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Sunday, November 18, 2018 Philippines

I love Honestbee and I think Honestbee loves me too! 


Ever since Honestbee was launched in the Philippines, I am an active user of the Application because I find it more reliable than Food Panda. I usually order food from Banapple and S & R. To my delight, they expanded to grocery items! It is so convenient for me specially since I have a shifting type of schedule at work. 

This Holiday season, it is more convenient to use Honestbee because I can leave all my last minute Christmas worries behind, avoid going to busy area like malls and groceries just to buy my Christmas list. More importantly, avoid the heavy traffic which is one of the major problems in the Philippines specially in the time of December. I can attend and enjoy all the Christmas gatherings and reunions instead of wasting my time in never ending lines and traffic. 

Since it is the season to forgive and gift-giving, why not celebrate it by sharing some of your favorite holiday products?  Beat the holiday rush with Honestbee's carefully curated food and gift items delivered straight to your doorstep. Just open you Honestbbe APP, click the Christmas Offerings Category and browse for over a hundred merchants you could shop from. 

Christmas is not Christmas without sweets and its aromatic fragrance filling up your home. Transform your dining area with desserts from the country's best as Honestbee partners with the Philippine Daily Inquirer's Best Desserts! Satisfy your sweet tooth with a wide selection of pies, cakes, cookies, crepes, and chocolates from Cuerva Bakeshop, Nic's Gourmet, What's Cookin' Kitchenette, Ann Puno's Kitchen, Valerie's Kitchen, Aging's Food Delight, Marie Bakery and Cafe, Gigi Gaerlan's Homemade Desserts, Bibingka's Stop, Sally's Homemade Kakanin, Jud's, Paleovore, Fog City Creamery, and Karabella Dairy.

Nic's Gourmet is a restaurant (located at UP Town Center and Park Terraces) that offers delicious food and pastries that are great for gifts. I was able to try out their Oatmeal cookies (THE BEST THAT OATMEAL COOKIES SO FAR FOR ME!), Double Fudge Bars, and Oatmeal Fudge Bar. Nic's also offers Dips perfect for breads and crackers (specially when you are on a diet), it tastes so good that I cannot help buying a jar during the event. I bought the Seven Herb Cheese. This is a great gift to be given to your aunts, mother or diet conscious friends and relatives. Just wrap the jar with a ribbon and you are good to go! Follow them at @nicsph in Instagram.

Ann Puno's Kitchen offers home baked goods and dishes that can be picked up in Alabang, Makati and QC or just simply order it at Honestbee. One of their bestsellers is the Vanilla Brandy - a rum cake infused with vanilla and brandy creating a generous and gooey glaze! Follow them at @annpunoskitchen in Instagram.

Cuerva Bakeshop is a bake shop (that soon opens at Greenhills) offering delectable desserts! They have Cherry Torte, Mango Torte, Strawberry Dreamcake, Strawberry Shortcake, Spanish Chocolate, and so much more! Any cake you are craving for, their shop is your answer! Follow them at @cuervabakeshop in Instagram.

My goodness, Valerie's Kitchen is also a must-try! I fell in love with their Apple Pie - the best! You can place your order through their Instagram account (@valerieskitchenph). After finishing my pie at home, I am already craving for another round. They also have yummy Cinammon breads and rum cakes. 

Looking for Filipino delicacies, try Aging's Food Delight - the original Suman Espesyal of Bagong Ilog, Pasig City. They serve suman wrapped in Banana Leaf. I am not a fan of Halayang Gabi but my boyfriend like it when he ate the ones I took home. Follow them at @suman.espesyal in Instagram.

The Marie Bakery and Cafe accepts custom cakes and pastries. For orders, just follow them at  @mariebakeryandcafe in Instagram. I was able to try their Pistachio Cheesecake and it is so good! It is not too sweet and the saltiness of the Pistacchio balances the flavor.


What's Cookin' Kitchenette offers cakes and Crispy Tuyo Flakes. I tried their Mango Cake and its good! Follow them at @whatscookinkitchenette at Instagram. 

Gigi Gaerlan Homemade Desserts offers macarons with a twist. It is available in Matcha, Chocolate, Cheese flavors. 

Another Christmas must have is Bibingka and Putobumbong - and Bibingka Stop's recipe is a must-try! 

Sally's Homemade Kakanin creates classic and innovative Flipinon rice cakes. Satisfy your Filipino sweets cravings with their specially made kakanin. 

Christmas season will not be complete without a Fruitcake, order yours at Jud's. They have different variants and sizes available at Honestbee. Follow them at @judsfruitcake at Instagram.

For unique type of chips, you can try Paleovore. Even ice creams are available at Honestbee. You can try unique flavors from Fog City Creamery and Karabella Dairy. Follow them at @fogcitycreamery and @karabelladairy in Instagram. 

Other food and delicacies are also available. You can order party trays to contribute for parties that you can order from Cyma, Wu's Kitchen, Rolls Republic, Ta Ke Me Ho Me Sushi, Benjong's Bagnet, and even whole lechons like Elar's and General's. There are many restaurants to choose from like Old Swiss In, Tatang's ManilaStickz Asian BBQ, and Aling Banang's

Old Swiss In offers meat products and I was able to try their roasted beef and it is really tasty and tender. Yum!

Tatang's Manila Lechon Belly is also a good choice. The meat is tender and the skin is crunchy and I liked that it is not too oily like other Lechon Belly in the market. Follow their Instagram at @tatangsmanila. 

Craving for Japanese delicacies? You can order at Rolls Republic and Ta Ke Me Ho Me Sushi. Follow at @rollsrepublic in Instagram. 

For crispy bagnet and Filipino delicacies that can be found in provinces, try Benjong's Bagnet

For Persian and Thai delicacies, you can try Stickz Asian BBQ, their Pad Thai is good! 

Planning parties? You can order your food from Aling Banang's restaurant, they offer food for catering. 

Cyma, one of my favorite restaurants is now available at Honestbee. My favorite from their menu is Roka Salata, and Cyma also offers party trays! Yay! Just order them ahead of time. 

Craving for Chinese food? Wu's Kitchen is available at Honestbee. Eat peking duck anytime you want. 

Party is not complete without a lechon! Order yours from General's Lechon - it is delicious! I love how the meat is tender and the skin is crunchy - it is not that oily too! Plus the gravy that it comes with the lechon is yummy! 

How about for gifts? Honestbee also caters to brands that can be bought for gifts. Ready-made holiday gifts like gift baskets available at S & R, Robinson's, and Marketplace by Rustan's. 

For more personalized gifts for your family and friends, you can purchase organic beauty products by Human Nature. For the boys, you could always check out items by Gifts by Shop Central

Giving gifts to kids is always exciting for me. I can now buy toys easily without the hassle of going to the mall because Hamley'sHobbes and Landes and Plush and Play are now available at Honestbee. 

Wow! I can make this season the best with my family as I can now truly enjoy savory dishes and giving of gifts without any hassle - all thanks to Honestbee for making this possible to us Filipinos! 

Watch my video coverage of the event here: 

Download the Honestbee app for free at Apple Store or Google Play Store and sign-up to be able to start shopping for your Christmas essentials. For more information, visit

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