Missing My Guardian Angels

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 Philippines


The day is November 1 and I want to dedicate this blog post to my departed loved ones. Let us all start with my father. He is the first lost that I ever experienced that is close to my heart. I miss everything about him and I wish that wherever he is now, I hope that he is happy and proud of what I am now. I am just sad that now that I am working, I could not give back to all of his surprises and provided for us. If he is still alive, I am sure he will enjoy shopping at S and R, I will gladly take him there!

The second lost that in our family is my beloved grandmother. I grew up under her care and I can still remember her touches of comfort that I surely miss right now. If only I could hug her again, I would trade anything!

Of course, pets are also considered a part of the family, right? My first dog left me last 2014 due to pyometra. She had undergone the surgery but did not survived the anesthesia. 

After that, I adopted an old dog by 2015 but recently she died last October 28, 2017. We just found her gone in a sleeping position. I think it is because she is already old since she is acting normally and asymptomatic. I make sure that I will always remember my pets by having them cremated. I greatly recommend Rainbow Bridge Aftercare for taking care of my Tuti who recently passed away. Rainbow Bridge is caring to your pet like their own. I also got a few strands of fur and digital paw print of my dog's paw included in the picture frame that they provided besides the ashes. I wish that my dogs are together with my Dad and Grandmother so they will have someone to play with and love. 

So, I am really feeling depressed right now. I miss all of them badly, both my Dad, Grandma, and my pets. It just reflected on me that we all should not take everything for granted. Anytime, our loved ones can leave us any moment and we will never get it back. Let us all appreciate life. 

I also wanted to post this blog to thank my loved ones for being our guardian angel in this earth. For privacy reasons, I cannot divulge how they became guardians to our family but they just did! Now I believe in miracles. 

If only there is a visiting hours (even in dreams) so we could talk to them or see them like in hospitals. I am sure I will visit often. Not only to thank them but also to chat with them...A LOT! LOL. 

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