Avon: Be Part of BOOBWatch For Breast Cancer

Monday, October 12, 2020 Philippines


Do you know someone who suffered from Breast Cancer? An early detection for breast cancer will increase the survival chance. For over 25 years, Avon has been part and forefront of the fight against cancer. This year 2020, they are putting everyone on BOOBwatch!

Personally, I once was scared of having breast cancer because I felt a lump on my left breast back in college. After gathering up much courage from my grandmother, I finally decided to tell my parents and have myself checked. After a mammogram was done, I was referred to a surgeon and my operation was scheduled right away. During the excision of the mass, I was awake and under local anesthesia. I can clearly remember my trepidation if the biopsy would turn out malignant. My great surgeon, Dr. Avellanosa kept on talking to me to make me feel assured during the procedure and the waiting time. 

Thankfully, my mass was benign and I had eight stitches for that tiny mass collected - I now consider it my battle scar! I certainly got lucky, but not everyone is. That is why early detection of breast cancer is potentially lifesaving and every woman should know the signs, risks, and how to take action against breast cancer. First, by starting on regular breast self-checks. This is how I felt the lump on mine. If I did not regularly do this - the lump on my breast might have developed into something more. 

Second, let us help in raising awareness so that we can prevent more women from suffering from this dreaded disease. 

Even though 2020 is a bumpy year for all of us, this year is quite special for Avon's efforts for breast cancer awareness with the launch of the Avon Empower Bra - the first-ever mastectomy bra!!! This was specially designed with breast cancer survivors in mind. It is amazing on how Avon had thought of our breast cancer survivors. 

The Avon Empower Bra is a non-wired nylon microfiber lace bra equipped with soft lining with pockets for prosthesis and cushioned straps for comfort and support. Another unique feature is found in prosthesis which is made out of 3D PU foam meant to fit the cup size. 

Not only that, for every pair bought - 50php will be donated to the Philippine Cancer Society, Avon's longtime partner for their efforts. Through this fruitful partnership, Avon has been able to help many breast cancer patients at the Avon-PGH Breast Cancer Clinic, and Avon hopes to help more in the coming years. 

If you are not interested in buying the Avon Empower Bra, there are other limited edition products offered by Avon to support the campaign. It includes the Breast Cancer Promise Umbrella, Tote Bag Set, and the Evita Watch. For every purchase of these limited edition items, 50php will also be donated to the Philippine Cancer Society. 


Coming from the successful “Project Pink Light Night Run” in 2019, Avon is bringing an ever stronger awareness campaign that a bigger number can enjoy participating in for a great cause. Through these scheduled events, the brand hopes to raise P5M in funds for the Philippine Cancer Society. 

All events will be streamed live on Avon Philippines’ Facebook Page. 

I was able to attend the BOOBtalk last October 10 wherein the host Ms. Myrza Sison interviewed Dr. Rachel Rosario of Philippine Cancer Society Executive Director, Dr. Gia Sison - practicing doctor and Breast Cancer Survivor, and Avon Men's Club Ambassador Daniel Matsunaga, and TV Hose and News Anchor Dianne Medina. They all talked about breast issues and breast care. 

On October 17 at 4PM, join Shaped For More with Morrisette for the Avon BOOBwatch fundraising concert. 

On October 24 at 6PM, Celebrate breast cancer awareness month with delightful tunes by Morrisette Amon. Also, #JoinTheBOOBment Manouevres Fitness Dance-a-thong. With the help of the Manouevres, dance your way through fighting against breast cancer! Spend a 2-hour long class and help our great cause as you sweat it out. Join Avon Philippines as they educate about early detection and the signs of breast cancer. Watch out for the exciting events and projects for this year’s breast cancer awareness month. 

Show your support by using the hashtag, #BOOBwatch #JoinTheBoobment #WatchMeNow. 

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