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Wednesday, June 5, 2019 Philippines

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Before You Visit Batanes 

Before you start looking for Batanes flights booking, why not spend some time trying to know more about this beautiful destination? Whether you're visiting Batanes for a business trip or a holiday, whether you are going there for a few days or weeks, it makes your trip a lot more enjoyable if you get an idea about the location, what to expect and the things to do. It is easy to reach Batanes as it is closer to other countries such as Taiwan. 

Batanes is far from the mainland in the Philippines, and the archipelago province is located in the Cagayan Valley region. Basco is the capital if the island of Batan and the entire province is listed in the World Heritage List. Enjoy those tourist spots and many things to do while you are here in Batanes. One can plan a long vacation or a weekend in Batanes, and there is something here for everyone, whether one is a solo traveler or vacationing with their family. You will come across leisurely travelers, business travelers, and romantic couples enjoying the province. 

Here is some useful information available for you on Batanes. 

Batanes is small and safe– The province is not just smaller in size but its size too, and about seventeen thousand people are living here. They are scattered on different islands of the archipelago province. This is why everybody knows everyone here. You will be surprised to learn that there is no crime rate in Batanes, and it can be looked upon as one of the safest places in the world. Thus, you can trust the locals complexly and feel free to mingle with them, talk to them, and enjoy local food. 

No foreign currency exchange and few ATMs – It is highly recommended that you bring some cash as there is no exchange office in Batanes. So, no use getting dollars as you would need Philippine Pesos. Please carry cash as there are very few banks with ATMs and on some islands or locations, you will not find any ATMs. So, if you are used to ATMs, be prepared, and bring Philippine Pesos. 

No luxury resort- If you were thinking of booking a luxurious place in Batanes, you might have to let go of the idea. However, the best option is homestays that not only are much more affordable but cater to everything that you need. 

Batanes can be expensive - A trip to Batanes will cost you money, and the flights too can be pricey. Take advantage of AirAsia flight booking platform that offers great deals and savings on flights and bookings. The food can be expensive in restaurants, but you can enjoy local street food for less. You will simply love the grilled fresh fish in Batanes. 

No internet and wifi- Batanes has wifi connection but only in very few hotels, and you will be charged for the connection. However, one can make use of their mobile data, and Smart and Globe companies are some reliable names to get mobile data. 

The languages spoken - In Batanes, people use three main dialects, northern, Itbayaten and southern. You need not worry if you do not understand those dialects as most of the people here understand English and will understand what you are trying to say. 

Early mornings and no late nights – As there is no late night here in Batanes, the locals retire early and after 9 or 10, there is no activity in the town. So, you can go to sleep early and get early the next day. It means you can plan your daily activities early on in the morning and thus make the most of your time.

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