My First Eyelash Extension At Stylash

Friday, March 8, 2019 Philippines


Hello Beauties! Enough for the product reviews because for this day's blog post, I will be sharing with you my first ever experience of eyelash extension! 

Getting an eyelash extension has been in my must-do experiences but I always delay it. After seeing my fellow Blogger Babes though having all the luscious lashes done and they started encouraging me to try it, I finally did! 

However, I was not able to try the salons that they visit because it is quite out of the way for my agenda of the day. I thought, I will just try it first in the nearest Eyelash service near my is located at Stylash inside Trinoma's Landmark Department Store. I cannot wait for other day to try it other than this day. Specially since I just had my eyebrows cleaned too at Benefit. I thought, let me pamper my eye area for the whole day! 

Another thing that made me finally do it was when I saw that it was also on promo price of 20% off the price for their three services: Superstar, Full Diva, and Maxx Lash. 

My only experience on my lashes is perming and the most recent one is Strokes Premier's Keratin Lift. I thought that I will just give the lashes extension a try, if the price will be worth the length of stay of the extensions on my natural lashes. If not, I will just stick to the Keratin Lift. :)

The specialist suggested the Full Diva on me. A human hair will be used to make it look natural, 300 pieces of lashes will be used with 10mm length, and the shape is C-shape. Since it was my first time, I followed her suggestion. 

The place is not that comfortable with all the buzzing inside the Department Store that can be heard specially since it is placed beside a hair salon (Imagine all the noise of the blow driers.). But for the short time that I would be staying, I do not mind it at all. Plus, the couch that I laid on is cozy. The procedure took for about an hour. 

Besides the noise, the only discomfort that I experienced during the procedure is the strong scent of the glue. Next time, I will be bringing a mask with me or maybe a handkerchief to cover my nose. Other than that, there are no irritation nor any painful part throughout the procedure. The only painful part that I felt is after opening my eyes. I can feel the sting of the glue on my eyes. But the specialist handed me a hand held fan that can easily dry the glue and minimize the sting on my eyes. 

The sting lasted around 10 to 15 minutes with occasional minimal stinging that can be felt up to an hour. I noticed that I could feel the sting when I get teary. Anyway, I wanted this. No pain no gain, right? When it comes to beauty, I definitely believe that saying. You should practice it too. (It is my mantra while having a threading or waxing done on my brows and upper lip area.)

The only advice that I was given after the procedure is that I should not wet my eye area for at least 12 hours for better sticking of the lashes and glue. Also, to have a re-touch done after two weeks. 

Anyway, the price for the Full Diva is 1600php, less 20% so I only paid 1280php. Not bad for a full lash look that it gave on my eyes. I am happy with my experience despite the discomfort of the glue after the procedure. Specially seeing the beauty that it added on my look. I knew I will have it done all over again. 

Check my photos of before and after below: 

What do you guys think? Are you interested to try it too? You can see the list of their services and prices of Stylash below. Stylash accepts cash and credit card payments. Pay first before the procedure will be done.  Just a reminder, this is not sponsored and I paid for the service. I just wanted to share my experience with you Beauties that is why I posted a review about it on my blog. I hope you find this post helpful and let us stay connected on my social media pages. :)

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