My Experience: Bianca Festejo Salon

Monday, June 3, 2019 Philippines


When one of my co-workers, Sab, arrived at work in a nice new look with her short hair, she suggested that I try this salon near her home. I was surprised that this salon is also near mine because I am just one trycicle away! 

During the time that she told me about this certain salon, Bianca Festejo Salon and that they also have an ongoing promo. The branch that I went to is Congressional Branch, they have other branches like in Taguig and the good thing is that their promo is applicable to all of their branches. To see the complete list of branches, just visit their Facebook page. 

I asked my niece and sister to accompany me so we could try it. We availed the Package A promo wherein for only 750php, you can have your hair cut, hair colored with cellophane. That is already an amazing deal and yet they have more to offer with services like rebond, just check their Facebook account and screen shot the image of the updated promos so that you can show it to the receptionist to avail it. The prices of the promo may vary depending on the deals they offer. 

At first, I was not expecting much because of the promo sale but I was surprised of the good service. Once seated, the receptionist asked us if we wanted water or coffee. She even offered their wifi password so we could connect our phones. 

Since I selected the Package A, my hair will be colored. I was given their booklet of hair color samples. The salon uses the brand Organic. For my hair color, I wanted it to be bright or a whole new look or something blonde. I actually wanted ash gray but it needs bleaching so I settled for Gold. 

The color was applied with care by the stylist. He made sure that my hair color will be even since I already had a previous hair color done. The cellophane treatment made my hair smooth, shiny, and soft. After that, they trimmed my hair. Look how healthy and nice my hair after the services.:

With the prices and good service, I will definitely come back for a retouch on my hair color. I hope I could be brave enough for bleaching soon too!

For more details about the salon, you can also visit their website at

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