DIY Hair Care At Home With HBC's Haircraft Products

Friday, August 14, 2020


The pandemic greatly affected our usual self-care routine. Most of us now have long overdue hair colors and hair treatments. It does not mean though that we have to further neglect it. 

HBC - the brand that caters all that a spa or a salon needs, they are the team behind one of our favorite drugstore brands for cosmetics, San San. Now HBC released their own hair care line, HAIRCRAFT

I am one of the chosen few who got lucky to be able to receive their DIY spa treatments that includes shampoo, conditioner, and hair spa or treatments. 

The first that I tested is the Frizz Control Shampoo with Argan Oil

The shampoo's refreshing fragrance is great. It is easy to lather on hair and does not leave any residue on my hair strands. Still, my hair is soft and smooth once dry. It kind of reminded me of how my hair feels after the hair shower at a salon specially when followed by a conditioner. Argan oil when used on hair has many benefits because it has an ability to restore the hair's softness, strength, and its shine. 

The shampoo bottle is available in 300ml and 1 liter ranging from 120php to 380php. 

The Sulfate Free Conditioner with Vitamins B and E is designed for chemically treated hair. This is to maintain the hair color and moisture after the chemicals that may have harmed your hair. Since my hair is not yet dyed for a long time now, I am reserving this bottle for future use. I tried smelling it though and used it once, it has a strong scent and managed to make my hair soft after use. 

The Frizz Control Conditioner makes my hair feel soft and smooth. I noticed that whenever I use this, my hair has less tangles and became more manageable. 

I prefer using products with Argan oil for my hair because it always gives wonders to hair recovery. With my hair always being colored, it tends to be dry and frizz, with this conditioner - it also improves its texture and shine. 

The Haircraft Coco Milk Hair Treatment is what I use now at least once a week for additional care to my hair. This can be used for normal to dry hair. After shampoo and rinsing your hair, you will use this to soak your hair for at least five to ten minutes. My hair strands are extra soft after use! Amazingly, it does not leave any residue too! 

For the other two hair treatments remaining in my stash like the Macadamia Oil and Argan are currently reserved when I have time to color my hair again. If the good for daily use gives a boost for my hair, what more are these specialized treatments, right? 

I really hope I have the budget and time to bleach and color my hair soon! I want that ash gray or the light brown shades that Koreans have in K-Drama shows. ;)

What are you eyeing to try from the Haircraft products? It is nice to try and affordable! If you stumble upon their brand on stores, make sure to check it out! :)

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