Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soap

Friday, December 28, 2018 Philippines


This product review is long overdue, I already hoarded this soap numerous times and then I realized that I did not post a review about it yet. 

You might think that this soap is imported from other countries but it is not. It is a whitening soap created locally and designed for Filipinos. Though some of the ingredients were ordered straight from Korea.

Seoul White Korea's endorser is Moon Ji-In from the Korean Series, Doctors. (Have you watched it already? You should!) 

The soap is available in two sizes in 60g bar worth 39php and a 90g bar that costs 60php. It is truly affordable specially with the quality of the soap. It is also sold by set wherein you can save more money. 

More details on the photo below: 

The first reason I fell in love with this soap is because of its fruity scent! You know that I am not a fan of sweet fragrances but I will make an exception to this soap! The sweet scent makes me feel energetic and refreshed! 

It did not cause any dryness to the skin even though it makes it looked brighter. In fact, my skin feels smooth and soft. Some of the whitening soaps that I tried usually causes dryness to the skin but I am happy that this one does not. 

I did not notice any significant whitening changes if you are after it BUT it did cause an immediate brightened look for my skin. I am happy with that. 


Will I buy it again? I already told you, I always hoard this soap! LOL. 

I hope you find this review helpful and for those who won in my VlogMas giveaway, I included this to some days of my VlogMas. Let me know if you also like it! 

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