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Thursday, January 9, 2020 Philippines


This is my first time to try and hear about Good Virtues products which came from Malaysia. For your information, this brand and the products that they make are HALAL CERTIFIED. 

Good Virtues Co. offers three personal care variants such as Hair Care, Face Care, and Body Care. For now, I was able to try the Hair and Body care products which includes the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. 

The company believes and promotes the statements: 

"In doing good, we believe that good is returned."

"Being beautiful is cleansing not only the body but also, by providing healing for the human spirit. By using Halal-certified ingredients that are safe and respectful to all. By treating the planet and its people with dignity. By spreading good virtues through our actions."

We do not usually bother with products that we use here in the Philippines but there are people specially who are practicing religious laws that Halal-Certified items are important to them. That is why Good Virtues are remarkable for creating products that are Halal-certified. 

Not only that, their products are also free from Mineral oil, SLES, ALES, Parabens, synthetic colourants, and most importantly - it was not tested on animals. 

I tried using these products and the first thing that I loved about it is the fragrance. It has a refreshingly floral scent specially for the shampoo and conditioner. The body wash has an energetic vibe to the fragrance. 


The shampoo was designed for oily hair. Living in a tropical country, my hair tends to get oily that is why I still use shampoo daily. With this shampoo, it definitely decreased the incidence of me getting an oily hair after a long day. 

Even with small amount, the shampoo lathers well and creates a bubbly suds. 

For complete list of ingredients on the shampoo, refer to the photo below: 


If the shampoo needs a small amount to lather on my whole hair, the conditioner needs more products. The thick texture of the conditioner was absorbed quickly by the strands of my hair before I was able to apply it on a wider range. That is why I was able to use more product than I intend to. 

The good thing about it though is that it does not leave a residue on hair after washing off. My hair feels softer after use. 

Refer to the photo below for the complete list of ingredients: 


The body wash lathers well specially when used with a sponge or a scrub. I enjoyed using it specially in the mornings when I need a boost for my mood because of the summer-like scent. 

For the list of ingredients, check the photo below: 

You can get your orders for Good Virtues at BeautyMNL, this set is worth 1000php. Each bottle ranges for at least 300php. 

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