My Exprience At Big Bad Wolf's Premium Pass Day

Sunday, February 25, 2018 Philippines


My love for books was never a secret though I may not read as frequently today compared to my days of childhood and back in College because my time is divided now between work, blogging and watching K-Dramas. LOL. Anyway, I am so glad (glad is such an understatement!) when my co-worker/friend, MJ, asked me to go with him at Big Bad Wolf's Premium Pass Day because he won tickets! Yay!

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It was a good thing that we opted to go there early because good stuff were easily sold out on the first day of opening! There are a lot of books sold in bundles that will save us a lot of money that is why I prioritized buying the bundles even though I already read them through my Ebook Reader. 

I just wish I have more budget in my pocket because I really wanted to collect all the series in bundles but of course, I also have to prioritize! (Damn adulting!) 

With World Trade Center as a venue, expect a spacious area with lots of books stacked! There are opened samples on display so you do not need to open the sealed ones just in case you want to check out the story of the book first. 

Most of the books available and over half of the space were for children. If you have kids, you will definitely enjoy shopping stuff for them. For the adults, most of the books' genres are Young Adults but this is also what I enjoy reading so no worries for me. I encountered some friends that they were disappointed not to see their preferred books. 

Even science, self-help, medicine or architectural books can be found there! Adult coloring books are even available in a much more affordable price! Patience is just the key in going through aisle over aisle of books and you may be surprised to find something that you are looking for or never thought that you wanted!

If you are a collector, you will definitely jump with joy to see that there are hard to find collections from graphic novels to books. Like for this Disney novel collectibles, I cannot find it in any local bookstore and I heard that it is usually available in UK only but I found it at Big Bad Wolf!

Big Bad Wolf came prepared because they even thought of a customer's storage area wherein you can store your books for 24 hours only to whatever reason you did not bought it yet. :)

I managed to get a lot of books that my cart was full. Sadly, even if I wanted to buy all of it I have to stick to my budget. Make sure to put your unwanted books in the carts with label of "Unwanted Books Here" because the staff will collect it again. 

My overflowing cart!

In checking out, if you expect that you will buy a lot of books, you can bring an eco bag along with you though they provide plastics. Still, if you are travelling from afar, eco bag will protect your books better. Better safe than sorry, right?

Take note: Big Bad Wolf accepts both cash and credit card payment. Food and water is not allowed inside. 

Big Bad Wolf met my expectations and so far, this is the best Book Sale/Fair that I was able to go to! They have the cheapest offer for brand new books ever! I got two journals for my niece and myself as well as two copies of Unfortunate Souls for my niece and I. My total spending is almost 4,000php for all of these books that I cannot wait to read this month:

The only thing that saddens me is that, some people took advantage of this. I do not have anything against to those who wanted to make it a business since I also re-sell my personal things (Ukay-Ukay). Also, I know that not all the ones who hoards are re-sellers, most are also "pasa-buy" (Asking someone to buy it for you). 

However, there are really people who are really taking advantage of the situation that sadly a lot of passionate book lovers were not able to buy their books because it got sold out by re-sellers. Like the one in front of me and MJ during payment, he got more than 10 copies of the Delusion of a God and MJ wanted one but never saw a copy on it in the book sale. We were just too shy to ask him if he could give us one copy from his cart. 

I hope that next time, Big Bad Wolf can do something about it. (Like, limit the quantity per title for a certain person could buy? For example, maximum of two to three copies?) Because there are really people taking advantage of the situation in a bad way. To think, these people will not even pay for taxes for what they re-sell. The amount is even more drastic than Big Bad Wolf! I understand that they have to earn something back, but I think this price is extreme. Look at my sample below from what I commonly see in social media: 

I blurred the person who sells it for privacy and to protect the seller's identity as well as where I saw it being sold.

Do not take it personally because this is my personal opinion specially to the one who sells this, if you saw this blog post I already protected your identity. Like I said, this is nothing personal but just my opinion. I also buy books from re-sellers but I think this is just extreme. :) For other book lovers out there, what are your thoughts about this? 

In a more positive vibes, were you able to go to Big Bad Wolf? Share with me your haul and let us find out if we prefer to read the same things too! :)

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