Bask In The Colorful Colors Of The New BYS Bloom Collection: Review + Swatches

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 Philippines


It is not yet too late to enjoy summer as our current weather is still a combination of sunny and rainy days. Though I admit, mostly it is sunny! 

I am sure that most of you wanted to go to places. Why not explore the famous cherry blossoms of Japan? Cruising under the desert heat in the Kalahari Desert? Or how about a dose of K-Pop in Korea? All of this are really nice to explore but I am more excited to share with you that you can also experience summer in your makeup with the newest summer collection from BYS Cosmetics! PS You do not need to go to Japan!

The all new BYS Bloom Collection was inspired by Sakura flowers, Lip and Cheek tint in a creamy, pigmented formulation, and Safari Collection also inspired by the elements of the earth.  This way, there is no need to leave the comforts of your home to experience summer! Want to see the whole collection? Let me share it with you!

Starting first with my favorite among all the items included in the collection, the Cherry Blossom Eye Shadow Palette. This palette contains 8 combination of shimmering and matte eye shadow powders. It costs only 449php. 

For the list of ingredients, refer to the photo below: 

The eye shadow collection is really inspired by the Cherry Blossoms as it was consisted of pink hues that all reminded me of the tree and the different variety of petals it can produce. 

I tested it during my 16 hours shift and I was amazed that it lasted long and intact until I came home, though I also prepped my skin before with a primer and set it with a spray after. The eye shadow powders are smooth in texture and are not dusty. Most shades are highly pigmented but some of it needs a few layers of application to show the opacity. 

My favorite shade is the second one from the white, it feels like a hologram that it changes depending on the lighting. 

Next, I also liked their contouring palette. It has a contour powder, blush, and highlighter. This Lush Blush Trio also costs 449php, the same with the eye shadow palette. 

For the list of ingredients, refer to the photo below: 

I did not expected that the texture would be soft and smooth that is close to cream because my previous BYS Contour Kit is powdery and not soft. 

Plus, the shades are highly pigmented, I love the highlighting powder the most because it reminded me of The Balm's Marylou-manizer. The contour and blush powder lasted a long time for about 12 hours on me before I needed to apply a touch-up. The highlighter only lasted for about 4 to 6 hours. 

Of course, the makeup look will not be complete without lipsticks! BYS Cosmetics also launched two shades for versatile use of lips and cheeks tint. The BYS Lip and Cheek Tint shades that I will be showing you are shades Innocent and Sultry. Each lip and cheek tint costs 299php. 

For the list of ingredients for Innocent then Sultry, refer to the photos below: 

The Sultry is better used as a cheek tint that a lip tint while the Innocence is better used for the lips. They have a different consistencies and the Sultry is the one that is similar to cheek stains. Since I already used the Blush Trio for my cheeks, I decided to test both of the lip and cheek tints for my lips. 

The lip and cheek tints lasting power is decent but it can be partially removed with heavy meals. I did not had a hard time removing them from my lips with assistance of a makeup remover. 

The Innocence shade did not accentuated the dry patches of my lips nor build up on my lip lines. Gliding it over my lips is easy and one layer is enough to show the full opacity of the lipstick shade. 

The Sultry is hard to apply evenly on my lips and it has a tendency to transfer because of its consistency. That is why this is better to be used as a cheek stain. It also feathers outside of my lip line. It did not build up on my lip lines but it accentuated the dry patches of my lips. 

I enjoyed using this makeup line and I got compliments that I looked blooming whenever I use them, maybe because of its pinkish shades from the eye shadow down to the cheeks. This line is now readily available at BYS stores. (My photo below is the final look using the BYS Cosmetics Bloom Collection!)

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