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Wednesday, January 8, 2020 Philippines


Doing activities in our daily life, we cannot help but attain a wound whether it is small or big that develops into a scar. We cannot prevent it no matter how safe we wanted to be. Something will eventually hurt us physically or emotionally. (Di naman po ako humuhugot. Gusto ko lang kayo patwanin LOL)

Anyway, as a nurse, I know that Contractubex is commonly prescribed at the hospital as home medications for discharge for superficial wounds together with Mupirocin. To understand better on how it works...let us first learn something about scars. 

A scar is attained through wounds through cuts, stabs, bites, or even burns that affects the epidermis and dermis. Sometimes it heals without scarring but most of the times, it leaves an ugly scar. In my case, I find it as also an ugly reminder of my clumsiness. Basically, scar is the new tissue formed from healing the open wounds. Basically, this is the best time to treat scars: when the wound is finally closed.

They say that early treatment while the wound is healing is the best prevention for scar formation. Back when I was in high school, my surgeon prescribed me with Tea Tree Oil for facial wash to help prevent formation of scar from the mole that was removed from my cheek. It lightened my scar but did not recovered, you can still see the mark. Nowadays, it is a good thing that gels like Contractubex is now available in the market. 

How does Contractubex help us? The gel has a unique formula with three specific medical effects that supports physical scar healing and ensures minimal scar visibility. The three benefits are: prevents excessive scarring, reduces redness and itching, and improves elasticity and softness. As advised by Contractubex, we should apply it directly after wound closure to minimize scar visibility. Depending on your wound, it may take from three to six months of application. Patience is the key but its worth the effort when it is effective. 

How to use Contractubex? Apply gently and massage on the area (from the center and outwards to the edges) in a circular motion at least two to three times a day for three months. Apply on closed wounds only and avoid contact with eyes, inside of the nose or mouth. 


I tested it on my skin but all I have are minor abrasions and I was not able to observe its effectiveness on deeper tissue damage on myself. So far though, I liked the gel's consistency. It is not thick that leaves a warm feeling on the skin. In fact, the gel has a cooling effect on my skin. Since it is a gel form, I did not have a hard time spreading it on the target point. 

I used the gel on my skin abrasion that are healing and it healed well without leaving a scar. However, this is a minor wound. I was not able to test it on deeper scars or wounds. (Wag naman din sana pa-try sakin. LOL)

I plan to use it if it can still be effective on my old scars but it may take years to see if it is still effective in lightening the scar. 

Last, for a ointment, it has a floral scent that I did not expect. 


Application can be tedious to make it more effective. All I advise is that you must have the patience! 

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 602php

Where to buy? Any drugstores. 

Just to share, the company also released a product called Contractubex Intensive Patch which is suitable for convenient overnight application. But since it is a bigger patch, I am reserving it for bigger wounds so I was not able to test this one yet. I think though, this is also an effective treatment because the wound will be soaked with the patch overnight. For at least six to twelve hours. 

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