book days are a thing. 

We were asked then to swap our papers with the other table and to be able to answer the information from the person you exchanged with. The photos below is Ms. Grace, one of the attendees of the party. (It is a small world because Ms. Grace is a friend of my boyfriend's sister and we were all able to meet at Ms. Kaycee's event.)

The food are sumptuous and even though I am on my diet, I still enjoyed eating. (Oops...cheat day!) The food served are Baked Chicken Teriyaki Doria and Vancouver Maki. It tastes good, it is my first time to try both dishes from Tokyo Bubble Tea.

There is also an Instagram best photo and best selfie contest for the party. All the guests are enjoying joining the contests. Ms. Ericka Sallador, my June 2015 giveaway winner won the best selfie game.

The party is short but it is sure memorable for all of us. It is nice seeing Ms. Kaycee meet and greet her readers. 

There are a lot of sponsors for the party and Ms. Kaycee is happy to give away gifts for all the guests.

Of course, before the party ended we needed to have a photo with Ms. Kaycee. I also included the photos taken for Ms. Tym and Ms. Grace below. 

Thank you for the invite for Ms. Kaycee and thank you so much for the give away and prizes from your party. I hope I will get to attend again next year! More power to your blog! :)


  1. OMG your event write-up is even better than mine. HAHAHAHA. Thanks Christine! Sobrang saya ko talaga na nakapunta ka! Thank you din sa gift ginagamit ko na :) Pag anniversary mo sali din ako ha :} love you

  2. Oooohhh I wish may mag sponsor din sakin pag dating ng time. :) Hehe! Pero pag may ganun ako naman, isa ka sa top list ng guests! :) Thanks din sa souvenir, love ko yung gluta soap, I might post the review soon. Sobra kinis ng face ko at lambot! :)

  3. I missed it!!! Daughter duties.. Looks like you had a blast. Let's go out soon, I miss our chika moments. :)

  4. Got an invitation too but I have work that day. Nakakainis, lahat na lang ng events, Saturdays! Haha. Maybe next year :)

  5. Hi! Sayang, Sana pala na meet na kita kung nakapunta ka. :)

  6. I know, let's have a date soon! :) Miss you too big time! :)


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