Carousel Creamery: My Experience & Early Birthday Celebration

Saturday, November 4, 2017 Philippines


After a long day today, my boyfriend, me and two of my beautiful nieces went to Carousel Creamery for an early birthday celebration and to de-stress. This is not my first time to Carousel Creamery, I was able to try it by along with my friend, Ms. Carmel Villongco, who highly recommended this ice cream parlor. However, this is the first time for my family and I cannot wait to witness their reactions to the tons of flavored ice creams they could choose from!

This blog is not in any way sponsored, I just love their ice cream parlor and I wanted to share everything about it! (Yes, I am obsessed with their ice creams!)

This is what Carmel and I ordered before. For 495php, you will get 5 scoops of ice cream.

Carousel Creamery is an ice cream parlor located at 8 Missouri Street in San Juan, Manila. Just across Gloria Maris in Greenhills. This is the perfect place if you love ice cream, specially those that are creamy and unique! The store is open from 10AM to 11PM and up to 12MN during Fridays and Saturdays. 

The ambiance inside the Carousel Creamery is warm and inviting. They have nice interior designs from their walls to their tables. 

I am sure you will crave for sweets as soon as you see the displayed ice creams upon entering inside! Seeing all the flavors available per windowed freezer makes me want to try all of it and come back again AND again! All of their staff are nice and attentive, you will not have a problem in picking your flavor of choice, they would gladly help you. 

The Carousel Creamery are sure creative with their flavors. Ranging from something unique to the usual flavors. When I said unique, they have flavors like Beer and Chicharon (that reminded me of Mang Juan's Chicharon junkfood), Maple and Bacon, and Bacon and Cheese. 

From the 101 flavors that you can choose from, these are some of the flavors I was able to take note of: 

*The bolded flavors are recommended by their staff

1. Vanilla Macadamia
2. Caramel Yogurt
3. Almond Soya
4. Coffee Almond
5. Lemonade
6. Blueberry Cheesecake
7. Cereal and Milk
8. Choco Chip Cookie Dough
9. Watermelon
10. Speculoos
11. Honey Lavender
12. Dark Side Chocolate
13. Green Tea
14. Langkashew
15. Nutella
16. Cherry Vanilla
17. Stracciatella
18. Double Shot Espresso
19. Beer and Chicharon
20. Chewie Baka
21. Sea Salt Lifesavers
22. Ube Pastillas
23. Mint Caramel Cookies
24. Earl Grey Tea
25. Mocha Oreo
26. Apple Pie
27. Caffeine and Brownies
28. Blue Cheese
29. Red Velvet
30. Butter Pecan
31. Chocolate Almond Fudge
32. Vanilla Toffee Crunch
33. Banoffee
34. Peppermint Chocolate
35. Chunky Cheese (One of my favorites!)
36. Strawberry Balsamic
37. Rocky Road
38. You've Gotta Be Nuts
39. Mango
40. Smores
41. Cold Brew Coffee
42. Toblerone (Yup, I also recommend this one!)
43. Bacon and Cheese
44. Almond Roca (Next on my list to try out!)
45. Game of Turons
46. Baileys
47. Sweet Corn
48. Peacetacio
49. Salted Caramel
50. Yoreoda
51. Chocolate Peanut Butter
52. Java The Hott
53. Maple and Bacon
54. Toasted Cashew
55. Keso My Ube
56. Cookies and Cream (My youngest niece loves this so much, she asked me to buy her a pint that she can bring home! According to her, it is the best Cookies and Cream she ever tasted!)
57. Loki Lime Cheesecake
58. Mudpie
59. Mascarpone With Figs
60. Irish Beer
61. Ube Mochi
62. Pinipig Crunch (I got this for take out!)
63. Marshmallow Mint Fudge
64. Chocnut (My boyfriend loves this flavor, he is not a fan of ice creams but he loves this Chocnut flavor so much - he does not even want to share his pint at home. LOL!)
65. Chocolate Chocolate Chip
66. Brownie Bacon
67. Olive and Basil
68. Ollavander
69. Salted White Chocolate Almond Goya
70. Chocolate Orange
71. Truffle Chocolate (One of my favorites!)
72. Peanut Butter and Jelly
73. NY Cheesecake
74. Milk Chocolate
75. Pistachio
76. Chocolate Macadamia
77. Oinkus Choclatum
78. Oreo Cheesecake
79. Strawberry
80. Orange
81. Gooey Mallows (My boyfriend's second choice after Chocnut.)
82. Beer and Garlic Nuts
83. Vanilla Bean
84. Nut Clusters
85. Peach
86. Red Bean
87. White Chocolate Almond Fudge
88. Green Mango
89. White Passion

If you are feeling hungry, they offer snacks that you can munch on before going straight to dessert. We ordered something like a set meal. For only 285php, you can order your choice of snack, with sides and a scoop of ice cream of your choice. 

My boyfriend ordered the Chili Con Carne Dog. 

My niece and I ordered the Double Bacon Dog! Yummy! 

My youngest niece ordered Chicken Tenders with Mozarella Cheese inside. She was able to finish it!(I was surprised! Usually she cannot eat all of the food served to her.)

For our included one scoop of ice cream per meal, my boyfriend chose Chocnut while I ordered for Chunky Cheese. My niece chose the Truffle Chocolate and the youngest chose the Cookies and Cream. 

We were fully satisfied and happy after our meals. Of course before we go home, we ordered some pints to take home with us. I wish they will have a bigger container for take-outs next time! For only 1299php, you can get four pints in any flavor. I got one set for me and for my nieces. 

Will I come back again to Carousel Creamery? Definitely a yes! I enjoyed my experience and they have delicious meals and ice creams! What are you waiting for? You should try it ASAP!

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