Esfolio: Black Caviar Hydrogel Eye Patch

Thursday, November 2, 2017 Philippines


After crying so much over my dog the past few days, my eyes became puffy and lines became more prominent. Then I remembered, I have the Esfolio Black Caviar Hydrogel Eye Patch waiting to be used! 

With my good experience from Esfolio's other variant, Black Pearl Hydrogel Eye Patch, I am hoping that this Black Caviar will work well on me too!

According to Esfolio, this patch is a highly concentrated eye patch formulated with fresh caviar extract and pearl extracts to give the skin a moisturizing effect, brighten eye bags effectively if used daily. It is said that the Caviar extract helps the skin feel supple and dewy. 

Let us now check it out!

Brand: Esfolio

Type: Hydrogel Eye Patch

Variant: Black Pearl

Target: Anti-Aging and brightening

Weight: 90mg (60 sheets or 30 pairs of eye patch)

Product Description and How To Use:



The Black Caviar Hydrogel Eye Patch is full of moisture upon opening. The patches are heavily soaked with essence. Each patch is a soft and silicon-like (hydrogel) that is easy to use and clings effectively to the area under my eyes. 

After application, it feels refreshing since the patch is wet but it is not that cool compared to the Black Pearl variant. The moisture seems to be absorbed by my skin well. 

The eye patch looks like the sky with being black with gold particles on it. It is nice to look at! This design and shape is perfect to place under your eyes. 

Upon application, I can feel some tightening on my skin. Like the patch sucks my skin in. 

After removing the patches, I noticed that puffiness underneath my eyes decreased a little after first use! So imagine how it can be more effective when used on a daily basis. The dark circles lightened after one use and my look is not that haggard! The lines are still there but it looks better for me- maybe because of the hydration and tightening that I felt during use.  

The moisture level under my eyes increased by 1% from 41.9% to 42.9% using my Mili Moisture Detector. 

Until the moment that I woke up the next day, the skin under my eyes feel firm and I love it!

I love how thoughtful Esfolio is when it comes to their packaging. It came with a spatula so I could easily (plus hygienic) in scooping up the eye patches. 

Make sure to use the Push button on the cover before you seal the cap. It removes air from inside the jar to prevent faster drying of the product. 


Compared to the Black Pearl by Esfolio, this one did not made my skin around the eyes glow. 


If you notice, I applied it differently on this blog post. The patches are two-sided and are versatile to use. I applied it this way because I want the side of my eyes to be more exposed with the product. Just place it on how you want to cover the skin around your eye area. The patches are easy to use and if you pat it well after application, it will stick on perfectly. 

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 999php

Where to buy? 

Thank you for reading my review and I hope you will try this one because I enjoyed my experience with it! That's all for the review for today, thank you for visiting my site and have a great day!

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