Summer Hair and Skin Care By Megan

Thursday, June 6, 2019 Philippines


Megan is one of the most affordable skin care brands in the Philippines. Their product ranges form masks, waxing products, peel-off gels and now they also offer hair spa! I got this mail from Megan and it is the perfect timing because I recently dyed my hair in a salon. 

The summer season is still extended up to this month though we already experience some heavy rains. Still, I can feel the angry heat of the sun. My skin feels dry, rough and hair makes me irritable. I am tempted to cut my hair short again but for now I always tie it up.

You can banish your unwanted hair to feel more refreshed by also trying out their waxing products. 

Protect your skin from the UV rays with their new sunscreen and then feel refreshingly cool with their Aloe Gel Moisturizer. 

Extract your black heads with Megan's peel-off clay masks. It is available in sachets and tubes. 

Rejuvenate your skin with their facial sheet masks, they have different variants so you can look for what is suitable for your needs. 

To know more about these Megan Beauty products, you can visit their Facebook page at

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