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Wednesday, December 26, 2018 Philippines


I cannot believe that  2018 is now ending. It seems that time passes us by rather quickly. It is that time of the year - the holiday season - wherein we can all feel the happiness as everyone prepares for the season but it also comes with stress, do you agree? Not only that, it also comes with the cooler weather that makes my skin dry and dehydrated. 

Getting sufficient amount of water to during these busy moments may not be enough to keep our skin healthy. Make sure to take extra steps to get your skin in tip-top shape. I need the help pf Jergens to moisturize my skin back to its healthier glow. 

Because even though the year is ending, it is not yet too late to take care of your skin. I am so happy to get this kit from Jergens (Thank you!) because each item included is designed to help my skin recuperate. How? Let me share with you some steps: 

1. Cleanse your skin at the end of the day

By the time you get home, take a shower and detoxify your skin with the Jergens Mild Bar Soap. Even though I wanted a clean body after a long day, it is bad if I strip off my skin with its moisture but with Jergens soap, its gentle formula will keep my skin hydrated and nourished while making sure it elimiated all the dirt. 

2. Moisturize

Using your favorite variant, moisturize your skin. At night, I prefer to use alternatively the Ultra Healing and Age Defying. It keeps the moisture locked on my skin. Also, the patented Hydralucence blend will help eliminate dullness and dryness, enhance your skin tone, and give you luminous skin. 

There are five variants you could choose from: Ultra Healing, Age Defying, Daily Moisture, and the Original Variant. 

3. Use The Jade Roller

It has been a long time since I wanted to get a Jade Roller for my skin care but it is hard to find a legit seller online. Thankfully, I now have one from Jergens! This Jade Roller will help drive the moisturizer deep into the skin and increase the absorption rate. To make the experience better, I chill the Jade Roller before use. 

4. Wear a satin

With your skin now prepped and moisturized, give your skin the best chance in retaining the moisture by slipping into satin robe or pajamas to prevent friction on the skin. 

With Jergens, you can now enjoy the holiday season without worrying about your skin! Spread the love and enjoy the holidays! 

Jergens moisturizers have been dedicated to help women achieve soft and gorgeous skin since 1882. Every moisturizer and body cleanser is designed to enhance how your skin feels and looks in order to make you feel confident and beautiful. They offer a range of products that aim to transform skin for an improved look where there is glowing and healthy skin. To know more about Jergens, you can visit Jergens Philippines on Facebook, follow them on Instagram at @jergensph_vibelle. Visit their website at , and follow them on Twitter

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