Benefit: Brow Contour Pro In Brown Medium

Saturday, September 8, 2018 Philippines


I never tried to hide that I was obsessed with ball pens! Even my immediate supervisor at work knows it because she commented about it at one point. LOL. So it is no wonder that when my friend and blogger, Phoebe of, tagged me that Benefit will release this Brow Contour Pro Pen, I knew I just have to buy it right away! Then I got a tip from someone working from Benefit who is also my friend at Facebook that it will be released this September! 

So, September came, here it is! Ta-da! The newest Brow Contour Pro by Benefit! Oh my gosh, the brow pen feels exactly like the regular ball pen! (Feel na feel ko ang pag pindot sa pen, promise! Hahaha!)

Anyway, as expected from Benefit, it is quite expensive. Shall we find out if it is worth it?

Brand: Benefit

Type: Brow Contour Pro

Shade: Brown Medium

Product Description and How To Use: 


The pen is like the usual four-colored ball pens but instead of inks, the pen cases the brow products. It comes in four slots, with two shades for the eyebrows and one shade for defining, another one for highlighting. 

The tip (or supposed to be nib of the pen) is like a stainless steel that is quite flexible. From there, the product will come out upon twisting the pen.


One of a kind product, amazing invention by Benefit! Specially when you love pens as much as I do.

The pencils are highly pigmented! I have to use a light pressure to apply it lightly into my eyebrows. 

You get four types of products in just one pen! Two shades of eyebrow pencil, one definer and one highlighter. 

The pencils are soft and easy to apply. All the formulas are easy to blend. 

Eyebrows on fleek achieved specially when the definer and highlighter were used. My eyebrows looked clean and with dimensions. Even with the enhanced dimensional look, my eyebrows still looks natural compared to the other eyebrow products that I was able to use. 

I noticed that it is long lasting, I also washed my face with plain water and it was not removed even though the cushion that I used and blush during that time were removed. 


Expensive. The Definer and Highlighter I think will be the first two that I will empty because more application and layers were used with these two compared to the eyebrow shades pencils. 

Not refillable. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 2100php

Where to buy? Benefit Stores, Sephora PH, BeautyMNL

I find it really expensive but for me, since I love it as a pen type, the price is worth it. I just wish that it is refillable. I hate to throw something as nice as this after emptying it. So, would you like to try this one too Beauties?!

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