8/365: The Story Behind All About Beauty 101

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Story of All About Beauty 101

I can remember when I am a first year nursing student when my sister, Gwen of http://vendettadeigoddess.blogspot.com/ urged me to write articles regarding what is my passion. Instantly, I knew I want to create something about beauty products. I created my Blogger account with the help of my sister and created All About Beauty 101. 

The real story behind All About Beauty 101 basically is - I just want to share what I learn and tried to other girls like me. The "101" is like a code for subject in my College that is why I included it in All About Beauty 101. Its like a Lesson 101. It was just recently when I changed my blogspot name into a .com.

At that time when I was a student, I have limited source of money and supplies. So I am not that active in posting my opinions and experiences. I started being active by around late 2013 when I was assigned to a different area at work because I have no outlet for my beauty explorations as my friends to my new area are not a fan of beauty related things unlike my previous department. I consider this as a blessing because as of now, I accomplished more.

I am always in search for every item that I can try and just share and share until one day I can find the holy grail of each item. Hopefully, I help others before they try something and buy it by sharing my opinion first.

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