Best Collaboration Ever! Urban Decay X Game Of Thrones

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 Philippines


I admit I am a fanatic of Game of Thrones and I even buy their Funko Pops just like my favorite, Margaery Tyrell. When I learned that Game of Thrones will have a collaboration with one of my favorite makeup brands, Urban Decay - my heart literally fell!

Who am I kidding? I know that this collaboration will be expensive but when your love for makeup and Game of Thrones combined, I cannot let go of the temptation. 

This is a limited edition by Urban Decay and they released it together with the airing of a new episode of Season 8. 

I was afraid that it will only be available in countries who has Urban Decay Stores but thankfully, Sephora PH offered these products. Unfortunately though, the whole line was not offered at Sephora PH. Still, the products that matter like the eye shadow palette, eye shadow brushes, and the highlighter are available - Yay!

With my hands covering my eyes, I checked out all of these items at Sephora PH. Goodbye money! But when the package arrived at home...the happiness that I felt in seeing them are worth it! (Confirmed fanatic!)

Anyway, I wanted to post a separate reviews for each of them. To give you a background, the eye shadow palette is huge and the colors inside are inspired by the Game of Thrones theme like the Targaryens, Lannisters, and Starks...the colors are based on their sigils, costumes or themes. *I bought two of this eye shadow palette - one for me and one for my sister*

The palette comes with a throne pop up. I wanted to hum the opening song whenever I play with it. The palette costs 3360php. 

I almost lost my hope for the brushes because it was sold out fast. Patiently, I waited for the restock and finally I was able to get both brushes! The brushes will last long so this is a worthy investment. Each brush costs 1690php. 

Last, I did not intend to buy the highlighter palette inspired by the eggs of Daenary's dragons. But my sister in the United States bought one and she told me that it is really nice and I should definitely get one. I always follow my older sisters' I got one too. LOL...the highlighter palette costs 1809php. 

I told you, it really damaged my budget but it all of it worth it if you are a fanatic. I am sure if the lipsticks are available at Sephora PH, I would buy them too. LOL. Anyway, stay posted for my detailed reviews!

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