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Friday, October 9, 2020 Philippines


One of the downsides of being a nurse is not having the freedom to whatever hair color you desire. No red, pink, mermaid-like colors, and even bright highlights! Most hospitals require their staff to maintain a natural to natural-looking hair color. 

Imagine my excitement when I received the package containing Cathy Doll's latest products and one of those are these Cathy Doll Color Tint Hair Treatments because finally, I could color my hair with whatever color I wanted at least temporarily! The shades are Emerald Green, Violet, Pink Rose, Red Rose, and Modern Blue. 

Of course, my favorite color pink is the one that I decided to try on my hair first. Let me proceed with the detailed review. 

Brand: Cathy Doll

Type: Color Tint Hair Treatment

Shades: Pink Rose (Also available in Emerald Green, Violet, Red Rose, and Modern Blue)

Product Description: 



Since the product is originally a hair treatment over a dye, my hair feels smooth and soft even though it also colored my hair. 

I am happy that there is a temporary hair color for me and I am sure that other health care workers will appreciate this product too! If we are going into special occasions, or a long vacation - we could color it in our preferred colors that are usually prohibited at the hospitals!

There are no harsh fragrance so it is comfortable to use. 

Affordable and easy to use - perfect for those who wants to do it while staying home. To avoid going outside while we are still under quarantine due to Covid-19. 

Personally, the color on my hair lasted for two weeks (with fading) even though Cathy Doll released a statement that it can last longer than seven days. 

For this blog review, I initially used the Pink Rose. I plan to just add the other colors when I wear them on this blog post once I use it. 


The hair tint did not stick on the roots of my hair and the natural black ones. The color only reflected on the colored and bleached part of my hair. Though some of it got retained on the black tresses of my hair but its not as vibrant compared to the bleached or colored part. 

The first three days since I applied the hair treatment on my hair, it still bleeds whenever I shampoo and shower. So make sure to use a dark colored towels when drying your hair. 

It kind of stains on hands, forehead, and even the tiles on my bathroom - so make sure to clean it right after use and wear gloves upon application. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 79php

Where to buy? Cathy Doll Official Store on Shopee and Lazada, Watsons, Mercury Drug, 7-11, Calyxta, BeautyMNL, Zalora

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