Luke: Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip

Friday, October 20, 2017 Philippines


I am so happy when I got invited to Luke's launch in the Philippines. My thirst for something new spiked again and I wanted to try out these new skincare line as soon as possible! 

Since I am most curious about the Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip by Luke Total Solution, I will be reviewing this one first then I will review the other products requested by my followers on Instagram.. Shall we check it out?

Brand: Luke

Type: Nose Cleansing Strip

Variant: Charcoal

Weight: One box contains 5 sheets

Product Review and How To Use: 



The nose strip is easy to use and apply on my nose. Compared with other nose cleansing strips that I was able to try and use, this one covers more area on my nose as well as the area around it. This is really great because it means I can remove more black and white heads. 

They really have a cute packaging and it is affordable for only 189.75php for a box of 5 sheets. It can be given as a great practical gift to your fellow "kikay" friends because the look of the packaging is Instagram-worthy!

It was able to remove some white heads from the middle area of my nose, I just do not want to share the gruesome photo of how it looks like after removal. For black heads though, I did not see anything on the strip. (I do maintain a regular facial once a month and it includes extractions so this may be the reason why I was not able to get much from the strip.)

The removal process can be felt through the skin tugging but it is not painful. Actually, I find the process satisfying while I peel it off. 

The strips are not as sticky and messy to apply, and remove compared to the other brands I am using before. 

The look of my nose after removal looks clear and brighter. My nose also feels smooth after removal. 


As expected from nose cleansing strips, it has a strong wax-like smell. 

In my experience, it left a little sticky residue on some parts where the edge of the strip had been. I just cleaned it off with a water (or micellar water). I am not sure if I just did not peel if off fast enough but I am not that bothered with the residue left. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 189.75php per box of 5 sheets

Where to buy? Landmark Makati and Trinoma, Bora Budgetmart, E Mall, D' Mall, KCC Mall and Shoppermart

Thank you so much for reading my review. Please stay posted for more product reviews about Luke Total Skin Solution! Until then, take care of yourselves and have fun beauties!

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