Be Proud To Be A Woman, For Having Boobs, And Join The Boobment!

Saturday, September 19, 2020 Philippines


I can remember it as clear as day that I was once bullied back in my elementary days for having big it was something that I can control to have. My older sister used to tell me that when I grow up, I will appreciate it. However, as a kid, being noticed and teased for having big boobs is surely an unwanted attention. So what I did back then, I started wearing sports bra to somehow conceal my breasts. 

What really bothered me though is that most of the people bullying me are fellow females. The same gender! Still, as I matured day by day, I realized that I should embrace it. Having a flat or big chest should not make us any more insecure. It does not make us less of a woman. Ever since then, I started buying and wearing intimate apparels as I wanted in any style and in any color! Funny because I was even labeled by my friends in Highschool as someone who is proud of my under wears - because I am 100% proud! I am a woman with large boobs and I will never let anyone say otherwise. 

All of these experiences came back to me like a flashback as I received an invite to join Avon's move, Join The Boobment. The invite came with a gift of Avon's Intimate Apparel. It also came with a cute Boobs Mug, and dainty bag, a shirt that can be worn for the Boobment!

Based on my personal experience, I will definitely join this movement. No need to think about it.

Avon Intimate Apparel believes that all Women are SHAPED FOR MORE. Whether your breasts are perky, saggy, large or small - nothing is in your way towards achieving your purpose. All you need is the right support. 

Did you know what is best for your breasts? Get to know the right bra type for your breast shape. 

To celebrate women of all breast shapes and sizes Avon Intimate Apparel will be holding a FEMME-POWERMENT Fashion Show featuring real women with real bodies. The fashion show will also have Julie Ann San Jose, one of the country's top females artists providing femme-powering tunes as the models walk the runway. Together let's femme-power Filipinas as they achieve greatness on September 26, 2PM on AVON PH's Facebook page.

That is why I wanted you to celebrate with me alongside Avon PH, and let us encourage all Filipinas to #JoinTheBoobment as we encourage many other Filipinas to be confident and proud of the breasts they are blessed with. As we face life's challenges, Avon Intimate Apparel will be there to give us the right support we need. 

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