Mumuso: Clean Natural Aqua Gel (Cure Dupe)

Saturday, February 24, 2018 Philippines


When me and my friends at work went to Fisher Mall, we visited the Mumuso Shop. Of course there are a lot of items that I wanted to buy but I only bought the one thing that caught my utmost attention. I saw something that greatly reminded me of a product that I usually use that is quite expensive. 

As part of my Korean Skincare Routine, it includes that I should exfoliate my skin and I usually use the Cure Natural Aqua Gel as alternative to my clay masks. However this brand is expensive because one bottle costs 1500php and can only usually found in Beauty Bar. 

So imagine my surprise to see a similar looking bottle with the same design and content at Mumuso for a much affordable price of only 199php! I wanted to check out if it will work the same as Cure because if it is, I will save a lot of money!

Shall we check it out?

Brand: Clean

Type: Hydrogel Exfoliant

Weight: 200g

Product Description and Ingredients:


I cannot contain my happiness to share that is is a perfect DUPE!!! Oh yes it is! It is time to hoard ladies!

The product worked as well like Cure in exfoliating my skin. I did not experience any discomfort because it is also as gentle as Cure. Amazing!

I prefer to apply it on dry skin because it exfoliates better compared to damp skin. 

After rinsing my skin, I immediately noticed my skin became clearer and brighter. Just like Cure does to my skin! Even after a few weeks of use, my skin did not experience any break-outs from using this product. Though I suggest that you use this for two to three times a week only. 

It is affordable for only 199php!!!


Unlike the Cure though, this one is almost unscented but I usually inhale the product before using and I smelled a hint of something waxy after sniffing for a few minutes but do not worry because it is not bothersome. 

To fully remove the product, I need to use a facial wash or foam to help rinsing out the hydrogel exfoliant from my skin.


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 199php

Where to buy? Mumuso Stores

I am so happy with this discovery that I am now curious to try the other skincare items and makeups at Mumuso, because what if they have more dupes in a much more affordable price, right?! Anyway, if you do not want to try Cure because of its price, you should at least try this bottle instead!

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