My Newfound Holy Grail: Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Philippines


This is not my first time to encounter this serum because I saw this in my Mom's stash. She swears by this serum but I never thought to give it a try at that time. As I get older by day, I realized that I eventually need to keep up and use anti-aging products. 

Me and my blogger friend, Kaycee of had been eyeing this whenever we go to Beauty Stores like Estee Lauder. But its hefty price is no joke. It is not easy to buy it instantly and until then, this has been in my wish list. 

Recently though during this quarantine period, Estee Lauder offered a promo through Lazada that is hard to resist! The 30ml bottle priced at 4,000php+ now comes with a free 3 deluxe size bottles amounting to 980php each and a deluxe size of eye cream. The three small bottles alone is a total of 21ml and a bottle of 20ml costs 2,700php! So buying this 30ml bottle with 3 deluxe size freebies feels like I own two full size bottles!

Since I do not go to work daily lately because my area is closed right now, I cannot afford to buy one. I guiltily showed it to my husband and he gave me cash to purchase it! He said that I rarely ask for things. Yay! Hence, I ordered one and it was delivered to me a week later!

Of course I tried it the first night that I received the box! So let us now proceed with my review!

Brand: Estee Lauder

Type: Serum

Weight: 30ml (Also available in 7ml, 20ml and 50ml at stores)


Product Description: 


I practically announced on my title that this is my newfound holy grail, right? Because it is a 100% yes! I can now see why my mother gushes about this serum. This is review IS NOT sponsored, I bought it with my husband's money and I am posting a review about it because the results are really amazing!

So let us break it down on why I fell in love with this product. 

First, you can see immediate results. At least in my case! Upon my first night of application, I felt this stretching sensation on my skin. The pulling sensation is not painful nor uncomfortable. You can just literally feel that something is happening in your skin. The next day when I woke up,  my skin is more supple. Specially on the cheek area. 

On my second day of use, my skin looked brighter like I just had a wonderful sleep lately even though I did not. LOL. Imagine this is only for two consecutive nights of use, what more if I maintain it on my skincare routine, right? 

After a week of use, my pores looked smaller! And after two weeks, I noticed that the fine lines on my forehead looks smoother, it is still there but different. Different in a way that it does not make me look any older. My friends at work noticed that my skin has a slight glow even without a makeup on. Yay! I achieved the results that I really wanted. The glow! This is really helpful during this quarantine because I avoid wearing any makeup. (Shared my photo below of a selfie without any filters or makeup on after two weeks of continued use.)

Second, the serum is quite thick but it is easy to spread on skin. It is also absorbed quickly in a few minutes without any sticky residue left.

Third, the bottle can last long! Since it can be spread easily on skin, a pea size amount is enough to apply on my whole face and neck. For example, my 7ml deluxe bottle - I consumed half of it for two weeks. So 3.5ml is good for two weeks of nightly routine. This 7ml will last me for a month use. If I will total it, my 30ml bottle will last me for at least four to five months. Not bad for the price of 4,000+php. It is like 1000php per month allocation of budget. This is a good investment for your skin!

Fourth, they offer and sell the deluxe size of 7ml. Having a deluxe size will make it easier for me to bring it along with me when I travel. Plus, if you are new to trying this out, you can try the 7ml bottle first before purchasing the big ones. 

Last, the bottle comes with a dropper. It makes using this product more hygienic.

* Just a note though, I still use my other products to support this serum but I know that this made a huge difference because it is the only new addition in my usual nightly routine when I saw an immediate results. 
* My age is also 33 years old, maybe it is also the reason that I see a drastic change on my skin. I read reviews that younger generation do not see an immediate result with this serum. 


Well, I admit that it is expensive but like I also said, it is a good skin investment. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 7ml - 980php; 20ml - 2700php; 30ml - 4200php; 50ml - 6000+php

Where to buy? Estee Lauder stores, Estee Lauder Official Store at Lazada

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