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Sunday, March 10, 2019 Philippines


Hello Beauties! Can you feel the summer here in the Philippines? We also have the problem of water supply so I do not use much makeup lately because I know I need to remove it quickly without the use of water and facial wash. This is just one of my ways to conserve water. Also, being a busy-bee, I needed a quick fresh makeup look. 

So today, let me share with you a quick natural makeup look that will only take in less than 10 minutes. All you have to do is use Althea's newest makeup collection and it will be easy breezy. 

So where do we start? I start by concealing the dark circles under my eyes. I actually tested all the Althea's Flawless Creamy Concealers and it all worked for my skin tone (I am MAC NC20 with warm undertone) but the best shade for me that looks natural is Ginger or Honey. First, I apply the concealer in dots or lines under my eyes. 

As you can see, it greatly decreased the dark circles under my eyes and yet it still looks natural. If you wanted to highlight your cheeks area and under your eyes, you can always choose a lighter shade of concealer.

There are four shades of concealers available in Vanilla, Ginger, Honey, and Vanilla containing 6g of product for only 200php each. 

Next step, I protected the fresh acne breakouts with Althea's Skin Relief Spot Film Gel. It is quite sticky but has a cooling sensation. Make sure to just apply it on the spot concerned. I tried capturing it close up using my DSLR but it cannot capture the film gel on my pimple. Its color is clear and not noticeable. After I let the spot film gel dry, I applied a concealer over it. This tube only costs 240php for a 15ml product. 


After the application of the spot film gel and concealer, my next step is to apply some color into my eyes using the Sunrise Moonrise Palette. All the colors included in the eye shadow palette are neutral to pinkish colors that are easy to use for everyday look. You can combine three to four colors to create a more defined look but if you want to save time, two shades are enough. 

In this case, I used two eye shadow shades on my eyes. The nude shade that I applied all over my eye area as base color. Then I used the shimmering bronze-like shade for more color. 

All the shades have nice pigments and has a soft and smooth powder that makes it easy to apply on my eyes. The palette costs 1780php. 

To make it more defined. I used the Althea Spotlight Eye Glitter on the edge of my eyelids. You can also wear the eye glitter alone but you can appreciate the glitter more if there is a base or other color applied into your skin first. This eye glitter gel is 300php per tube with 4.5ml product. 

Of course, makeup is not complete without a nice lipstick shade. Althea created a Water Color Cream Tint. It is best to soak your lips with this tint first then remove it because it will leave a nice, even shade on your lips that looks natural. Plus, it lasts long too. Each lipstick costs 260php. 

While doing your whole makeup look, you can actually soak your whole lips with this tint so that the color will stick to your lips. 

I leave it on for at least one to two minutes before I wiped it off with tissue. Next, to create an ombre looking lips, I apply the tint again only in the inner part of my lips. 

Again I leave it on for at least one to two minutes before wiping it off. Then the whole look is done! Natural ombre looking lips!

Check out the whole look below with the shade Plum Cream used. For the eyebrows, I used Etude Drawing Eye Brow Pencil that I also got from Althea and for the cushion, I used the Sulwhasoo - a nice cushion - also available at Althea. 


This look is easy to do so I hope that my tips will help you copy this look! All of these items are now available at Althea so make sure to check it out! Thank you for visiting my page and let us stay connected in my social media accounts! 

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