Revlon Colorstay 24 Hours Wear Foundation: Review & Swatches

Thursday, September 24, 2020 Philippines


Revlon is a brand that we all know since its one of the leading pioneer brands when it comes to cosmetics. One thing that they are famous for is their liquid foundations. They have different types of foundations but for today I will be talking about the Colorstay 24 Hours Wear that is designed for combination to oily skin. 

This is new formulation by Revlon and since its targeted consumer is for dry to combination type, the finish of the liquid foundation is matte. 

Brand: Revlon

Type: 24 Hours Wear

Shade: 240

Weight: 30ml

Product Description: Wears for up to 24 hours. Flawless look, lightweight feel. 



Not all brands create a foundation that is designed for combination to oily type of skin. This is really a great thinking for Revlon because with the kind of weather that we have in the Philippines, the risk of having a oily skin is much higher. The matte formulation will decrease the tendency of having an oily skin while wearing full makeup. 

There are many shades that you can choose from, for me the shade 240 (Medium Beige) worked perfectly for my skin tone. Though the shades 180 and 300 could pass on me but the most natural look is still 240. 

The coverage is medium to high because it was able to even out my skin and cover most of my blemishes. 

It is easy to apply on my skin, it blends well too. I did not experience any tugging on my skin just to spread it evenly. More importantly, it feels light on skin for a matte formula. 

It really lasts long though I never tried to wear it for 24 hours but it is safe to say that it lasted during my 12 hours shift with light fading. 

Not only that this provide coverage, it also offers sun protection of SPF15!

Last, I love how flawless my skin looks whenever I wear this - it is something that I could use daily. 

Affordable for only 825php for 30ml bottle. 

The bottle comes with pump! Believe me, it is more hygienic and convenient when your foundation bottle comes with pump. I can control the right amount of product that I needed. 


Though Revlon offers a wide variety of shades, not all shades are readily available in the Philippines but it is available abroad, if you have relatives or friends there...maybe you could ask for help to find the perfect shade for you if nothing works in the shades available in the Philippines.


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 825php

Where to buy? Available in leading stores and online. You can visit Revlon's Facebook page for more details. 

I hope my swatches could help you in finding what is the best shade for you! :)

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