Benefit & Solique Collaborates For The Best Pink Nail Polish

Friday, November 16, 2018 Philippines


One of the best collaborations ever made in the Philippines was Benefit partnering with one of our beloved local brand, Solique of Girlstuff. If you are not yet familiar with Solique, it is a variant under the local brand of nail polish Girlstuff that were developed and imported from France. The great thing about Girlstuff is that it is made with ingredients that are absolutely free from harmful chemicals such as Toulene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin and camphor. That is why using these nail polishes does not create any strong scent and it is gentle to our nails. Most importantly, since it is free from harmful chemicals, it does not create damage and yellowing of the nails. (Yellowing of the nails is one of the reasons I avoid using nail polish before. Thank God for Girlstuff in making this possible to avoid!)

I am sure most of you already know the brand Benefit - it is a high end cosmetic brand that originated from United States, the brand was famous for brow products and services. Besides their brow products, there are a lot of cosmetics and skin care items that are quite remarkable. Some of them are on my must-have list. (What is not to like with their cute packaging and high quality products?)

Imagine my excitement when both of my favorite brands made a collaboration for the perfect PINK nail polish for us Beauties! With Benefit inspired packaging and colors - I am so giddy with excitement to try it!

Watch the video coverage of the event at: 

This is just me enjoying the day! 

The collection is easy to collect as they released four shades only: Whimsy, Charmed, Dream, and Twinkle. All these polishes are gel polish without the need for use of UV light. Since it is a gel polish, my nails stays intact for at least a week. My usual problem is that there are spaces forming from the growing of my nails, amazingly though - my nail polish are still intact without any chip for at least a week before it starts to peel off at the edges. This is great because I am exposed to strong cleaning chemicals at the hospital and my nail polish can withstand it all. 

1. Whimsy is a pink shade with a touch of pearlescent. This is easy to wear that I even use it at work. 
2. Charmed is a light pink shade with a touch of pearlescent too. Even with its sheer shade, it looks so pretty on my nails. 
3. Dream is a whitish pink shade. This shade is perfect for this generation - Minimalist. 
4. Twinkle is a combination of pink polish with chunks of glitters. I remember my art stuff whenever I see this nail polish - it is so wonderfully colorful!

With these nail polish collection, you are set and ready for the Holidays! Get this Gorgeous Goodies collection by Benefit and Solique for only 1300php including a base coat and top coat! That is a good catch since you will be getting a total of 6 bottles. If you are in need of a restock, it is also available in two pieces per set with combination of one top coat and one shade of gel polish for only 450php. If you want to buy individually, you can get it for only 250php per bottle. 

All the shades were used on my nails. 

Not only that, Benefit also offers limited edition collections for gift-giving this Holiday season. It is a yearly tradition of Benefit to create a set containing deluxe samples that will make the buyer save money and save us from the stress of wrapping a gift.

There are three holiday collection that you could choose from: 
1. Confection Cuties - 1260php (with total value of 2580php)
2. Goodie Goodie Gorgeous - 1920php (with total value of 4150php)
3. Triple Decker Decadence - 2580php (with total value of 6730php)

You can also have your brows done at Benefit. During the event, I am proud and honored to have my first eyebrow waxing and it was done by none other than Ms. Celina of Benefit. You know what Beauties, I always thought that waxing hurts compared to threading but when I tried it for the first time at Benefit, I have been fooling myself all along! The pain of the eyebrow waxing was totally bearable and more comfortable than the threading! From now on, I will only have waxing done on my brows and of course - at Benefit! You can book your appointments for eyebrow waxing at

I am also excited to share that with every 3000php purchase at Benefit, you will get a free full makeup service application perfect when you need to attend a party this season. There are three types of makeup style you could choose from - the Glow Getter, Head Turner, and Trend Setter! 

This new collection of Solique was made possible thanks to Ms. Janina of Girlstuff. So what are you waiting for? Buy this collection as gift to your "Kikay" friends and family! 

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