Just In From Maybelline: Sensational Liquid Matte Lip Tints + Review & Swatches

Saturday, June 29, 2019 Philippines


A few days ago, I came home from work feeling drained from energy. I was ecstatic when I saw a huge box waiting on my bed! When I looked at it more closely, I got excited to see that it is the newest liquid lipsticks from Maybelline! The all new Sensational Liquid Matte Lip Tints

I got ten shades of the all new Sensational Liquid Matte Lip Tints. Right away, I took photos and tested all the lip tints!

The applicator is not doe-foot and I wish that it is for more precise application. The good thing is, the applicator's sponge is soft and easy to glide over the lips. 

For me, all the lip tints has a good pigmentation. I enjoyed swatching them because it is all so colorful and bold. Since it has a good pigmentation, one layer is enough to fully coat my lips but sometimes I add a little more to make it look even. 

The lip tint dries quickly and as it dries, it looks like velvet in texture which I really love. It is hard to find a nice velvet texture lipsticks in the market, most of them are from high-end brands, it is nice to see a line from a trusted drug store brand like Maybelline.

Of course, as expected from matte lipsticks, it is a little drying to the lips. But on the brighter side, all of the Maybelline Sensational Liquid Matte Lip Tints did not build up on my lip lines nor accentuated the dry patches of my lips.

Let us start with the shade, To The Fullest. It is a red shade with a hint of orange. This is the first lip matte tint that I tried. It looks nice when worn, my skin looked whiter and brighter. 

I just notice that sometimes it feathers out of my lip line. It is not transfer-free.

Next, the shade Soft Wine is the darkest among the ten shades that I received. This shade is like burgundy red. It is a little dark for everyday wear but still looks awesome when worn. Just like the To The Fullest, it feathers out of my lip line and not transfer-free.

Another shade of red, Flush It Red is the typical red shade without hints of orange or burgundy. Like the first two shades, it made my skin looked whiter. Since this is lighter, it does not bleed out of the lip line but still not transfer-free. 

The brightest pink from the ten shades that I got is the Easy Berry. This shade does not bleed out of the lips but it transfers a little. 

One of the lip tints that caught my attention is the Keep It Mellow. It is a salmon shade of pink. It looks like natural when worn. It does not feather out of the lip lines and minimally transfers. 

Next lip tint is Best Babe, one of my favorites. The Best Babe is mauve and it suits my skin tone. Actually, this shade is common among lipsticks but it stands out because of its velvet-like look and texture. It does not bleed out of lip line and minimally transfers. 

If you are looking for a pinkish-nude shade, you can try the Sensationally Me. It does not bleed out of lip line and minimally transfers. 

The nudest shade from all the ten shades that I was able to test is the Truly MLBB. It does not have any hint of pink, peach or brown hints on it, just purely nude. It may look pale to others but it worked on my skin tone. It does not bleed out of lip line and minimally transfers. 

If you want a nude lipstick but with more color, you can buy the BDAY Suit On, this shade is peach-nude. It gives more color than looking pale. It does not bleed out of lip line and minimally transfers. 

Last but not the least, the second from the darkest shade, Made Easy will give you a seductive look. When applied lightly then it started to fade, the shade looks like MAC's Rebel. It is a reddish-plum kind of lipstick. It made my skin look whiter but since it is a dark shade of lipstick, it bleeds out of my lip lines. It is also not transfer-free. When fully dry, it forms pigments that can go to your clothes, be careful of stains. 

I shared with you my thoughts for the whole 10 shades that I was able to test. This lip tints feels weightless compared to the Super Stay Matte Inks though this one can be easily removed through heavy meals.

Even though it can be drying, the full velvet look it gives is worth it. I still like using most of it specially the nudes just not for everyday to avoid too much dryness on my lips. 

Plus, this is affordable for only 219php for a dual purpose of lip and cheek tint.

To give you a better look, let me share with you collated swatches. 

Which one is your pick? What is your top 3 shades? Now is the right time to buy your favorites and must-try because Lazada will be hosting an Online Lipstick Revolution this July 1! You can get discounts for best selling lipsticks up to 50% off. Watch out for more exciting offers are in store happening all day so stay tuned on Lazada's page for surprise flash sales and more. 

For your reference, with 100php discount, you can buy the Super Stay Matte Ink from 12MN to 2AM for only 249php.

The all new Sensational Liquid Matte Lip Tints will only be 175php from 10PM to 12PM. 

The Powder Matte Lipsticks (one of my favorite collection) will only cost 199php from 12PM to 2PM. 

Last the Creamy Matte Lipsticks will be on sale at 199php from 12PM to 2PM. 

Not only that, even L'Oreal is on sale so make sure to check it out too!

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