Amazing Deals At The Great Luxury Beauty Sale + My Haul

Sunday, June 2, 2019 Philippines


Did you go to the Great Luxury Beauty Sale last May 31 to June 2 at the World Trade Center? I swear - I was not supposed to go to this beauty sale because I know that it will be a huge temptation. It even became a status on my personal Facebook page because I was checking if it will be a really worth the effort to go and as shared by my friends (Hello Helen and Phyllicia!) - it is worth it indeed! 

During the night of June 1, I decided to sleep it off because I think it will be another unnecessary shopping spree. But I dreamed about going there and upon waking up in the early morning of June 2, I have this unstoppable urge to go there. Like, I literally woke up with bright eyes and full of energy. I even wake my boyfriend to drive me to World Trade Center. 

At first, I felt guilty during our ride because we encountered some traffic in Cubao area and let us say my boyfriend is a little impatient because this is my "extracurricular activity" and he could spend it sleeping at home instead. Thankfully, the traffic subsided after passing Cubao and the ride ahead to World Trade Center was smooth. Anyway, he had a turnaround when he saw the amazing deals from the Great Luxury Beauty Sale!

So what to expect? The event has an entrance fee of 100php per person. The ticket is a reasonable price if you really plan on shopping but if you do not plan on buying any single thing, could wait for your friends or family outside - they have food stalls that you could wait on. I saw some families who went there and most males are waiting outside. In my case, Redgie wanted to come with me inside the sale. Hmmm...I think he wants to stop me from excessive shopping...LOL. 

Coming inside was like entering a sacred place for a beauty enthusiast like me. I was not able to take a lot of photos because I wanted to enjoy the moment. If you follow me in Instagram, I posted a lot of story about the deals and items available inside. 

The first store that I visited is Guerlain. My intention is to buy Meteorites and their primer, unfortunately the staff told me it got sold out during the first day. Still, there are a lot of good things to buy at Guerlain like this lipstick case. At Sephora, it is sold at 1,130php. You know how much it is being sold at the Great Luxury Beauty Sale? Take a guess...are you ready? It is only 400php - still sealed with box!

Of course, your lipstick case needs a lipstick. Guerlain has it covered too. There are a few of lipstick shades to choose from during my visit. Shades vary from pinks, reds to browns. I was told that during the first day, there are more choices you could choose from. Anyway, I got lucky to buy the last remaining stock for shade No. 1 which is one of the best selling lipstick shades by Guerlain. The original price of the lipsticks at Sephora is 1,751.38php each. 

Next, I went to Shiseido store where most of my money were spent. For me, they have the best deals (besides the perfumes). I was able to buy the Ultimune box set for only 2600php instead of 11k. The facial wash ranges from 700php to 750php depending on the variant. Liquid foundations priced at 970php and so much more! I was amazed because all items are in full size and priced at 80% off!!! 

The part where perfumes are being sold is a little crowded so I was not able to take more photos. Most perfumes are priced with 50 to 80% off depending on the brand and size. For example, Chloe perfumes are sold at 1000php flat. 

There are so much more brands of perfumes available like Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, Elizabeth Arden, Marc Jacobs, Davidoff, Salvatorre Ferragamo, etc. 

For lipsticks, there is a stall for Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Price starts at 585php but I did not buy one because most of the lipsticks are near expiry. I will not be able to maximize using it. As an added tip, make sure to check the expiry of the items that you will be buying. 

There are items being sold by Beauty By Freyja, Club Clio, Sleek Makeup, Elizabeth Arden, and Peri Pera. 

Going around the place will make you thirsty and hungry, food and drinks are not allowed inside so make sure you are satisfied before entering. 

For payments, cash and credit cards are both accepted. Selected credit cards are available for 3 months to pay for less at least 5k purchase and 6 months to pay for at least 10k. 

You want to see my haul as well what Redgie bought? Here it is: 

Shiseido Box Set - 2640php per box (Original price: 11,000php+)
Shiseido White Lucent Facial Wash - 750php (Original price: 3,500php)
Shiseido Benefiance Facial Wash - 700php per piece (Original price: 3,000php)
Shiseido Firming Massage Mask - 470php (Original price: 3,200php+)
Shiseido UV Foundation - 970php (Original price: 1900php)
Davidoff Cool Water for Women 50ml - 1000php (Original price: 2,890php)
Tiffany Sheer - 1300php (Original price: 4,300php)
Bvlgari Extreme for Men 50ml - 2000php (Original price: 4,198php)
Calvin Klein Eternity for Men 50ml - 800php (Original price: 3,498php)
Peripera Mini Ref Set - 800php per piece (Original price: 1,115php)
Guerlain Case - 400php per piece (Original price: 1,130php)
Guerlain Lipstick - 700php (Original price: 1,751.38php)

Total Expense with the discounted price: 16,670php
Total Expense without the discount: 55,482.38php

Redgie and I saved around 38,800php! I never knew this could be possible at all. Specially since the items are guaranteed authentic because they came from Luxe Asia!

I wanted to share to my readers that is why I am also giving away one Peripera Mini Ref Set (and I will just add random items too) in an Instagram giveaway! This set is limited edition and hard to find. Just repost the photo of the Peripera Set that I will be posting in my Instagram account (allaboutbeauty101ph). So stay posted and keep in touch with my social media accounts!

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