Sulwhasoo: Perfecting Cushion Ex Shade 23

Thursday, January 24, 2019 Philippines


This Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion has been a part of my wish list in Althea Korea for how many months now together with the Hera Cushion and I thought that my birthday credits for November was the best time to shop for this dream cushion of mine. After reading the review of Ms. Rowena of, I knew I need to have it! She is the first one that I read a detailed review about it from a Filipina. 

Sulwhasoo is not readily available in the Philippines and I only trust Althea in purchasing cosmetics or skincare available in Asia. This cushion is actually expensive that is why I never bought it. It made me think that the price is same as luxurious liquid foundations. 

No wonder though that it is expensive because the packaging alone looks so classy with the golden colors and mirror-like casing. Before purchase of this, I use Laneige and SilkyGirl cushions alternatively depending on my mood because these are my favorite cushions lately. 

Now, I think I found my new favorite. The cushion has a sticker underneath the puff and another gold sticker on top of the cushion. 

Upon opening, the brand name Sulwhasoo is engraved on the cushion foam. I liked it because it makes me appreciate that I am using this expensive cushion. Finally! :)

I will now go about the details. 

Brand: Sulwhasoo

Type: Perfecting Cushion Ex

Shade: 23

Weight: 15g (The box comes with a 15g refill!)

Ingredients: I did not take a photo anymore because there is no translation but the ingredients posted in Althea website are: 

Tiger lily extract - Tightens the skin and has astringent properties 
Lotus seed extract - Has antioxidant and hydration properties
Squalene - A moisturizing ingredient that soothes irritations and balances out the water to oil levels of the skin


Not all cushions in market comes with a refill. So if this one is expensive, I think it is already worth it because you get one refill too!

Using this cushion did not made my skin oily nor dry. I think this is because of the Lotus Seed Extract and Squalene that hydrates and moisturizes the skin while still balancing the oil and water levels. 

Unlike other cushions that feels heavy and warm on my face, this one is light. It feels like I am not wearing anything on my skin. 

I love how the cushion looks natural - it is a perfect choice for a "No makeup makeup look". The Sulwhasoo Cushion was able to lighten and brighten my skin. The shade 23 is also the right choice for my skintone (I am MAC NC20 for your reference). 

The coverage is medium to full depending on the layering that you will do. For me, one layer is enough. It was able to cover dark spots and redness spots on my skin. 

Last, it lasts longer than I expected! Cushion usually needs retouch for my skin but this one - I can go home after 8 hours shift without any retouch! The makeup fades but still with good coverage. 


It is hard to find in the Philippines. I advise that you purchase it from Althea only. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 2420php

Where to buy? Althea Korea

Hello Beauties! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review. If you love cushions then you must try this - it is a good cushion - promise!

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