Haruhada: Collagen Cleansing Water & Hyaluronic Acid Skin Lotion

Wednesday, June 10, 2020 Philippines


When me and Redgie last visited Hong Kong, he took me to a shopping spree at Sasa. The store Sasa is like Watsons here in the Philippines but with a wider and much more affordable products on sale. 

I was supposed to buy a Bioderma micellar water. But the sales lady stopped me. She recommended this Haruhada cleansing water and skin lotion. At the best of her capabilities, she tried to explain to me in english that this is the best seller and that they only have a few stocks left. In fact, the skin lotion for the Collagen variant is already sold out and that for the Hyaluronic Acid cleansing water is already sold out too. Thinking that I am open to try new things, I got a bottle of each instead of Bioderma. 

After finishing my own stock at home, I already started to open this in order to test it. Let me review first the Collagen Cleansing Water which is what I liked better than the Hyaluronic Acid Skin Lotion. 


Since this one is a cleansing water, it has the same consistency as Micellar Water. Besides cleansing the face, it is also designed to remove makeup. 

Weight: 500ml

Product Description, How To Use, and Ingredients: 


Since it contains a collagen ingredient, it differs with usual micellar water in terms of the effect on my skin. My skin feels plumper and brighter whenever I use this. I liked the plump skin effect because I feel younger.

For cleansing properties, it was able to remove my makeup quite effectively. Even as a double cleanser, it still removed some impurities of my skin. It kind of gross to see the cotton after use. 

It did not leave any sticky residue on my skin. Using this is actually refreshing for me. Specially since it has a liquid-like consistency, just wet the cotton and it is already enough. So this one bottle of 500ml will last long on me. 

Fragrance-free and alcohol-free. 

Affordable for around 900php than Bioderma. Plus, I got it on sale for buy one take one for only 650php! Truly it is always a great deal at Sasa. If ever you are going to visit Hong Kong, Sasa is a place that you should never skip! Totally a beauty haven! 

I would have hoarded this if only the weight of my luggage is not a problem. LOL. Why? Because I see more results using this than Bioderma. 


None noted. 

I do not see any sellers here in the Philippines yet. 


For Harahuda, the cleansing water is different from skin lotion. Skin Lotion works like a toner or an additional cleansing liquid after toner. It is called lotion because it has a cleansing properties as well as moisturizing. That is why others use this as the next step skincare after toner. 

I think it will be best for me if I used both Collagen cleansing water and skin lotion together but I have to settle on this because the collagen variant was sold out. 

Weight: 500ml

Product Description, How To Use, and Ingredients: 


Since it works as both cleansing and moisturizing property it is up to you if you will use a cotton or not. Others use it by patting the product onto their skin. 

This is designed to give moisture and lock it in. 

The consistency of this skin lotion is thicker than the cleansing water that is why it is harder to lather on whole face. Thus, more product needs to be used. Still, it is more water than gel-like that is why it is still quickly absorbed by the skin. It does not leave any residual on skin. 

My skin was hydrated but not as I expected it to. It was supposed to be more hydrating and anti-aging than the collagen cleansing water but I noticed my skin feeling plumper with collagen cleansing water. 

Fragrance-free and I know that it is also supposed to be alcohol-free but sometimes I feel a sting on my fresh pimples. 

Affordable for around 900php than Bioderma. Plus, I got it on sale for buy one take one for only 650php! 


I am not sure that I can see its effect on my skin unlike the Collagen Cleansing Water. 

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