Jo Malone: English Pear and Freesia Cologne

Monday, July 16, 2018 Philippines


There is no denying that I always wanted to collect Jo Malone Colognes and ever since I got my first bottle (Wild Bluebell), I always wished I could have the next scent that I wanted...the English Pear and Freesia. (The next on my list is Nectarine.) 

I have three Rustan's Gift Certificate given by my good friend, Gemma. It is a good thing that it does not have an expiration date because I wanted to save it when I finally get another bottle. After two years (I think), I finally made use of it! 

Why did I give in? Upon checking out the store in Rustan's, it is on sale and they will have a mark-up price of 5% starting July 1! Imagine my panic that it will much more pricier than usual! Oh my goodness...I can't believe it. That is the moment that I realized that this is the perfect time to finally buy the English Pear and Freesia that I always shy away from. 

Let me tell you a funny story of how I bought it. We went there with my friend (also blogger) Jing of, I think it is the 29th of June. I learned about the sale and price increase starting July 1, 2018 but I thought, it is definitely not a priority. I turned my back from the store. 

That night, I dreamed about it. In my dream, I bought it! My sister and friend told me that since I cannot seem to forget about it, I should just buy it. LOL...Nothing hunts you like the things that you did not buy but should have, right? Anyway, I went back for it that morning. Hahaha! 

The English Pear and Freesia is a combination of something sweet and floral. The fragrance is classic! 

The box still came with a black ribbon. 

I got a free sachets of body oils and a gift card of hand massage together with my purchase. I want to use it soon!

Brand: Jo Malone

Scent: English Pear and Freesia

Weight: 100ml

Product Description: (From Jo Malone's Website)  The essence of autumn. The sensuous freshness of just-ripe pears is wrapped in a bouquet of white freesias, and mellowed by amber, patchouli and woods. Luscious and golden.



The scent is slightly musky but I love it. It is not too sweet nor too floral. Just the perfect balance! There is something about this scent that makes me feel positive and happy. Even my energy is up! I love the scent so much that I even want its version of body lotion.

Compared with my Wild Bluebell, one to two sprays of this English Pear and Freesia is already enough. So this bottle will last long on me. (Unless I use it every day...LOL!)

The fragrance lasts up to 6 to 8 hours on my clothes but the intensity still decreases but if you will get closer, you can still strongly smell it. I find traces of this cologne on my clothes after removing it after a whole day at work and spending the day outside. Thankfully, since it lasts long, I did not have to bring it along with me. 

I got compliments whenever I use it. They can smell it when I pass by. 

This perfume is best combined with Wild Bluebell! 


Insanely expensive! (For me though, it is worth the hype and penny!)

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 7650php (I got it in a discounted price during the sale.)

Where to buy? Jo Malone Stores (Trinoma, SM Aura, I think there are other stores out there but these are the stores that I am sure.) Rustans Shangri-La Mall EDSA. 

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