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Sunday, January 20, 2019 Philippines


Hello Beauties! I know that most of you, our Pink Ladies, were able to attend the Blogger Babes Christmas Meet last December 2018. If you noticed, there are new products from Esfolio included in your loot bags that are just new and released by Esfolio. To give you more background, let me share with you the brand's newest line of products. 

These products include Face Mask Sheets, Facial Cleansers, and Peeling Gels. All these items are must-haves in daily routine of skincare specially if you are practicing the 10 Steps Korean Skincare. 

There are four variants from the Bandage Facial Masks in Moisture, Whitening, Nutrition, and Relaxing facial masks. Each sheet mask costs 84php only. 

For the Essence Mask Sheet, Esfolio offers a lot of variants that you could choose from but the newest are the Charcoal, Rose, and Herb Facial Masks. This type of face masks costs only 54php each. 

These new variants of Essence Mask Sheets have a corresponding facial cleansers also named Charcoal, Rose, and Herb Facial Cleansers. It is gentle to use since the formula is foam-like. Each tube costs 359php. 

Last but not the least, peeling gels! Ever since I first tried peeling gels, it has been a staple in my skincare collection. Skincare routine is not complete without it. This time, Esfolio offers the Green Tea Peeling Gel and Aloe Peeling Gel. The price is very affordable for only 369php per tube. 

Where to try these items? Just buy them from Esfolio website, BeautyMNL, and to some of their physical stores that you could check from their website or Instagram for locations. 

For those who was able to attend the Blogger Babes Xmas Meet 2019, have you tried the products already? Did you like them? I do love their products!

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