Silky Girl: Shimmer Duo Blushers Review + Swatches

Monday, September 10, 2018 Philippines


It has been a while since I last posted something about blushes. Thanks to Silky Girl, I was able to try a new set of blushes called Silky Girl Shimmer Duo Blushers. There are four shades available namely: Cheeky Peach, Sunny Glow, Blushing Pink, and Rose Petal. 

Each set of blush comes with a small brush making it compact and complete. This is a thoughtful move from Silky Girl because I do not need to bring a bigger blush brush with me if I will travel. 

The blush weighs 4 grams each. The packaging's cover is clear so you can easily see the hues of the powders of each blush. 

I will review it per shade, okay Beauties?


The Cheeky Peach is highly pigmented and can definitely suit any types of skin tones. It is not a bright pink nor a dark one. Just the right blend! 

Even though the half part is matte, the shimmery powder affects the matte one. So when applied, it is a shimmering blush. The blush also lasts long on my skin for up to 6 hours without the need to re-touch but that is not being exposed to any vigorous activities. 

This shade greatly reminded me of NARS Super Orgasm with its right amount of shimmer. Though this Cheeky Peach is lighter in shade. From all of the shades that I have, this is my favorite.


Sunny Glow is darker than Cheeky Peach and if I wanted to have a slight sun kissed look, this blush is a better choice among the Silky Girl Shimmer Duo Blushers. 

Though the color seems darker than the Cheeky Peach, I needed to apply more layers of this blush before I was able to reach my favored pigmentation. 

Just like the others, the shimmering powder over powers the matte ones. Lasts for about 4 hours, lesser than Cheeky Peach. 


The blushing pink when I tried it on my hand looks paler compared to Rose Petal but when I applied it on my cheeks, this is way more pigmented than Rose Petal. Still, it is sheer in nature and I needed to apply several layers. 

If you wanted a bright pink kind of blush, you might want to choose this Blushing Pink by Silky Girl. Also, compared to all the other shades, this one is the least shimmery. The shimmer just looks like a lighter powder highlighter. 

The blush lasts for about 3 to 4 hours. 


Rose Petal looks darker than Blushing Pink when you look at it and do a swatch but when I applied it on my cheeks, this is paler and lighter than Blushing Pink. I find it so sheer that I feel like I did not applied anything. I used a several layers to achieve the pigment that I wanted. 

The sheerness has its perks though, if you wanted to have a more natural looking blush, this will work! You just look a little flushed that looks natural. 

This is more shimmery than Blushing Pink. The blush lasts for about 3 to 4 hours.


All of the blushes are chalky and easily creates a mess that is why the shimmering powder transfers to the matte one. But it can easily be cleaned with a tissue. Other than that, I find these blushes worth it, specially with the affordable price for only 329php each! 

I love that all of the blushes are soft in texture and the shimmer - I can skip using a high lighter! Yay! 


Buy again? 100% (Though I might skip the Blushing Pink and Rose Petal, I prefer the Cheeky Peach and Sunny Glow.)

Overall Rating: 3.5/5 

Price: 329php

Where to buy? Robinsons Supermarket and Unimart, Cash and Carry, Ever Gotesco Commonwealth, Landmark Trinoma and Makati (For more details, you can visit their website here.)

There you go, I hope you find this swatches and review helpful when choosing your shade of Silky Girl's Shimmer Duo Blushers! 

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