Zenutrients: What I got from Sample Room

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Zenutrients Items I Got From Sample Room

Items that I got for my first Sample Room gift and Blogapalooza event

Zenutrients are so generous as well as for Sample Room. For two consecutive renewal of my VIP membership from Sample Room, I always get a full size items from Zenutrients. The photo above are the products I got from Zenutrients through my first Sample Room VIP gift and when I attended the Blogapalooza last year. Sample Room gave its members gifts at the Blogapalooza event.

The Epsom salt and the bug repellant cream smells relaxing and nice. It has a mint like fragrance.

Today, together with my new items for sampling from Sample Room, new items from Zenutrients are included for my VIP membership renewal gift. I am so excited to try all of it soon and share my insights.

My VIP gift today for renewing my membership

I feel like Sample Room and Zenutrients felt my need for a body relaxation as I got two Massage Oils from them. Ever since 2015 started, there was a great increase in number of patients at the hospital I am working at. So I am pretty much stressed and tired lately. I come home and just sleep most of the time until my next shift. I think its a sign that I should take care of my body too. I know I need a massage soon to loosen up my sore muscles and hopefully I can do it on my next day off. 

Thank you so much Zenutrients and Sample Room!!! 

For free items you want to try before buying, sign-up and log-in at Sample Room Website
Interested to try Zenutrients? Visit their website here: Zenutrients


  1. Yes, the Epsom salt that I got is so nice. Their products are really affordable, you should give it a try. :)

  2. Its okay na din for me kahit onti lang gifts from SR, kasi naisip ko dati nga, tuwing pa member ako VIP, walang gift. :)

  3. na try mo na sis? :) Sarap maka exfoliate noh? :)


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