Proactiv: A Proven Treatment For Acne

Friday, November 3, 2017 Philippines


The age where acne erupts comes to almost everyone and dealing with acne has never been easy. The painful, swollen and irritating bumps that you can see and feel on your face easily spells bad news whether you are in your teens or adult years. It can greatly affect one's self esteem. I would know...I experienced that myself in my earlier days!

Believe me when I say that going out makes me think otherwise. It is difficult to feel confident and beautiful if you are troubled by acne. 

That is why proper skincare is the key to having smooth skin. When pimples appear it is always best to treat it with the right formulations so that it disappears immediately. 

Here's the good news, Proactiv, the No. 1 Acne brand in the US is now within reach in Philippines. Known for its gentle yet most effective acne treatment system, the Proactiv kit consists of complete solutions that cleanses, tones, repairs and treats problematic spots while preventing new pimples and acne from forming and gently heal damaged skin.

The First skincare system to manage acne breakouts as it smoothens the skin, Proactiv not only heals, and treats, it also clears the skin from acne blemishes, removing all signs of breakouts while bringing back your radiant healthy skin. 

There are no short cuts for healthy looking skin. One must religiously follow the recommended routine for best results. Proactiv has a 30-Day and 60-Day kit system to make it easier for users to develop a healthy skincare habit. 

The Proactiv 30-day is sold at Php 2,495 while the 60-day is sold at Php 3,995. Visit Watson’s and SM department stores nationwide and start your beautiful skin routine now.

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