Maybelline: Dream Satin Skin Air-Whipped Liquid Foundation in B3

Saturday, May 20, 2017 Philippines


I love wearing liquid foundations daily specially when I am at work because in reality, I do not have the luxury of time to do touch-ups on my makeup. Yes, that comes with my line of work, it comes together with the passion to serve. Did you know that most of the times I even skip using the restroom for whole 8 hours without noticing at all? That happens when the area is busy specially during peak times (like this rainy season!). So re-touching my makeup during duties is not my priority at all. That is why long-lasting liquid foundation comes in handy for me. 

I know that its bad for the skin to always use liquid foundations that is why I only use trusted brands like Maybelline New York. For a drugstore brand, Maybelline never fails me. Its more economical and safe for my skin to be used everyday. So I will now be sharing my review on why I love to use this Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Air-Whipped Liquid Foundation almost everyday!

Brand: Maybelline

Type: Dream Satin Skin Air-Whipped Liquid Foundation

Shade: B3

Weight: 30ml

Product Description: 

I love that the bottle comes in a pump cap because it will be more hygienic and I can control the amount that will be dispensed more effectively. 


According to Maybelline, this Dream Satin Skin Air-Whipped Liquid Foundation have a unique air-soft formula that provides poreless, satin-smooth looking skin. It gives extraordinary coverage that does not clog pores, long-lasting and moisturizing all day. 

The cream is thick but its easy to spread and blend into my skin. There are no streaks or signs of application and it does not cake either. It looks like an airbrushed foundation applied look. The liquid foundation looks matte but it gives a little dewiness look that made my skin looked healthier and moisturized. I love how natural and glowing I look whenever I use it. I get compliments whenever I use this, they say that I look blooming than usual. (Maybe because of its dewy look.)

The coverage is great from medium to heavy depending on the amount and layering that you will use. For me, one layer of application is enough to cover most blemishes. Then I just use a concealer if I wanted to conceal other darker blemishes but I rarely do it because I am already happy with how the Maybelline Dream Satin Air-Whipped Liquid Foundation can even my skin discolorations and cover most blemishes and redness. (Check out my before and after photo below.)

I have a dry skin but it did not caused my skin to drier and I did not experience any oiliness or greasiness while using this product even after a long day. The lasting power remained fresh on my skin without touch-ups for 6 hours then after that, it shows signs of fading but still looking good. It just minimized the coverage. No breakouts noted even when used everyday.

The foundation comes with sun protection of SPF 24 PA ++! The only problem with foundations containing SPF, most of the times it creates white cast on pictures specially when a flash was used on the camera. 

Affordable for only 499php! That's great for everyday use, right? Watch out both stores and online retailers because sometimes they have sales that offers this foundation for only 250php! 

Cons: None noted.


When blended well.

Full makeup look. 

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 499php

Where to buy? Maybelline Counters, Lazada, BeautyMNL

Thank you for reading, any suggestions on what you wanted me to review next? Just comment it below. Have a great day!

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