9/365: My Hometown

Friday, January 9, 2015

My Hometown

I was born in Quezon City and ever since then I grew up in Metro Manila. My mother also grew up in Manila so on my mother's side, we have no provinces to go home to. On the other hand, my father grew up at Santiago, Isabela but stayed here in Quezon City. We seldom visit in Isabela, usually just for the holidays. But ever since my father died last 2009, we do not go there anymore. 

So pretty much of my childhood life revolved around living in Metro Manila, just transferring from one house to another as one part of business my parents had before are building and selling houses.

When my sister got herself in as a Communication Arts student at UPLB, my Dad opted for us to transfer there. He does not want our family to live apart. Our house is inside the campus. I started studying in Laguna since grade 5 until Highschool. I just returned back to Manila for college.

Photo not mine but this is the school I went to from Grade 5 to Highschool

I considered Laguna as my hometown because that is where I can greatly remember most of my childhood to adolescent stage. Unfortunately, I cannot find a photo of my old house there to share with you. 

I can still remember the nature and the lovely feeling of staying there. Maybe one day I can buy my own house there for vacation stays. 

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