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Wednesday, October 2, 2019 Philippines


Last August 6, 2019, I was able to attend the launch of the brand Hada Labo in the Philippines. The most famous product and Japan's Number one Facial Lotion is finally available in our country! 

I have always been a fan of Japanese skincare products because I find them gentle and effective to the skin. That is why I am so happy that Hada Labo is finally here in the Philippines because I can finally try their products. It is all thanks to Cambert Incorporated and Mentholatum Asia Pacific for bringing Hada Labo to us. 

Hada Labo stands for the lifestyle philosophy of "It's Perfectly X Simple" - a skincare range that brings beauty back to the basics - perfect, simple, and confident. To fulfill the commitment of healthy and perfect skin, Hada Labo emphasizes simplicity in its skincare process, removing all unnecessary additives, colourants, fragrances and mineral oils that burden the skin. Only the finest, purest and highly effective ingredients that are beneficial to the skin are retained to ensure its maximum effectiveness. Only the best for your skin and nothing else. 

Freddy Herrera - CEO of Cambert International

Micheal Sin - President of Mentholatum Asia Pacific

Hada Labo is known for providing intense hydration to the skin by harnessing the power of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a substance naturally occurring in the human body that attracts and binds water. Formulated with Japan's upgraded formula and High Performance Penetration and Deep Moisturizing (HPP&M), Hada Labo actively infuses four types of HA to fully hydrate skin from surface to inner skin layers for significantly soft, smooth, and supple skin, and to prepare skin for enhance absorption of skin care ingredients. 

Hada Labo brought its cult favorite - Hydrating Lotion, which combines different types and sizes of HA in the best ratio ever to achieve best moisturizing efficacy, and prepare skin for enhanced absorption of skincare ingredients. Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion is fragrance-free, low irritation, has balanced pH levels and a refreshing texture. 

The multi-awarded Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion has been the number 1 facial lotion in Japan for 12 consecutive years. Imagine how long people has been using this as their number 1 facial lotion! I always wanted to try this one out, I even tried to ask my relatives to buy me one in Japan but the stores that they frequented are out of stock. It is really a best-seller in stores. 

Its sales across Asia had become so successful that it is one of the Top 3 drugstore skincare brands in Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. 

So how does the hydrating lotion used? In the Japanese skincare routine, lotions are used before the moisturizer and after the toner. For those who do not apply toner after cleansing, the lotion adds a light layer of moisture that serves as a base for the richer products applied later on. 

With regular use of Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion, you will see plumped fine lines, softened bumps and dry patches, and a lighter skin barrier. 

Hada Labo which means "Skin Laboratory" in Japanese is known for affordable, well-formulated products with no unnecessary additives to burden the skin - no mineral oil, no colorants, no fragrance, and no alcohol. With their launch in the Philippines, they will be bringing in some of their famous products: 

1. Hydrating Lotion - it is a combination of four types of Hyaluronic Acid that deeply hydrates skin, helps in preserving skin's optimum moisture balance, and prepares skin for enhanced skin care ingredients absorption. (30ml = 195php; 170ml = 685php)

2. Hydrating Face Wash - it helps restore and preserve skin's natural moisture, leaving it silky smooth. Its fragrant-free, gentle, and balanced skin pH formula causes low irritation for skin that is comfortably hydrated and refreshed. It contains double-HA for better and long lasting moisture on the skin. (100g = 385php)

3. Hydrating Light Cream - it is a refreshing lightweight cream that gives skin an instant surge of suppleness and non-greasy comfort. It is enriched with essential nutrients such as Aloe Vera and other moisturizing natural botanical for deep nourishment. It also helps prevent moisture loss while boosting skin's hydration level through Aqua Oil Volume Matrix technology. (50g = 850php)

4. Hydrating Water Gel - it is enriched with Ceramide that forms a moisture-protecting shield. Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel has an ultralight, watery feel gel texture for a "breathable" feeling. (50g = 850php)

5. Hydra and Whitening Face Wash - it is formulated with Brown Algae Extract, a natural seaweed extract that helps replenish skin with minerals and vitamins to draw water into skin more efficiently. It has the natural grape extract, Resveratrol, that is high in antioxidant making the skin become brighter and fairer. (100g = 295php)

6. Deep Clean and Pore Refining Face Wash - it is formulated with Japanese Green Tea extract that helps control and remove excess oil, and Bentonite Clay to effectively absorb dirt and impurities from pores. (100g = 295php)

7. Hydrating Line Trial Set - it is a combination of 12g Hydrating Facial Wash, 30ml of Hydrating Lotion, and 14g of Hydrating Light Cream. A perfect travel set. (1 set = 465php)

So now, let us check out the famous cult favorite, Hydrating Lotion! 

I got this 170ml bottle from the event as a token. I am so excited to use it that is why I tested it first before posting this blog. As shared by Hada Labo, they used four types of Hyaluronic Acid for this Hydrating Lotion which are Large-size HA, Medium-size and Super HA, and Nano HA. 

The Large-size HA forms a layer of moisture retaining barrier to effectively provide skin with a powerful moisture-looking shield to lock in moisture on skin. 

Next, both the Medium-size and Super Hyaluronic Acid combine two types of Hyaluronic Acid with high water retention ability, to lock in and retain and large volume of moisture inside the skin for super and long-lasting hydration. 

Last, the Nano Hyaluronic Acid with fine molecule size HA that easily penetrates and infuses moisture deep into skin to prepare skin for enhanced skin care ingredient absorption. 

For the complete list of ingredients, refer to the photo below: 

Amazingly, this product can be used and suitable for normal or dry skin. I usually have combination to dry skin and this one was able to hydrate my skin without getting oily. But this product has no irritant that is why I think it will also work well on acne-prone skin. 

I am not getting any younger and my skin already shows signs of aging because I can see some lines and my skin is now usually dry. 

The Hada Labo hydrating lotion smells nice and the lotion is more like watery but thicker in concentration. It is easy to spread on skin. It has a powdery texture when being spread that is why there is no rubbing feeling at all which is nice. The lotion can be absorbed quickly by the skin and it does not leave any residue. This is the reason why I prefer using this in the morning before I apply my makeup. 

I cannot find anything that I do not like about this hydrating lotion and it is also affordable for only 685php for a 170ml bottle. It is now available at Watsons so you should go and try it soon! 

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