7 Benefits of Using Crestar Ceiling Fans

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 Philippines

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As far as I can remember, my family has always used ceiling fans in our home, specially in the living area and kitchen area. Back in the days, I thought that the purpose of ceiling fans is to save space from using desktop or stand fans. 

Now that I am old enough, I finally understood the real purpose of ceiling fans. The reason that I commonly see it in HGTV homes that were built even on houses in a cold environment. I mean, do you also watch shows that are building or renovating houses? Ceiling fans are always present! Have you noticed? 

It is because there are a lot of benefits that you could get from using ceiling fans. One of the brands that you can trust in buying Ceiling Fans is Crestar. Established in 2004, the company gained a good reputation in Singapore even on its early days leading to be the market player in Singapore for ceiling fans. Crestar Ceiling Fans offers a wide range of fan designs and purposed and they also include selling accessories for their fans like lights and regulators. Besides the varying designs, it is also equipped with the newer version of Alumi Motor TM, new premium models of designs like Icol Series, Skylite Series, and Rainlite Series. The Rainlite or Skylite Plus Series now comes with 6 speed remote controls for maximum functions. 

Guided with Crestar's innovated ceiling fans, let me share with you some of the benefits that you can gain in using one. 
1. Ventilation

During warm season (summer), the angled blades of the fan will help in keeping the room fresh and well ventilated as it pushes the air down in the room instead of staying in the ceiling during a counterclockwise setting. 

For winter, with clockwise setting, it will keep the cool air up to push the warm air around the room. Making you save more energy from using heaters. 

2. Energy Saving

Ceiling fans does not need a lot of energy consumption. It can also be a good replacement of fans or heaters as much as possible that it can provide comfort alone. 

3. Illumination

Most ceiling fans like the ones available from Crestar, provides lighting too. So you will have both ventilation and lighting in just one product. 

4. Decoration

Besides bringing comfort, ceiling fans do increase the beauty of your home specially if you partner the design in style of your home. 

5. Keeps insects away

Living in a tropical country, I am afraid that we cannot avoid flies. With a ceiling fan, its strong breeze keeps the flies away. That is why my parents always install a ceiling fan in the kitchen or dining area. 

6. Safety

Since the ceiling fans are installed in the ceiling, the blades are away from children's hands. Less worry that they will be injured from playing with it. 

7. Affordable

Most ceiling fans even from prestigious brand such as Crestar are affordable. 

How about you, does your home have a ceiling fan? Share it with me! 

For more information about Crestar Ceiling Fans, you can directly go to their website to contact them for product availability. 

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