How To Properly Wash Your Lingeries

Friday, February 23, 2018 Philippines


With my addiction in collecting nice undergarments specially with my hoarding from sales in La Senza last year, I thought that I want to share with you on how I properly wash my lingeries. 

The thing is, the best way to wash your undergarments is still through hand washing BUT with a busy girl like me, it is not really advisable. So I have to find ways on how I can make it easier and still do it properly. The answer is Washing Bags. It is hard to find a high quality washing bags in our local stores and I am so glad I was able to find it in different sizes at Miniso! 

With the use of these washing bags, all you have to do is to put your undergarments securely inside the bag, seal it, dump the bag in your washing machine and wash it like your regular light clothes.  At least that is what I do. Make sure though that your undergarments label allows you to wash it with washing machine. For me though, I also wash it separately in the washing machine, I do not include it with my other clothes. 

I use the lightest load and cycle for delicates in the machine. Also, use a gentle detergent. 

For my panties, I use the smaller laundry bag. Just make sure not to put any undergarments that discolor or bleeds color together with your other undergarments.

For my bras, I use the large pouch. I make sure that the clasps of the bras are closed so that it will not damage the fabric of the other bras inside. I align it well so it will not tangle inside. 

After washing, I spin it in a short time in my washer's spinner just enough to remove the dripping water then I let it dry naturally by hanging it. Do not hang your bras using the straps, it will damage your straps. Some practice by placing it on top of towels while drying instead of hanging but for me, it does not dry equally and takes longer time.

The main reason that I use this bags is that it will help in preventing the damage in your lingeries. 

The small laundry bag costs 80php+ while the big pouch costs 120php+. Affordable! I also use my large pouch to wash my silk camisole nightwears. I hope you find this tip useful! Thank you for visiting my page!

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